Owen’s first time shooting!

Owen was so excited to go shooting! He’s doing pretty well with remembering the three rules (generally speaking he knows them but had trouble repeating them) so we’ll keep working on that. (If he can remember 632 things about Pokémon, he can remember the three rules about gun safety.)


His shots were all in the black!


A thank you dinner for the grandparents!

We always take the grandparents out to dinner to thank them for letting us stay with them…and this time, we went to McGuires Irish Pub just down the road in Destin. We happened to be sitting right at a Pokémon gym so of course we had to take it over. :)

The tradition at this place is to leave a signed/decorated $1 bill stapled to the wall. They have over $1 million hanging throughout the place (see lots of great pictures from RoadTrippers). This was the wall behind us (in the natural restaurant lighting):

And the same picture with a flash:

This is the bill we did. Gramma drew the heart with the year and signer her name; Owen wrote his name on the very left, going up from the O; Katie die her KAtie on three lines; Grandpa David did his GD between Owen and Katie; Major Tom left his mark; and since no one took good ol’ George, I did that plus left our JTOK.

Gramma stapled it to the wall.

Can you see it?

Look here!

Florida tradition: Fudpucker’s

Read about the last time we were there (2015).

Later when we checked the other pictures, we saw that Owen had his Halley shirt on again! Totally unplanned!

We had to visit Owen and Tom’s names on the wall…which happened to be right about where we were seated.

Katie adding her name!

Gramma Jean 2017

Vacation bucket list item (food truck): complete

This place—Food at Northbound—came with rave reviews…and it didn’t disappoint!

Smoked pork torta (with pork, lime aioli, jalapeño slaw, cheddar, and sweet & spicy jalapeños) and BBQ fries (with beer-battered fries, BBQ-rubbed pork, white cheddar, sweet & spicy jalapeños, and bourbon BBQ sauce). TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS.

Halloween in Grayling

The kids were super excited about treak-or-treating at Gramma’s house…and we were, too…until the Michigan weather happened. Yeah, it was 38° and rainy. Egads. If you look closely enough you can see Katie’s polka-dot long johns under her white tights (and she also had on pink tights!).


On the front porch where my Halloween picture was taken every year…


Everyone (including Uncle Rob) ready to head out!


There weren’t many houses lit up but the ones that were were handing out TONS of candy! You see how full their bags look? We had only hit maybe six houses at this point!


After about 15 minutes they gave up on the umbrellas and just ran from house to house while we waited at the road. Soon enough we were back at Gramma’s door!!



Home after an hour of being out in the rain—they were soaked but happy!!


Tom gave the kids a hot shower and put them in PJs while I made them hot cocoa!


Eating Mallow cups from daddy and Uncle Rob—they were Grandma Marsha’s favorite treat and someone brought a bag of them for the boys.


LOOKS AT THEIR HAUL!! The weather sure stunk but it was great for quick candy accumulation. They got 9# of candy from less than 20 houses!


Katie’s last 3rd birthday party!

We celebrated Katie’s birthday at the Ramada again this year. She didn’t want to go in the pool, though—choosing the playground instead.



Of course Owen wanted to swim!


Caught mid-jump!





She finally decided she wanted to swim!



We FINALLY got her to jump in the pool again!







Owen also received a few gifts…Papa and Grannie gave him a roll of quarters to use in the hotel game room!



He shared his quarters with his sister!








A great time was had by all…

Katieisms 5

Wow, flashback time! This was supposed to have been posted on July 16 of 2014! I’m not sure how it got lost, but it’s here now!

Katie was holding Gramma Jean’s travel Yahtzee.
Katie: I want Sophia the First please.

Grandpa David: Katie’s a muppet.
Katie: No I’m Katie.
Katie, to me: Are you Katie?
Katie, to Grandpa David: Are you Katie?

Days after I painted Katie’s toes, she keeps bringing me the bottle of the polish:
Katie: Mama! Katie’s toes!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on and Gramma was singing The Hot Dog song.
GJ in a normal voice: Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!
Katie: No sing.
GJ in a loud voice: Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!
Katie: NO SING!
GJ in a whisper: Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!
Katie in a whisper: No sing.

Owen was testing out a new scooter. Katie was running in front of him clearing the path.
Katie: Watch out! Watch out!

Opening her presents:
Katie: Oh my goodness.