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Ice cream truck!

The kids have been bugging us and bugging us and bugging us about getting ice cream from the ice cream man ever since he started coming around this spring. We promised them we’d do it once before we moved—but the timing would have to be right since he usually comes to the playground after school and that is right before dinner. So today we were at Julie’s and she was going to get something for Kayleigh and offered to get something for Katie… Well I couldn’t very well have Katie telling Owen she got something so I texted Tom and had him send Owen out. They were thrilled. 


She finally went across after two months!

We have been trying to coach her over the top for two months now… She will get to the top and just stay there, then claim she’s too scared. Today she finally did it!! And then did it again and again like it was nothing!

My launch party was a success!

So, I just had my first in-home party (my business launch!)…and while I thought it was a total hot mess, they told me everything was fine and they had fun. (There were only six ladies and they are all good friends so I could be honest with them and ask for their honest opinions.) I dislike selling and feel like I stink at it so really just felt like I was pretty much out of control the whole time and consequently I felt totally off my game and I felt like I looked like an idiot (I know we are always hardest on ourselves). But they all seemed happy and bought stuff so it’s all good. And I know it will get easier with practice…

We didn’t take any official selfies but I did snap a few quick shots so I could remember who bought what (I was still figuring out how to use my credit card system!)


My friends made me happy cry!

I was hosting an online Facebook party for this cool new lipstick and had included people from all times of my life…and the consultant was posting fun games for them to earn raffle entries. This one she did was so sweet and the responses made me happy cry. :) I’m posting it so I can look back on it when I’m having a bad day. 


Belly Swingers

Swinging with one of her best friends (our neighbor), Kayleigh.

Saturday Night Dinner!

Pre-dinner selfie.

Pre-dinner family selfie.


We loved that the three of them all crammed together on one side even though they didn’t need to. The boys were at the other table. :)


And I forgot to take a pic of the food (Slow Cooker Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes, Tangy and Creamy Macaroni Salad, and KFC’s Cole Slaw) and our group!

Friends off to the playground. 

Driveway Drinking

Knocking on our neighbor’s door like a big girl.

It’s been so nice that we decided we had to have at least one day of driveway drinking while waiting for the bus. :)


Katie’s new trick 

This has come about over the last few days. She gets braver each time. 

The usual view: Katie swinging and Kayleigh being pushed.


2016 trick or treating with friends!

Our two Pokemon: Squirtle and Pikachu!






Our yard and porch! This was the first year we’ve left the lights on and just left treats out for kids to grab. I kind of miss carving a pumpkin, but honestly it’s a lot of work and I don’t miss the stress about needing to get it done. Plus, I have this light-up pumpkin that I can use.


Starting at our neighbor’s house…


We weren’t planning on going with them, but she was ready when we got to their house, so we all went together!


Maddie, a neighbor friend.


Then, on another street, we ran into more friends, so our group grew!




Trick or treating hours were from 6:30-8 and we used every last minute! We were walking back into our yard at 8:00!

The kids got entirely too much candy…and were super excited!


Neighborhood Fall Festival

Our neighborhood has a decent fall festival so I took the kids down today while Tom continued working on the new landscaping!



Katie’s first time bobbing for apples. Or, more accurately, attempting to grab a stem with her teeth. :)





The costume contest! Our friend Kayleigh won!


Katie’s pumpkin store 

We were at the neighbor’s house and they have lots of little pumpkins so Katie created her own pumpkin store.  


Summer driveway cheers

Last day of our summer weather + driveway drinking while kids play = CHEERS!


Budding chalk makeup artists.


We were literally the only ones there!

We went to Flight with a neighbor. We were literally the only four people there for most of our hour. It was awesome.

Costumed Katie

We went to visit friends down the street and Katie had to wear one of her generic princess costumes.


And then her friend had new costumes, so of course she had to try them on!



Someone lost his tooth while we were at dinner! 

Kudos to Julie for not freaking out and remembering to take a picture. :)


Post-summer hiatus Saturday Night Dinner

After a summer hiatus, we had a back-to-school/Tom’s birthday Saturday Night Dinner!

Waiting for guests to arrive:

Putting together the new picnic table at the last minute:

Our guests!

Putting away the table:

Putting the kids to bed:


Once you start something at the pool…

We often end up at the pool at the same time as our neighbors which is great because the girls like playing together. Today the dad came up with this new fun thing where he lifts them up (while they’re sitting on the floatie together) and then carries them around and splashes them down. Needless to say he had to do that for about an hour. :)



Ahhh. Back at the pool. 

After the insanely hot weather lately, the pool is FINALLY at a temperature in which I will actually get in and stay in for a bit—85°! And maybe because it was almost 100° and the sun was blazing hot and a quick dip only kept me cooled off for maybe 10 minutes. So I got in the pool and floated around with the kids.














Does anyone else think she looks like Izzy here? That’s all I can see.



New friends (a 1st grade teacher I think I mentioned earlier in the summer).


Our neighbors and new friends, Kayleigh and her mom Julie (Julie was our house/cat sitter while we were on vacation).


Then I let Katie have her turn with the camera (since she didn’t get a turn the last time). She actually did pretty well overall, getting more usable ones than I’d predicted.






She did get her finger in quite a few. :)