I just can’t even. Kiss & Ride is NOT hard.

Front lady is wasting like THREE spaces by not pulling forward. WHY?!?! I eventually pulled in front of her (directly behind that car to the very left that you can barely see). If you’re going to be stupid and waste that much space, you deserve to have someone pull in front of you. (Sidenote: she did the same damn thing the next day and I didn’t waste ANY time parking in front of her immediately upon arriving.)

I can’t imagine any normal person looking at that after doing it and saying “Yeah, looks great!”

I had heard good things from friends about a local jeweler so checked them out to resize my wedding ring after losing 135#.

It is a tension mount ring which meant it wasn’t a typical (simple) resize job, but after talking with the owner twice I was confident in his proposed solution of (basically) adding gold layers to the inside of the band to make it smaller while leaving the ring looking exactly as it started. This was critical as I didn’t want gold balls or bars soldered on. He told me he specializes in this type of fix and he’s the only one that does it in his shop. Great.

Strike one? They told me it would be done in 10 days, so when I hadn’t heard from them in 14, I called and they told me it was due “that day.” So apparently when they told me 10 days, they actually meant 10 BUSINESS days which is unprofessional at best. You should tell me the total number of days; the number of days you’re closed isn’t my concern and I shouldn’t have to do math.

Strike two? I called on Day 21 (yes, calendar day 21) to check on it and was told oh, it was done Saturday but at the end of the day [and they’re closed Sunday and Monday] so no one called yet. So, it was past due and no one bothered to call? Unprofessional.

Strike three? When I went in to pick it up, it was NOT what I was promised AT ALL—plus it was still too big!! They just stuck a tiny bar of gold on the wide band and it looked ridiculous!

And this is considered professional work from an award-winning designer?! And in talking with the jeweler on-duty, I found out that apparently the owner didn’t even work on it (so much for him being the only one to do that type of work in his shop)…?! The on-duty guy actually seemed offended when I suggested that the owner said he was the only one able to do the work.

So, needless to say they’re redoing it…but I’m not holding my breath. I’m envisioning very bad things and am trying to stay calm.

Edited Wednesday to add:

And then the more I thought about it that day and overnight, the more upset I got—I did NOT want anyone working on my ring until we were all on the same page. So I called and thankfully the lady that answered was the one who was there when I originally talked to the owner and turned over the ring so she at least knew who I was. She said the owner was out of town the rest of this week but she will email him and see what she can get figured out. I had her pull the ring so nothing will be done until I talk to him. I’m feeling SLIGHTLY better now, but my fingers are still crossed.

DC dinner with friends!

Friends from South Carolina came to DC for the weekend and we grabbed dinner with a bunch of other friends at a pizza place.

Of course, the kids were watching TV. (Guess how old the boy is. Just guess. Nope—he’s 6.5 and in first grade! I know, right? I told you we grow them big. :) )

Owen’s cool crayon sculpture!

As a sidenote. We had a perfect example of why I say I hate people. Parking in downtown DC is always a nightmare, but we were thrilled to realize there was a parking garage right next door to the restaurant. Except some asshat parked next to us in a NON-PARKING spot which necessitated a 23-point turn to exit our space. ‪(Parking is tight in the best of cases, so with him there it was ridiculous.)

I’m about to get passive aggressive.

I’m about ready to leave a passive aggressive note in our neighbors mailbox… They’ve left this pool out for garbage pick up for a month now. After it wasn’t picked up the first week, you’d think they’d realize it wasn’t ever going to be picked up. It’s really getting annoying. And it’s unsightly.


Get off my lawn!

F the unknown neighborhood kids who rang the doorbell TWICE (because god forbid I didn’t get there in 10 seconds) and woke Katie up. And what did the three of them want?

Girl 1: Looking around and apparently off into space.
Girl 2: gigglegigglegiggle
Girl 3: “We’re offering dog-walking, do you have a dog?”

Sorry kids, if you want to offer a business like that at your young ages, you’d better have more to offer than that. No introduction, no names, no where they live, no paper with information… I almost asked “Do your parents know you’re out here doing this, and can I have their number to talk to them?”

Seriously. Parents let their kids out to do stuff like this?

