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2017 Opening Ceremonies

It was chilly and rainy again so Katie and I stayed home while Tom and Owen went to the ceremony. I felt guilty because I should have been taking pictures… But you’ve seen one opening ceremony you’ve seen them all…right?!

And another parent sent this pic so I’m happy. 


F-It Friday #4

It was our turn to host tonight and we had a small group as two families couldn’t make it… But we made up for it in craziness.  

The group selfie…

And then we had Katie take a picture!

And then one of the kids mentioned Pie Face and we had whipped cream for the dessert, so… There was lots of this. 



Three girls, three ages, one height.

We had our monthly get-together with friends, and had the girls all stand together. From left to right, it’s Sheila (3), Katie (4), and Reilly (5). They all have July birthdays (so it’s not like one is 4y11m and the next is 5y1m). Yes there is a bit of difference between age 3 and 5, but really, it’s all pretty even.

The birth of F-It Fridays!

Friends invited us over for dinner tonight along with four other families we’re close to (for a total of 10 adults and 13 kids). There was lots of good food, wine, and stories (and all the kids get along) and it was all so much fun that one friend suggested we do this once a month at different houses (they’re also helping me get my friend fixes in before we leave this summer). So, we all decided then and there to do every third Friday…but we needed a fun name. They were suggesting tame things like FUN FRIDAYS or FUN FRIENDS FRIDAYS but I just went straight for F%@# IT FRIDAYS and they all loved it. (It also kind of fit our mood for the upcoming inauguration.)


I do not want to leave these people. :(

Christmas Party 2016

Me and Heather, the hostess with the mostess.

The White Elephant gift of the salmon plank has a long and sordid history. It should end sometime in 2019 or maybe slightly before.

The whole group!