I HATE FEDEX. But I also hate certain online companies.

So we ordered something that (unbeknownst to us) required a signature for delivery. Okay, had I known that, I would have had it delivered to the office. But I didn’t, so it came to our house. Of course, FedEx came before 5, so we missed them. I called to change the address and guess what? They can’t do that. Only the SHIPPER can do that. Oh, wonderful. So I asked if we could reschedule the delivery for after 5pm and she said she would do that. Fine, I can live with that. So come 5pm today (actually 4:35 when Tom got home) and guess what? FedEx had been there at 3pm! THREE! Are you kidding me? Tom called FedEx and was told there was NO WAY it could have been scheduled to be delivered after 5 since they have to be back at the loading dock by 5 (and we’re about an hour away). So the woman I talked to apparently didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. Wonderful. So now I call the SHIPPER to request they change the delivery address and…of course, they can’t do that. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. And the guy I talked to wasn’t very nice at all. Tom and I were FURIOUS. So at this point, our options are:

  1. Take a day off work to be there when the package arrives.
  2. Let the package return to the sender, place another order with the new address, and wait two more weeks.
  3. Drive three hours round-trip to get to the closest FedEx facility.
  4. Buy the item locally for $50 more.


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