I’m not so much of a curmudgeon that I mean they need to have a complete business plan or anything—and I’m all for letting kids experiment and do stuff on their own—but if you really want me to let you take care of one of my pets and you are serious about the venture, you had better damn well at least give me some more information. ESPECIALLY if I have no idea who you are.



What’s the point?

I get that you’re a small business (like two-person small) but if you never check your email, DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR BUSINESS CARD. And if it IS on your business card, when I specifically TELL YOU I will be emailing you asking for your address to set up auto payment, don’t let me assume that’s fine.

I literally told the lawn guy as such today AND told him he was damn lucky I had cash because I never have cash.

All TiVo reps are not created equal.

We have a TiVo stuck on a startup loop. Been there done that six months ago, got the replacement.

Now, I’m sure they get a lot of inept people calling, but seriously, you can see we’ve been customers since 2001 so maybe we might have a F’ing clue about what we’re doing?

But this jerk (hi Bob!) was trying to blame it on:

  1. Being plugged into a UPS (saying those are really just to give you time to back up your 100 page thesis if the power goes out). So, we should “let TiVo take the brunt of the restart” and forget trying to save an $800 investment if there’s a lightning strike…
  2. Bad wiring in our house (asking us when the house was built and claiming “who knows what those contractors do”). At one point he said “I have a $100,000 sound system but I plugged a $1000 receiver in and it blew up. So you just never know.”
  3. Using an external expander (asking us if we read the hard drive manual and/or contacted them regarding hooking it up because they can be wonky). Um, no, we plugged it in and followed the Tivo’s on-screen instructions.
  4. Not plugging in the expander in the right order.
  5. Having anything else plugged into the UPS along with the TiVo (we don’t but it shouldn’t matter).
  6. Having the TV and TiVo plugged into the same outlet (he was talking to us about things like grounding and circuits and…SERIOUSLY?
  7. Claiming we never did a guided startup (then how the hell were we recording programs?).

Basically, it was something we’re obviously doing since this is the second one that’s died. Then he tells us that after a third replacement they won’t replace it again. Huh?! We said we bought the warranty. Nope, three and you’re done.

The whole conversation was just completely ludicrous. The things I’ve mentioned are the BASICS of what he touched on, and everything just sounded utterly condescending. I SO wish we had been recording it because we were just so gobsmacked. Tom and I just kept looking at each other and mouthing “Is he serious?”

Needless to say we asked for a manager and he didn’t seem very with it, either—he was just kinda like “Hey, soooo, where are we at? Let me look at your info…” instead of jumping in feet first and taking control. But to his credit he processed the exchange as if we were still within the first 90 days so there’s zero cost to us AND we still have the rest of our original warranty left. He said he had no idea what the other guy was talking about limiting exchanges to three.

So, if you call TiVo support and happen to get Bob who sounds quite a bit dooshy and questions the build construction of your house while diagnosing a dead TiVo, hang up and try again. Or record it for all to enjoy.

What is with people?

So we want a new deck. Tom doesn’t have the time (or help) to do it, so I asked around for some recommendations and made some calls.

Guy #1 comes over the next day. He’s nice enough, takes measurements, then says he’ll email the estimate within two days.

Guy #2 comes over the next day. He’s nice enough, takes measurements, then says he’ll call with an estimate. Two hours later I have the estimate.

Day 4 and we haven’t gotten the first estimate yet. We call. Oh, he’ll have it for us by Saturday afternoon at the very latest.

Day 6, still no estimate. He doesn’t return our calls.

In the meantime, Guy #2 has called twice to check in so he can get us on the schedule if he needs to.

Day 7, the estimate we’ve been waiting A WEEK for? That was promised within two days, then another two days? On Day 7 we get this:

Sorry, just been too busy to get to that estimate, I’d like to refer you to *** he does nothing but decks his numbers ***-****


The time to tell me you’re too busy (or just didnt want to do the job) is when I first contacted you or even when you showed up to give the estimate—not a week later.

So even though I wanted nothing to do with anyone he recommended, we had to call because we need at least two estimates.


Why can’t anything ever be easy?

I recently listed a baby item on LejeuneYardSales—a First Years Kickin’ Coaster. I got an email from a lady and through a loooong and extensive series of texts, was also going to sell her our swing and some baby clothes (which I just hadn’t gotten around to listing yet). It was about $250 worth…but let me tell you the whole story.

