Non-Support Support Rant

Long story short, I used to use this program I loved for making DVD slideshows. I say USED TO USE because I can no longer use it. Why? No idea! My best guess is that upgrading XP to SP2 screwed something up—that’s the only thing I can possibly think of (my computer crashed so when I reinstalled Windows, I upgraded to SP2—that’s the ONLY difference).

So I do what any normal person would do, and check the site to see if they mention anything (most sites will tell you if their program has issues with SP2). Nope, no mention. So I email tech support. They tell me it shouldn’t be an issue, but to check umpteen million other things on my system. So I check ALL umpteen million:

  • DVD writer software is current
  • slideshow program is current
  • slideshow CD/DVD support is current
  • all Windows updates are done
  • no other CD/DVD writing programs are running
  • slideshow software recognizes my DVD writer
  • slideshow software says on their site that my specific DVD writer is recognized
  • test DVD burn with another program

Everything checks out. I take detailed notes of what exactly happens during the creation/burn process (right up until the software fails) and send that info in. What response do I get? “Make sure everything is updated.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s what we started with before I spent an hour messing with it to give you all the gory details.

Okay, granted. I am not a paying customer—I am only using the trial version—but you’d think they’d want to help me so I would BECOME a paying customer, right? In the meantime, I think “Maybe I should purchase the software officially on the OFF chance that might make a difference” but then if it doesn’t, I’m out $70.

The most frustrating thing is that this program worked perfectly before. PERFECTLY. And now it doesn’t and I don’t have any idea why. And I love this program!!!

Sometimes I hate computers.

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