Thanks, Ecobee, we know. 

Our A/C died overnight but we didn’t really realize it until about 10am when we started moving around for the day. After a text to the landlord, it was a rush to close all the blinds and put up some curtains on the sliding door to block as much sun as possible. (It helped, but eventually got to 88° by the time they got here to fix it at 6pm.) It was actually somewhat nicer outside in the shade as there was a slight breeze. But our smart thermostat let us know what was going on: 


Getting Lippy with Jen is getting more official!

So I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner, but…if I am going to really try and make a go of this business, I need a real domain. So, I grabbed which for now just redirects to my Facebook group. New business cards will come after we move and get settled and I have time to devote to them.

Business in my first two months has been amazing—if I hadn’t reinvested all my profits into more stock, I would definitely have passed my first goal of making back what I’d spent on product before becoming a distributor (I actually would have done that the first month). If I decided to quit right now and sell everything I have in stock, I’d come out way ahead for sure. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep this going and make some nice side money with it (though July will be tough with the move—and summer is apparently always bad for sales)!!

It’s that time again…Katie has started ABCMouse!

So, Katie has been doing “homework” lately—we bought her a workbook like Owen gets for his Summer Slide and she has fun with that, plus she also has a few educational iPad apps that she enjoys. She saw a commercial for the other day and asked if she could have it on the iPad again.

First, huh? She remembers? It hasn’t been on the iPad for probably two years now!

Second, well, why not? Owen really enjoyed it and if she wants to do it…it certainly can’t hurt! (And in the back of my mind I keep wondering if maybe that’s one of the reasons why Katie is a touch behind as compared to Owen—even though I know I shouldn’t compare the two.)

So the thought was in my mind but on the back burner since we’ve been busy. So imagine my surprise when out of the blue I get an email from someone at ABCMouse saying my site came up as one that linked to them and—long story short—would I want to become a full-fledged official referral source. Well, sure, why not?

So Katie was EXCITED to start her “homework” and she kept asking to do it. Before I knew it, she was 14% done with the pre-k level. Hopefully her excitement continues! And hopefully I make some money off referrals!

Ahhhh. I love the feeling of a fresh cut…

Especially after my hair nightmare earlier this week. She definitely saw lots of breakage but thankfully my hairstyle hides it well.

And this is what it looks like when my hair is being dried and styled—since I have so much hair, my stylist grabs anyone else available to help. :) (I had the kids with me—and they had their iPhones since we were in Occoquan—so I texted Owen to take the picture.)

And look at what we found on the walk to the salon…

And testing a new lipstick when I got home.

Home again, home again.

Me and Katie waiting for Tom and Owen to bring dinner to the gate in Atlanta. We weren’t able to get seats because we only had about 25 minutes until our flight started boarding.

We opted to board during the “people who may need extra time” call so we could have time to snarf our food before most people boarded. On the way down, we boarded during that time as well just because the kids were completely unfamiliar with the boarding process and we wanted it to go smoothly. On the way home we figured it had gone smoothly enough we didn’t need it so skipped it the first leg…but then decided why not on the second leg. :)

Everything went smoothly, and this is us walking to meet Tom with the car.

As soon as we got home, of course this happened: