Gramma and Grandpa are leaving!

A few quick pics before school…


Another year, another blue(ish) shirt.

Yep, school picture day!


It was Gramma’s last morning so us girls all cuddled.  


The epitome of pitiful.


I love sleeping pics. 


Kindergarten Curriculum Night

We got to hear about the Katie’s day and talk to the teacher. Of course I also used the time to take pictures!


Twin Mini Butts

I never thought I’d have the same car as my mother. :)


Marshmallow selfies and drawing by the fire



Cuddling and reading by the fire


Another day, another mask. 


Saturday evening playtime


Archery…now with Gramma!

He was five for five!

Owen showing Gramma how to do things.

She hit the target with all five arrows!



My Mommy and Me


Freeze dancing!

Owen’s first classroom self-assessment!

His teacher agreed with everything—except one category she ranked him higher! (His marks are in pencil; hers are in green.)


SQUEEE! Cute new business cards!

If you like them, here’s a referral for


Woodland Spirit Week Day 5

Woodland Spirit Day 

Celebrating International Dot Day


She likes pretending I’m Rapunzel.

I only let her do it when it’s straight and I’ve managed to avoid it for months now. 


Is your vote amazeballs or hell to the no?! 

I just had to share this new crazy lipstick color—Blackberry— with everyone on Facebook. The results were overwhelmingly hell to the no (75%) but I honestly kinda like it. It definitely needs stronger make-up (which I am not good at) and is definitely a good color for Halloween…

But I changed into this for Curriculum Night at Owen’s school. :)


Woodland Spirit Week Day 4

Owen’s school was hat day and Katie’s was stripes.