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Mount Vernon field trip!

The entire first grade went to Mount Vernon today. They all had to wear their first grade tee.

A mom friend was a chaperone and sent me these pics:


Spring break play date!

We finally had some gorgeous weather so we had a play date with friends at their house (one of Owen’s classmates).


Saturday Night Dinner—Tom’s Birthday!

Tonight was our fifth Saturday night dinner—and it happened to be Tom’s birthday as well! We had two new families (and one couple who’ve been to a couple dinners) join us—and it was fun (and crazy—with 8 kids!)!

Also as usual, I didn’t even think to take pictures because we were so busy visiting and doing food prep…so the first picture I took was a quick birthday shot of Tom with the dessert he picked (a caramel tres leches cake from Costco…with Owen’s birthday balloon!):

And then a panoramic of the table at dessert time…where it took me more than a few minutes to realize there’s a bunch of panoramic artifacts—like Tom’s hands reappearing on the other side of Katie and a friend’s squished face!

And Katie enjoying the blue frosting on the cupcakes a guest brought for the kids:

As a sidenote, I posted the invite for the next dinner in six weeks (Tom’s work schedule prevented a 4-week plan) and all RSVPs were filled within 24 hours! :)