He had to stop reading to put my sunglasses on. 


It’s time for extra blankets. 

Katie picked her Frozen blanket for tonight…and she had to name everyone. Then she was wondering where Sven was. :)


I didn’t help her once. 


How Katie did chalk today


Cold and windy soccer morning

This morning was a horrible morning weather-wise for soccer—it looked gorgeous but the wind was gusting at probably 20-30mph and with temps in the high 40s/low 50s it was cold. I felt so bad for all the kids…but they didn’t really seem to be bothered too much by it. However, I had on a 32° undershirt, a heavy sweatshirt, my winter coat, gloves, and was covered in TWO blankets…and was still freezing. It was even so cold my phone’s battery died so I only got a few pics. 


Waiting for Owee. 


Surprise lunch with daddy!

We had been running errands when Tom texted to say he was on his way home from Quantico…so we met for lunch!


Summer driveway cheers

Last day of our summer weather + driveway drinking while kids play = CHEERS!


Three and four years ago


Ready for Christmas Eve!


Pókemon Tee Twins…Again


Goofy dressed girl

This was actually from 10/11—it came off my real camera and I forgot to post it!


Budding chalk makeup artists.


Katie’s first day of pre-k, year 2!

Of course, she hasn’t been sick in AGES, so the night before her first day she started to get a runny nose and cough. It might be allergies but who knows. She didn’t have a temp, though, so it was off to school!




And daddy hugs since he came home early!

This year she is going two days a week. We had thought it would be three days a week again, but apparently the classes are a bit bigger this year so they don’t have as much room for peer models (?) but they know we’re ready and willing to go to three (or four! or five!) days if they need her!

Sun spot kitty

We came home from ballet to find this.


Someone doesn’t appreciate Charlie’s puzzle help.


Katie drew this for our friends. 

Katie drew this a few days ago for our friends. We were going to run errands with them this morning so she remembered she drew it and ran and got it.

Can you tell which is the mom, which is the oldest boy, and which is the youngest boy? :)


Owen’s teacher says he’s all-around awesome.

This morning was the first P/T conference of the year. We were a bit early so I took advantage and got some pics.




Overall, Owen is doing awesome. She said he’s advanced in reading, ahead in math, and is probably the most respectful kid in class! She also has no concerns with his spelling—he got 95/100 on sight words (the ones he missed were words like WHERE and WHICH [forgot the h] which are very common)—and he behaves in class. What blew me away is his writing assignment—it was done over a few days, but the handwriting was excellent and the story was involved (it was about one of his xbox games)…and he wrote SIX PAGES! It doesn’t all make perfect sense, of course, and there are some errors but WOW. JUST…WOW.







And then a few pics from around the classroom:








And as I was taking pictures I was telling the teacher why (because I make a Shutterfly book each year) so she told me to hang on and she’d stage the Class Jobs list for me (it needed to be done before class anyway). :)


And then I took Katie to the playground for a few minutes since she always begs to go there but we’re usually there during school hours. She says “Mama? You remember the last time we were here and Gramma Jean was swinging with me?:)


First footie PJs of the season: 2010 and 2016.

Seriously, how does this happen? Owen picked his PJs tonight like he does every night…and I thought footie PJs were an odd choice since it was quite warm today…and then I open Timehop and see this from 6 years ago:


So of course, me being me, I had to do this:


And then this:


Four Jens