Do your kids not put PJs on?

We tell him to get ready for bed which he knows includes putting PJs on…yet this is what often happens. Plus he doesn’t get under the covers. I know it’s not a huge deal but it still makes me crazy. :)


Gramma snuggles


I couldn’t do this again if I tried for a hundred years.

I was trying to toss the ball over the railing. I watched as it went and saw it hit the top of the railing so I knew I didn’t make it over—I instantly recoiled thinking it was going to smash into the tile floor and break something and I didn’t want to see it. But nothing happened. No noise. No smashing. Huh? What happened?

Look closely…


Do you see it? 


My Naturally Slim testimonial is live!

Remember when I flew to Texas for my birthday last September and spent the weekend with Marcia and recorded about 45 minutes of testimonial footage? They finally posted a small snippet today on Facebook! 

As of Friday night, there are 7.5k views!!!

Woodland Spirit Week Day 3

I can’t believe I couldn’t get one with her eyes open! 


So I got one by herself!


This is a new one. 


Woodland Spirit Week Day 2 

Day 1 was PJ day for Owen and the color green for Katie. I didn’t get a pic before he left and she wanted to wear her pink hip hop outfit… Day 2 went a little better with sports day for Owen and the color white for Katie.

We don’t have many white clothes since they get dirty too easily, but this was the gym shirt I made for her before learning she didn’t need one. :)


Our little hip hopper!

Katie and Sophia are taking Hip Hop and are super excited about it.

Warming up!

Owen loved watching Katie!

Freestyling at the end of class!

They love this house!


Another smushy furry face!


There’s that goofy face.


And the drawing he did at school today that he was very proud of that he wanted me to take a picture of.


They wanted a campfire.

Guess how long they sat there? Yep, just long enough for me to request a picture and eat one toasted marshmallow.  


I love this smushy furry face. 


We grilled steak for dinner and Maggie got this…

She was thrilled!!


Owen and mom shoot arrows!

Practicing their positioning and stance.


During the last five minutes of class the parents were invited to shoot. Owen immediately wanted me to try and I totally wanted to! I initially grabbed and held the bow the wrong way and Owen helped me out. As I typically do, I had beginners luck and hit the board on my very first shot…then missed the next four (but only by a smidge). It was fun!


Prepping for a new Facebook profile pic!

Since I’m promoting my business this month, I figured it would be better to showcase a better color lipstick—so I picked a new color that just arrived: Purple Reign! And since it’s such a bright color, I did a full face of makeup as well!!

And an artsy way to showcase all the products I was wearing:

She actually sleeps in sometimes!


Katie is pawsome!


And this was in the class’ weekly newsletter.


You’d never know they were two little drama queens. 


Katie loves the ATV, too!

Of course as soon as I tried to get a video of her she stopped riding.