2017 Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Turns out we have zero good lighting spots in our house for pictures. Which means I should have gotten out my real camera…

So we did a selfie and hope that our actual ball photo will be better (they took professional pics but they were free so we have no idea when we will get them).

Doh! The first time ever we could bring our own wine and I forgot.


It’s always fun to get dressed up and go out but I never know anyone so it’s honestly kind of awkward. We ended up leaving early because we were both tired…


Makeup Galore

I had some old eyeshadows I was going to toss but decided to let Katie have them instead. And boy did she have fun. Owen even got into the game…

As you can see there is no such thing as moderation. Six layers later: “Mom, I’m part Anna and part cat!”

And then Sophia came down and got involved.

And daddy even for roped in.



Owen’s first MSU game!

They’ve had tickets for months and have been getting more and more excited… Unfortunately it was coooold and required many layers but that didn’t hamper the excitement. :)


It was an exciting game, but unfortunately the outcome was an MSU loss in triple overtime… They ended their outing at Culver’s for dinner.



Jelly Belly Factory Tour

We surprised the kids with a mini road trip to the Jelly Belly factory which is right up the road…And also surprised them with who was also there!

Getting ready for a train ride around the factory floor. It’s really just a warehouse.

Since it is a working factory we had to wear hats—they are very cheap plus I have a big head so it didn’t last long…but I had to keep it on. :lol:


We were able to try whatever flavors we wanted. I tried margarita and pancakes and maple syrup. They were both tasty. 

We spent about $50 on stupid jelly beans but we had fun. And I can honestly say I don’t need to buy Jelly Belly fudge again (it’s in the freezer so others can try it). :)


Steve Martin and Martin Short!

Date afternoon seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short courtesy of the USO! It was a free event and I wanted to be sure to get in so I was there three hours early (LOL!)—though Tom and I went out to eat and then it was such a gorgeous day I walked around Pok√©moning. Then about 800 young navy recruits showed up that were going to be allowed in first so there was ZERO point in me being there early. (As it turned out there was plenty of seating but we didn’t know that until 15 minutes before the door opened.) I’m glad we went—it was a good time!