2017 Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Turns out we have zero good lighting spots in our house for pictures. Which means I should have gotten out my real camera…

So we did a selfie and hope that our actual ball photo will be better (they took professional pics but they were free so we have no idea when we will get them).

Doh! The first time ever we could bring our own wine and I forgot.


It’s always fun to get dressed up and go out but I never know anyone so it’s honestly kind of awkward. We ended up leaving early because we were both tired…


A chilly family day

Tom’s new office had a Family Day today at a park on base by Lake Michigan and of course it was the coldest day we’ve had since being here—we were all in long pants and jackets and I was still freezing. It would have been an amazing day if it would have been in the 80s. Needless to say that made the event less than stellar for us but the kids had fun playing some lawn games, watching people get pies in the face, and getting dunked in the dunk tank. I only took one picture the entire time and it was as we were starting our walk to the beach: 


This is how unpacking goes. 

I start working on the upstairs hallway closet which leads me to take stuff to our MBA which leads me to put stuff away in the kids bath which then leads me to see Owen’s room needs attention where I find a box of guest room bedding so now I’m working on the guest room and the hall closet looks like this. It feels like I’m spinning my wheels.