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She finally went across after two months!

We have been trying to coach her over the top for two months now… She will get to the top and just stay there, then claim she’s too scared. Today she finally did it!! And then did it again and again like it was nothing!

She figured this out on her own. 

Our friends bring this little car to the playground and mostly it goes unused. But today Katie realized they could do this. :)

Lego build and dinner out night!


Post-dinner dancing.

Bubbles with Liam

It was a gorgeous day so we spent some time outside with our friends at their house.


After this we shall need wine.

My friend Caitlin convinced me to go outside my box and travel 30 minutes to take the kids to an indoor play area. The kids had fun; I got to catch up on my reading. :)



My friends made me happy cry!

I was hosting an online Facebook party for this cool new lipstick and had included people from all times of my life…and the consultant was posting fun games for them to earn raffle entries. This one she did was so sweet and the responses made me happy cry. :) I’m posting it so I can look back on it when I’m having a bad day. 


Babysitting at the neighbors

My friend had to take an exam so I came and sat at the house with Katie while her son napped. Well, Caitlin spoils Katie and had out markers and crayons and pages to color and a bucket of water beads…and she was elated. I have to admit the water beads are super cool. :)

Katie was SO excited when Liam woke up from his nap. Hell, Liam was so excited, too, when he saw Katie! I so wish I would have been recording when he came to the stairs—she got this super excited look on her face and said LIAM!!! and he got this super excited look on his face and said (in his so cute 3yo voice) KAYDEE!!! Oh man, it melted my heart. And then she had to help take him to the potty. :)

They play well enough together that I didn’t have to oversee much and I stayed in the living room on the couch while they were in the kitchen with the bucket of water beads. And then I heard chairs moving and water splashing…and got up to discover this:

They knew they couldn’t reach it and Katie told me since there was only one stool they got the chairs! Smart kid, right? So I moved it to the floor on a towel and everyone was happy!

Later, Katie got on one of her favorite toys. (I am GOING to get two of these if the floors in our next house are good!)

Our first snow day!

And really, it was more of an ice day as we only got 1-2″ of slushy snow (and it was called last night with just the threat of snow and ice).  But, Tom had a 3-hour delay which he turned into a telecommute day so everyone was home!

Friends invited us over to play in their yard and go sledding on the hill behind their house.

On our way!

This is what sledding looks like when you can still see grass. :)

Cool icicles off the top of the fence!

Owen loses Liam on a bump!

The kids were having a blast, even though the snow wasn’t great.

I wish I’d been recording when Owen slammed into the signpost so he could see just how close he was and why we tell them to be careful. We’d warned them all to try and steer clear of the trees and sign and to ditch the sled (roll off) if they came close…but of course that didn’t happen. I held my breath as I realized Owen was going to hit the post and there was nothing I could do to stop it… In the span of about three seconds, he hit the sign and slid forward, his knees stopping short of the sign by inches—and then he toppled over himself with his head and shoulders missing the post by inches. He immediately gave a thumbs up and then I could breathe again. As I’m sure you can imagine, the sled was quite damaged…

Our reenactment of the sled carnage (though he was actually 180° from what is pictured).

Time for a group picture!


Afterwards we came inside to warm up and play. Even though Owenlooks somewhat annoyed in this pic, he was having fun and is such a good sport.




Owen is getting slightly more adventurous. 

That’s his friend Jackson on the roof. Before this year there was no way Owen would have climbed up there.  


The cuteness. It burns.

We spent the morning with friends at one of the Burke Lake Park playgrounds. Liam will be three and Katie will be five…yet they get along like gangbusters.

These kids are too cute. 

Due to power outages and road closures, school was on a two-hour delay—and of course I had my eye appointment followup right about when Owen would need to be getting on the bus. So I called on my neighbor to get him to the bus stop. She said I might as well drop Katie off, too… Okay, twist my arm. :)

Her older son was actually staying home so she had four kids to walk to the bus stop. She sent me these pics of the walk home. Jackson is 6 and in first grade.

That’s what friends are for.

After a long crazy day I decided it was time for this:

I also happened to be missing a friend of mine in the neighborhood so I texted her and told her I was on my way to her house and I wanted her to come out for a brief Pokémon walk with me. She met me on the street, decided she wanted some margarita, too (yes, I had brought it with me), so we stopped back our house and got her a cup…and since it was cold and we needed to hold our phones for Pokémon, this was her life hack: wear your coat backwards so you can put your drink (with straw!) in the hood! BRILLIANT!

We ended up walking a bit farther than we’d planned…and my phone died because of the cold…but it was a good night (and this is what the end of it looked like). Good times.

Painting ornaments 

We made salt dough ornaments at our friends house the other day and went back tonight to paint some of them.

2016 trick or treating with friends!

Our two Pokemon: Squirtle and Pikachu!






Our yard and porch! This was the first year we’ve left the lights on and just left treats out for kids to grab. I kind of miss carving a pumpkin, but honestly it’s a lot of work and I don’t miss the stress about needing to get it done. Plus, I have this light-up pumpkin that I can use.


Starting at our neighbor’s house…


We weren’t planning on going with them, but she was ready when we got to their house, so we all went together!


