I’ve always thought a train under the tree would be cool.

It only took 44 years, a kid who loves Legos, grandparents who were willing to buy the set and the electronics 💗 and a last-minute extra set of tracks to fit around the tree stand… It ended up needing some parental intervention [to get the power hooked up correctly and the tracks in an approximate circle] but Owen did the bulk of it.



I kicked ass at this game back in the day. 

I was out shopping today and ran across this game.

Holy cow the memories came flooding back!

I kicked ass at it back in the day when my cousins and I each got it for Christmas. (Google tells me it came out in 1982, which is about exactly when I thought it was—I guessed I was around 8 or so.) This is what the box looked like then.

I asked on Facebook if anyone remembered it, and my cousins did—and amazingly, said her kids played the very game a short time ago!! I wish I still had mine, but I wasn’t about to pay $17 for it. :)


Surprise trip to LegoLand Discovery Center!

We didn’t even know this place existed until a few weeks ago, so I found discount tickets and off we went! It wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped it would be (and one of the rides was shut down) but the kids had a really good time so that’s all that matters!


This is NOT what I wanted to come home to.

I came home from Sam’s Club and was unloading the car when I smelled something…odd…out of place… But I couldn’t put my finger on it. Unloaded some more. Sniffed. Hmmm. It wasn’t a bad smell but it was overpowering. No idea. I thought I’ll have to explore the house when I’m done unloading and then I happened to look into the laundry room… Oh shit.


The stupid washer is off balance and jostles things around quite badly. I forget (since our own washer was never this bad) and left it too close to the edge after starting a load earlier. 😣😭 On the bright side, it smelled Downy fresh. 

Of course Tom was worried that it went down the vent, but thankfully most of it seeped under the rug.

And very little actually went down the vent.


And me being the idiot I apparently was this morning, grabbed nice kitchen towels INSTEAD OF THE RAGS RIGHT BEHIND ME IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM. (I did remember the rags after the first batch of kitchen towels )

The rug was a total loss—it wouldn’t fit in the washer and it’s too cold to hose off outside. 

I spent about a half hour cleaning and wiping the spatter off the walls, doors, and floor (the spots made it way out into the other room and up the garage door). Annoyingly, blue fabric softener stains (ugh). 

On a positive note, that load of towels was the softest load of laundry I’ve ever felt in my life. 


My H wall!!

I’ve been collecting Hs for some time now but always kind of felt like it was overkill—I mean, just how many do you really need? And where do you put them all? But I kept quietly buying them when I saw one I loved. And then we went to a friend’s house and they had one whole wall of Ms and I had an AHA! moment. It took awhile, but…

And there’s room for more! The big plywood H in the center is just a placeholder for one Tom is making. My favorite thus far is the set of red Hs that were my dad’s JV and varsity letters from Handy High School. 


Getting Lippy gives back!

Getting VIP Lippy with Jen was donating three cans of food for every $20 spent in November, so that equated to 111 cans of food.

I was just going to turn that into a cash donation to make life easier, but the kids’ schools are having a Holiday Food Drive (to include books, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and winter accessories) so I’ve decided this is where my donations are going. And on top of that, I donated $50 to the Northern Illinois Food Bank, which is currently being doubled by sponsors and will provide $800 worth of food! Thank you to all who made purchases this month!!



Yes, that’s slime on the ceiling.

Welcome to my morning. 

Owen threw it too high then tried to clean it with… Are you ready??… A nerf gun, a folder, and a coloring book.


I left it all day so he could clean it when he got home. Thankfully it came right off with a magic eraser.