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Owen’s first big league baseball game!!

Lisa and Lori are huge baseball fans and Tom has wanted to take Owen to a professional baseball game since we’ve been here, so it seemed fitting that they all go together while Katie and I stayed home. I wouldn’t have minded going, but I know Katie would have gotten bored (she’s used to being able to run around and play with her friends during Owen’s SHORT games, so I couldn’t imagine her sitting for a three-hour game) so I kept her home and took her to the Friday Night Swim instead.

Owen even had the right cap to wear as one of his previous baseball teams was the Nationals! (He thought her had a shirt, too, except we determined that was the season they only got plain red shirts with logo caps.)

They got home about 11:30 (there was an hour metro ride home after the game) and Owen was STILL excited when he walked in the door. I’m so glad they got to go and he got to see everything!

Pool, Day 8: Aunt Lori was the only brave one.

Katie got in the pool, but it is still QUITE cold…but Aunt Lori was the only adult brave enough to go in. Katie loved it!

Trail walk with my girls!

Lisa and Lori came down for the weekend since they hadn’t yet been here and we’re (obviously) moving soon! So, I did what I do and took them for a walk on our neighborhood trail!

Len Christmas in July

The family decided to have Christmas in July this year and the Besons hosted. It was a GORGEOUS Michigan summer day on the river spent with our AMAZING family! Timmy supplied about 32 different types of brats (okay, maybe only about 12) and we stuffed ourselves silly on them plus all the other good food everyone brought. A good time was had by all and I think we may officially be moving our holiday celebration to the summer from now on!



Owen was a bit shy at first, so he and Katie were both in Nick’s room playing by themselves.



Katie loved the boat. LOVED. LOVED!! She would have sat out there all day if we let her and kept wanting to go back.




Finally Owen wanted to play!







Owen is six months younger than Aubrey. I know, right?


Cousins Katie 2, Owen 5, Aubrey 6, Gracie 8, Nick 10, Alex 12, and Jess 15. We never actually got Owen back-to-back with Nick, but I think they were within a fraction of an inch of each other (with a five-year age difference). And Katie seems to be pretty close to Aubrey, who is four years older. I guess we really DO grow them big. :)



Last year:





Lisa B. made these AWESOME ladybug cupcakes for Katie’s birthday.


And these for Greg’s birthday. (I missed a pic of the ones for Aubrey’s birthday, but they were Frozen-themed.)








We did pretty good keeping track of Katie all day (when there’s so many people around, there’s always someone half watching) and then we failed right at the end. People were running around cleaning up and putting things away…and before I know it, Tom is carrying Katie back from the front yard. Apparently Katie was wandering down the driveway and Greg caught her and brought her back. Phew.

And before we knew it, it was time to head out. Katie didn’t make it to the end of the road before she fell asleep, and Owen lasted about 15 minutes.


Previous Throwback Thursdays

Getting ready for s’mores at our house on Valley Ridge Lane (during Tom’s first deployment in 2005) with Ursula Mitchell.


One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day—Jessica was our flower girl and she DID NOT want to take a picture with me no matter what.


In Traverse City at my apartment before heading out camping and to Mackinac Island in September 1997.


Circa 1991 at Tim Hough (now Nolan)’s graduation party. Who would have guessed we’d someday become cousins?


Trip to Baltimore in 2005 with our good friends Tom and Karen Trimble.


A somewhat recent Throwback Thursday (11/25/10)—with Kelly King.


Just a few years ago (2007—seems like yesterday)…one of my all-time favorite pictures with good friends Nancy and Kelly.


Camping with cousins Lisa and Lori in high school—I’m guessing ’89 or ’90?


I had completely forgotten about the trip to Toronto we took with Sue McLaughlin and Pam Williams—maybe 1988? 89?