Maddie, a neighbor friend.


Then, on another street, we ran into more friends, so our group grew!




Trick or treating hours were from 6:30-8 and we used every last minute! We were walking back into our yard at 8:00!

The kids got entirely too much candy…and were super excited!


Pokemoning with friends!

Since the Marine Corps marathon is this weekend our normal hunting spots were closed…so we headed to Old Town Alexandria!

Fighting a gym! We kept getting errors so we just moved on.

A birch!

Success fighting another gym!

This was a Japanese maple—so absolutely gorgeous I had to get a picture! (We saw about 15 different photographers and families out this morning!)


These two were best buddies all day.



These bullet points are great.

Relaxing with a delicious lunch at TJ Stone’s Pub in Alexandria.

2016 Halley Fall Festival

So, it was an interesting night to say the least.

It started with deciding at the very last minute to take Katie as well. We hadn’t been going to do that and she was a little bummed but then the mommy guilt got to me and I changed my mind. We had a minor fight with Owen about what costume he was wearing—we bought him Squirtle because he really wanted to be Squirtle…and instead he wanted to wear some random skeleton costume with a mask (they aren’t supposed to wear masks) so we said he needed to wear his new costume.





On our way…



Every year thus far, Owen has had a sudden onset of shyness or nervousness when we approach the school for the festival but it was never anything bad or lasting—we’d just walk in and he’d be glued to our sides for about three minutes until he saw all the fun going on and saw his friends…and all was forgotten and he had a great time.

Except this year. He COMPLETELY freaked out and wouldn’t even set foot in the building. At first we thought it was just his normal routine, but when we tried to coerce him in, he refused. REFUSED. And got visibly upset. We tried to be nice and loving and that didn’t work. We tried tough love and that didn’t work. After 10 minutes or so, I went in with Katie and Tom stayed in the hallway waiting to see if Owen would come in the building. I talked to his teacher and she tried to get him to come in. Nope. A few of his friends went out to try and get him to come in. Nope. I tried again. Nope. It was absolutely maddening. He had a whole litany of reasons he didn’t want to come in, the biggest of which was he hated his costume, it was stupid, and he knew everyone would laugh at him and he’d be embarrassed. It didn’t matter that everyone who saw him said they loved it (I mean, Pokemon is ALL the rage!) and people had heard about the Squirtle costume and were LOOKING FOR HIM

He also said there were too many people and they’d all be looking at him. What? The kid who has no problems (anymore) of speaking in a group in front of an assembly? The kid that everyone seems to know and like? The kid who loves people? I was gobsmacked.

It didn’t matter what anyone said. He was NOT coming in and he was in full meltdown mode.

In the midst of this, I was with Katie playing the games and getting her face painted and she was having an absolute blast. (The face painter was Miss Anne, the assistant in Katie’s classroom that she also had last year and is a friend of ours.)







Putting her name on her treat bag!



Picking a sucker for a prize! (Bonus: notice that they reused my signs from last year?!)


With our neighbor, Jackson (first grade).


Getting her picture taken.



Then Tom texted me to say he was DONE because he had just had to chase Owen down because he ran off. What the hell?! So we went out again for me to try talking to Owen—at this point he was actually in the building quite a ways so I thought I would have more luck, but nope, he was still refusing to come in to the festival. And when I tried to coerce him in again, he literally turned and ran away down the hall. Some older kids saw his costume and came up and told him how awesome it was. Nope, still not moving. Still thought his costume was embarrassing. By this point I was just done (he’d been out there for almost an hour) and told him we were done—he was either going in or we were both going to sit in the car until daddy and Katie were done. Which is exactly what we ended up doing. :(

So, Tom had switched places with me and had taken Katie in to the cafeteria to dance…where she had even more fun! It would have been even more fun if we were all there together. Ugh.


A bunch of snippets of Katie dancing…and frolicking!

So, overall, Katie had an absolute blast, Tom and I had fun when we were each with Katie, and the rest was a hot failed mess dealing with Owen. We have NO idea where this all came from or why it was so traumatizing for him. Of course, now we’re worried that something else more serious is going on that we don’t know about or he hasn’t told us about…

Fun hair and fence climbing 


She wanted to sit on “the driving side.”

We went to a friend’s house to stay with her napping kid while she had to make an emergency run to school. Katie immediately took to the car. I instantly felt guilty again about selling theirs. :(


Pumpkin Playground

The kids didn’t have school today so I wanted to do something fun. There are a lot of fall festivals around but I didn’t want to drive to far…so we went to the same place we went for Owen’s kindergarten field trip and invited friends!

They added rolling tubes since we were last there.

Caitlin braved the tubes before I did.

The boys LOVED it…Katie didn’t want anything to do with it.

Not one picture with either of them actually looking at me!

Owen LOVED the train and spent most of his time here.

And then Katie decided she wanted to go down the slide…with Caitlin.

And this is why I love Caitlin. :)


Back at the tubes, Katie decided she wanted to try…with Caitlin.

Then I finally got in the tube and Liam rolled me down! It was much easier getting in than getting out.

My little pumpkins!


And two Then & Nows: