It was great fun…until someone pooped in the pool. Twice.

So earlier this summer I bought three afternoon tickets for Pirate’s Cove Water Park from a deal site—and we finally got around to using them today (which we had to since they close on Labor Day!).


So we get there at 3, get the bag unpacked, get in the pool, and within 15 minutes, it was announced that everyone had to exit the main pool and it would reopen in one hour. (They didn’t say it was poop, but we were 99% sure that’s what it was.)


The whole point of this place (for me!) is that Katie and Owen can both go in the main pool so I don’t have to be in two places at once—the big waterslides with Owen or the kiddie pool with Katie (and neither has to be bored sitting out at the other). So first we went to the kiddie pool where Katie had fun and me and Owen sat on the edge of the pool. Then Owen wanted to do the big waterslides so we went over there for a bit and sat and watched him. (Katie was tall enough but she refused to try them…even though they weren’t much different than the one she loved in Kalkaska.) Then we went back to the kiddie pool and left Owen at the slides.

The hour passes and everyone gets back in the main pool. Within, I’d say, 30 minutes, they announced the pool was closed again for 45 minutes! And this time I know it was poop because I saw a lifeguard get gloves on and reach down into the pool…and then as we were filing out, I saw little pieces of poop all over.

SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE? I know you want your little ones to have fun in the “big” pool but COME ON. Have some respect for EVERYONE ELSE. The world doesn’t revolve around YOU. :evil:

So, to recap, we got there at about 3:05 and were in the pool until 3:15 and then we were in the pool from 4:15-4:45. So 45 minutes total—and they close at 6! So I told the kids to pack up, we weren’t staying, and I was asking for a refund. They were actually dealing with a few rainchecks as we walked out, so the guy didn’t even question me and handed me a voucher for three full-day passes! So instead of just an afternoon, we now had a whole day! If we wanted to try it again, that is…


Not a surprise we wanted.

Owen had said his belly hurt after dinner but we didn’t think much of it since he says that now and again and it’s never anything.

So I forgot all about it and went to bed excited (though late), thinking there’s nothing like falling asleep at midnight planning on your first, nice, deep, uninterrupted sleep in nine days (post-vacation)…only to be awoken at 12:30 by a kid crying in your doorway saying they’ve puked and need help cleaning up.

Holy hell.

It was everywhere. And it was some of the worst I’ve smelled. I knew right away there was no way I could handle it all by myself, so I had him wait there while I quickly went to wake up Tom. Between the two of us, it still took a good 30 minutes to clean up.

We had put a huge bowl next to his bed (“just in case”) but there was no point as he had obviously just puked and then rolled over the edge of the bed and puked again. There was puke covering about a 4′ square section of carpet, he was covered (hair, PJs, face), all of his bedding (including bed skirt!) had to be removed…and it had even started soaking through the mattress protector. We had to clean the carpet as best we could without getting out the Rug Doctor (which would surely have woken Katie up) and we had to get out (and blow up) the air mattress (since I wasn’t going to put him back in bed without a barf-proof mattress pad cover). Then we covered the floor with towels and started a load of laundry. And hoped that would be our only wakeup call.

The only thing I could think was “At least we were at home and not at the condo or in a hotel or in the car.”


I think this sums up our vacation nicely.

Except our trip also had nice weather and grandparents!

But seriously, it was fun overall and I’m glad we got the chance to go. That said, it would have obviously been a lot better if Tom hadn’t been sick for most of it. He spent probably the first two full days between the bed and—TMI—bathroom. Neither of us got much sleep, as I woke up every time he got up (the first night there, we were both up from about midnight to 5am). Then he got to sleep all the next day while I had to function with the kids (and deal with the beach and sand and baths, etc.). But the weather was gorgeous, the kids had a great time (which is the most important part), and it was wonderful spending the week with the grandparents!


Bowels of Steel: The Eruption

And Mr. Bowels of Steel just erupted. All across my carpet, him and his clothes, the bathroom floor, the toilet, etc. And he was even wearing a pull-up. A complete disaster. (He had diarrhea once already this morning and made it to the potty without incident…so I was not expecting this.)

Of course he doesn’t like having poop all over him so I ask “Wouldn’t it be easier and cleaner to just poop in the potty like a big boy so we didn’t have to do this?”



Now if you’ll excuse me, he needs a bath and I need to sanitize the bathroom and clean the carpets.


What happened to us?

Otherwise titled I guess there’s no better time to get crazy sick than two hours after your parents arrive for their two-week visit…and as long as we’re at it, no better time for BOTH kids to get sick as well.

I started feeling headachy about an hour after we got back from the airport yesterday and thought it was because I hadn’t eaten much all day…so had a snack and some water. And it got worse. Then I felt nauseous. Then I was spouting from both ends, as they say.

I was REALLY thankful that Grannie Lin and Papa were here, even though I felt bad they walked straight into kid duty.

But, because they were here, I could just relax…and then go to bed early. Like 7:47 I had my lights out and phone off early. I tossed and turned and slept fitfully until about midnight when I finally fell into a good sleep.

In the morning I felt fine…and learned that Owen had woken up crying loudly about 10pm (I am amazed I missed it). But he didn’t have a fever and looked and said he felt fine, so it was off to school.

I got a call about 11:30 saying he had thrown up but didn’t have a fever so he could stay at school, but they were just letting me know what was going on. (Apparently they have to throw up twice in an hour or have a fever to be sent home.) But then about half an hour later I got a call saying he hadn’t gotten sick again but he wasn’t eating lunch and was crying and asking for his mama so it was up to me. So I went to get him. They told me a stomach bug has been going around. (And in the meantime, the friends who had the gymnastics birthday party yesterday emailed and apologized saying that they’d seen a lot of our Facebook posts and added to their family…it appears a bug may have been spread at their party.) So who knows what really happened.

Owen seemed somewhat better once he was home, but I made him rest and drink water. I was thankful Katie was the vision of health. Until a few hours later when she suddenly barfed all over herself and the couch. And as I was gathering her up and getting dad and Linda to help out…I heard Linda rushing Owen to the bathroom where he puked.


Then Katie seemed fine and Owen seemed pretty okay…but tired out. He finally fell asleep and slept hard for a good two hours when I struggled to wake him up and got him to pee and go to bed. Katie seemed fine the rest of the night.

2013-10-08 16.16.55

2013-10-08 17.32.51

Here’s hoping it’s a less-than-24-hour thing for them, too, and they’re both healthy tomorrow. AND that the grandparents don’t get it…


I’ll be scheduling Owen’s hospital visit soon.

Today was Owen’s four-month check up with the pediatric GI. Unfortunately, we really haven’t seen much progress.

He’ll have good days and bad days, but pretty much every day he still has poopy underwear. Some of it is a matter of him not wanting to poop (which he admits) and trying to hold it in, but some of it is still the liquidy stuff that I don’t think he can control—which would mean he’s still backed up (impacted). But since he does seem to poop quite a bit (quantity-wise) I just couldn’t fathom that he was still backed up. Also, it seemed to me that when he has normal poops (i.e. not the soft squishy stuff) he has no problem going—he knows he needs to go and he goes and it’s perfect. We gave up on the daily mineral oil after the first few days because it just gave him diarrhea every single day (which is NOT what it was supposed to do).

So in talking with the doc and telling him everything…he said he thinks that Owen is still impacted. Especially when he asked if I felt that Owen was really ever fully cleaned out (like when we did the 8-hour no-food clean out)—like did he ever just get down to pure watery poops—and I said no. He asked if the semi-regular clean-outs after that were any better (we’ve been doing a semi-clean out about every three weeks) and I said no. So he said that if it was HIS son and he was at the four-month mark with no real progress, he would admit him for a hospitalized clean-out. Which could take anywhere from 3-5 days. IN WILMINGTON.

Hospitalization may sound awful, but he assured me they do A TON of them and it’s really no big deal. Some of the worst cases he’s seen? They remove 10# of poop from the kid! He doesn’t think Owen is that bad, but he thinks it’s the best bet to make sure we’re basically starting with a clean slate so-to-speak. He also warned that it isn’t the magic solution, though it can work wonders and a lot of parents said it was a miracle and wished they’d done it sooner. Of course, it won’t help with his emotional issues about not WANTING to poop, but at least we know we’ll be starting from scratch.

At this point, I’m game to try ANYTHING so I said of course we’ll do that. They said they can pretty much get us in whenever, so I just had to figure out Katie care since she can’t stay there with us. I can also stay overnight, but I don’t need to so if I think he’ll be okay then he can stay by himself.

Of course Owen was there listening to all of this and I was worried he would be freaked out or would refuse to go or would have a meltdown…but the doctor said “Kids don’t mind it at all! They can watch TV, movies, and play XBOX games!” Owen’s ears perked up. The doc asked if Owen would mind going to the hospital and he said no—and he actually wanted to go right then and didn’t understand why he couldn’t. :)

So I contacted my sitter (the same one we used when we went away for the weekend) because I know her summer nannying job is over, and she said she can do it…so tomorrow I have to call to schedule. I’m hoping for Sunday because I have a dinner outing planned Thursday, an old friend (one of my high school classmates) coming in from out of town Friday morning, and a birthday party and BBQ to go to Saturday. Then just hope it only takes two days and not four or five.

Stay tuned for updates!