Welcome to today’s hell.

A gift to Katie from a well-meaning aunt. While Katie does love puzzles, of course she doesn’t have the attention span for this (hell, I barely do) but she really wants to color it. If it was up to me I’d just throw it in the trash (well I’m not an idiot, I’d give it away). But guess who will end up doing it all?? Her face just about sums it up for me too. 😂


A friend is going to come help Friday.

Ugh. Again.

When you finally realize that the fabric softener explosion from two weeks ago actually did run down the floor vent and came out through the duct and then dripped through the basement ceiling tiles and down the wall (and ledge!) and all over a plastic storage container (it’s going in the garbage because I have literally ZERO patience to clean it), all over a pile of Legos, and then pooled on the floor.

Kidisms 41

Katie: No one has blonde hair but me. You have brown hair, you have brown hair, mommy’s hair is brown, and daddy has gray hair!

I’m trying to not have Katie watch too much TV, but how can I resist when she says “Mom can I watch WordWorld so I can learn my letters and how to spell?”

Katie: Mom, you forgot my card for Jonah. Owen drew happy birthday on it because I don’t know how to happy birthday draw.

My shirt said so.

A bunch of baseball parents went out tonight for Cinco de Mayo. This is our obligatory date night selfie:

And my obligatory lipstick photo (these are how I post them in my Facebook group):

And the obligatory margarita photo with my Mommy needs a margarita shirt in the background. (This was the most appropriately-themed piece of clothing I had for the holiday.)


What was funny is that as we were sitting down, all the girls gravitated towards one end so the table was split into boys and girls.

F-It Friday #4

It was our turn to host tonight and we had a small group as two families couldn’t make it… But we made up for it in craziness.  

The group selfie…

And then we had Katie take a picture!

And then one of the kids mentioned Pie Face and we had whipped cream for the dessert, so… There was lots of this. 



My first trip to DC with the family!

The deal was they were Pokémoning and I was taking pictures!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington Monument


World War II Memorial

Back at MLK.

Walking to the Jefferson Memorial.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt at the FDR Memorial

A long line of ducks.

At Katie’s castle, otherwise known as the Jefferson Memorial!

We stopped to take over a gym!