Housewarming Party–Prep

Morning relaxing…Eddy was encroaching on what Maggie thinks is her new bed. :)


So this just blew. my. mind. Owen apparently brought this home from school Friday—just a completely random art project they did. But the letters? TCF? The abbreviation for the Tivo forum where we all met and how we have always referred to the group! I asked Owen how he came up with those letters. No reason, he liked them. He knows NOTHING of TCF. He knows the word Tivo, of course, and knew we had Tivo friends coming, but we have NEVER said or mentioned TCF in any capacity. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!? I decided right then that we would have to incorporate it into the party later!


Katie said she wanted to help…until she actually stuck her hands in the bowl and got flour on her. That was all she wrote.


Eddy finishing mixing the sausage balls!


Mark and Karen are BIG Ohio State fans so there’s a loving rivalry between them and Tom, of course being an MSU fan. And the MSU-OSU game was going to be on the night of the party! They had stopped at our house to say hello and as they were leaving, Tom slapped the Sparty S magnet on the back of their car! :)


Housewarming Weekend—La Tasca

My Tivo friends all promised they’d come to our housewarming—and they came through! Eddy flew in from Florida, Sheryl drove down from New York (as seen in the last post!), Amy and Bill drove down from New Jersey (not seen below), Mark and Karen drove over from Ohio, and multiple people came in from around the entire metro DC area!

Tonight we went out to dinner at La Tasca, a delicious tapas place. I had never done tapas but I’m a convert now (it’s great for large parties because you all get to try a little bit of everything).

Our gnomes got to hang out with an old friend.


Our sangria flights. YUM.


Just pretending, but I really could have drank that entire thing with a straw. It was GOOD.



The whole group!