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Ahhhh. I love the feeling of a fresh cut…

Especially after my hair nightmare earlier this week. She definitely saw lots of breakage but thankfully my hairstyle hides it well.

And this is what it looks like when my hair is being dried and styled—since I have so much hair, my stylist grabs anyone else available to help. :) (I had the kids with me—and they had their iPhones since we were in Occoquan—so I texted Owen to take the picture.)

And look at what we found on the walk to the salon…

And testing a new lipstick when I got home.

Apples in his eyes

Subtitled: Our imaginative boy…

Both phones were turning on so the Apple logo was on both… And he did this. :)


Home again, home again.

Me and Katie waiting for Tom and Owen to bring dinner to the gate in Atlanta. We weren’t able to get seats because we only had about 25 minutes until our flight started boarding.

We opted to board during the “people who may need extra time” call so we could have time to snarf our food before most people boarded. On the way down, we boarded during that time as well just because the kids were completely unfamiliar with the boarding process and we wanted it to go smoothly. On the way home we figured it had gone smoothly enough we didn’t need it so skipped it the first leg…but then decided why not on the second leg. :)

Everything went smoothly, and this is us walking to meet Tom with the car.

As soon as we got home, of course this happened:

A quick stop at a playground

We all went to see the Lego Batman movie and since it was nice and sunny, we stopped at a park on the way home. Unfortunately it was windy and getting chilly so we didn’t stay long and I only took one picture! :)

2nd Grade Scientists

I just saw these on Twitter from last Friday (1/28/17).

Look what I just saw on Twitter from last October!

Texts from Santa

Santa is texting the kids this year and they think it’s super cool. Owen texted back…and Santa replied!! (I had to tell him that he couldn’t expect Santa to write him back every time he texted and he said he knew—he was very busy.)

Owen was very concerned when Santa asked if he’d been a good boy: That’s a tough question. How do I answer Santa? Was I good this year? Mom, I feel like Santa is important to me. 


He didn’t write back for probably a half hour and it was after we’d discussed if he was god or bad. :) I told him that all kids make bad decisions at times and might do some bad things, but overall he’s an amazing kid and I don’t think Santa would think he was ever a bad kid. 

Charlie, an iPad is not a pillow. 


Purple dress and purple boots!


My first Instagram photo.

When your 7yo texts his dad…

Notice the attitude?


Pókemoning in DC with daddy!

We’ve been promising to take the kids Pókemoning in DC since there are A LOT of crazy things there we can’t get here…so Tom took them this morning.


Katie calls the Jefferson Memorial her castle. :)


They took over the Jefferson Memorial—Go, Team Hudson!


Apparently the kids are favorites of Japanese tourists, as Tom said they got stopped twice to take a picture. Also, this might be my new favorite picture of them. :heart:





And then lunchtime!


They. had. a. blast. Owen was even sending me texts telling (and showing) me what he caught. They can’t wait to go back!

The live Facebook Q&A with Naturally Slim!

So the Live Facebook event was actually going to take place at the combined offices of Holmes Murphy and ACAP Health, both new partners of Naturally Slim. I was VERY anxious about the event, but Marcia assured me I would do just fine. I was put a little more at ease when she told me it would only be about 20 minutes long—I had thought it would be an hour or something! Phew!

We got there early and Marcia showed me around the offices and introduced to many, many people…most of whom were all like “Oh, wow! I know you! You’re Jennifer Hudson! I recognize you!” It was VERY surreal. They were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them! The offices were super fun and trendy, with named meeting rooms like the Vineyard (with a wall of bookcases and wine racks) and the Bead Room, which is where we ended up filming—yes, a “room” in the middle of the office space with floor-to-ceiling hanging beads encircling four chairs and a table!

Getting ready to start!

Our view during the event:

And then we were off and running…

Live Q&A with Marcia Upson, President of Naturally Slim
[iOS users, if Safari isn’t showing the Facebook video below, try Chrome]

And suddenly it was over! What?! Already?! Wow that went fast! I had a lot of fun and the time just flew by—I probably could have answered questions for an hour! Of course watching the video later I noticed things I didn’t like (like my roll of belly fat and a few strange looks I made) but overall I think I did pretty well!

And then on the way out, I got to meet Todd (Todd Whitthorne, President, ACAP Health—he’s in quite a few of the program videos)!! And just like Marcia, he was just the same as in the videos, too. And boy was he tall (I’m 5’9″ and you see how he towers over me)! :)


What a memorable way to spend my 43rd birthday!!

The best way to wake up on my birthday. 

This was waiting for me in my texts. :)

Guess which network is hers?

We were sitting out by the pool talking after we got home from dinner and I was telling her about the kids and Pokemon and I was showing it to her on my phone and figured I might as well ask for the wifi password since I was going to be around for a few days. Of course I am always interested in what people name their networks, and hers did NOT disappoint. I love it.

Mom, this is also when I gave her your hug. :)

This is real now!

This was published this morning…


Katie cracks us up on camera. 

Every once in awhile we find a video like this from the camera in Katie’s room. Cracks us up. 

Kids on iPads. 

This is what I came downstairs to this morning: Ben on his iPad, Owen on his iPad, Katie on Emma’s iPad, and Emma waiting and half watching Pokemon on TV.

They’d been on long enough—and they really needed to play with each other—so I took them away and suggested Legos. Of course they had a blast. Sometimes I hate the iPads. :|


Owen’s first Pokemon gym!

Tom took him out last night for some one-on-one time and Owen had his first battle…and won! He was SO excited!!


Tom’s third morning project.

But now we get to take birch pieces home!! (His first two projects were getting the wifi extender and the cell booster installed and running!)

We had been talking about looking for fallen birch pieces to take home (birch trees are rare in Virginia) and my dad said he had a small birch he actually wanted taken down. Say no more. :) Two birds, one chainsaw. :)




Happy Shenny!