Weather Issues

Today’s weather was perfect. PERFECT. It reached a high of 75 with a nice breeze and sunshine all day long…time to open all the doors and windows and fill the house with fresh air!

So what could possibly be the problem, you ask? This southern weather has confoozled my brain! What do I mean? I’m to the point now (after merely two years of living here) where I HONESTLY forget it’s cold and snowy elsewhere. Case in point, last week my aunt [from Michigan] sent me some pictures, and my first thought when I read the subject line was: “How can they be snowmobiling with no snow?” Then last night, I was talking to my dad and Lin and they were saying how they hoped to get in some skiing in the UP, and I honestly thought “But you don’t water-ski!?” If I stop to think about it, of course I know the weather is different back home (I mean, for pete’s sake, I lived there 28 years), but with the weather so nice here (well, so non-snowy—it does get chilly!), it’s hard to think about snow and cold weather!

So how can I move home with this mindset?? LOL It’s going to be a rude awakening, I’m afeared.

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