Since the clothes hadn’t been listed, they were not organized or sorted in any sense of the word. There were some in the closet, some in drawers, some on the floor, and some in the garage. I spent a good hour or more today getting it all sorted and counted. Because she had said she would take them all (because I said I would cut her a bit of a deal if she just took everything instead of cherrypicking), I kept texting her as I found more (just two big batches, really) so she wouldn’t know how much cash was required. I even sent her a picture of my scratch sheet showing how many onesies, swaddles, 2pc outfits, blankets, 3pc outfits, pants, shorts, etc., and then sent the sheet showing the breakdown of prices (like 72pcs @ $2 = $144 and 8pcs @ $4 = $32 for a total of $176) and then showing my total price of $150. And I texted a picture of the pile of clothes. So with the other two things she wanted, it was $225. And she was fine with it all. And wanted that total so her sister would have enough cash. And she kept texting me that she wasn’t sure when her sister would be there. Fine.

So it’s getting later and later and just as we’re making dinner and trying to feed the kids at 5:30, a car pulls in. Of course. But I think “This should be easy. We load her car, she gives me the cash, 10 minutes tops.”





So, first thing…this deal is all sorts of convoluted. The girl who initially emailed me is about 3-4 hours away, but the stuff is for her brother…but it’s a sister (who lives here) doing the picking up. Ay yi yi.

She has a snotty nose kid running around—ugh—that Owen was trying unsuccessfully to engage because he was a little young (poor Owen—he was trying so hard!). But what can you do? This should be quick. She wants to look through the clothes. Okay, that’s fine, I get that—to see that I didn’t misrepresent the quality. I say I’ve also thrown in a bunch of bibs, socks, wash cloths, and some lightly stained onesies. So she picks through one of the five bags and I can see her start thinking something along the lines of “this is not what I expected”…and I get a bad feeling but I don’t say anything and just let her be.

Then she asks about the chair—the Kicking Coaster—which is basically a moving base that the kid lays in and kicks at the stationary piece and it slides along a track and lights up and plays music. I tell her that actually—BONUS!—it’s not missing a piece like I had thought, and it even works better than I thought (both of which I mentioned in the listing). She’s like “Is this it? What does it do?” I explain it. She says she doesn’t want it because it doesn’t do anything. Um, your SISTER is the one who wanted it—you’re just picking it up. But I say okay, whatever.

She says she wants the swing can she see it. Of course. So I haul it over and she looks at it for like three seconds and says okay. Doesn’t ask for it to be plugged in or anything. And at this point, I don’t offer. So we get that in her back seat and go back to the porch with the clothes. She says “So, $150?” I say yes, for the clothes. No, she says, it’s $150 total, for everything. Oh no, I say, it’s $150 for the clothes alone, $225 total for everything. At which point she tells me there must be some misunderstanding because there’s no way her sister would have agreed to that much. I say she did, I texted her everything, with a clothes price and total price and she agreed. She was ADAMANT that I was wrong and her sister must not have understood. I tell her she can text her or whatever. She asks if she can go through the bags and just pick some pieces. I say no, not really, because I’ve already gone over this with your sister and she agreed to take everything if I gave her a good deal. She was still adamant I was wrong…so a call was placed to the sister.

And oh yes—SURPRISE!—the sister wanted EVERYTHING. :rolleyes: But the idiot girl who was picking it up didn’t bring enough cash (probably because she didn’t understand her sister’s texts or just flat out couldn’t believe it)—and then tells her sister it’s a lot of clothes and the mom-to-be probably would be too picky and not want all of them and besides she didn’t bring enough money. And then I get to hear the starting details of the money issues of this family. She was supposed to take the money from her sister’s bank account but didn’t get there so used her own money (which is why I’m guessing it wasn’t the full amount). Then after some back and forth, she hands the phone to me.


Then I get to hear that she was paying out of her own money but her brother was paying her back but not until the end of the month so the $225 (or $150 for clothes) was a bit much. Could I do $100? UM, HELL NO. I said no, we agreed on $150 and that’s a reduction of $25 plus I got everything ready for you on short notice (remember, none of this was listed) and you said you’d even give me $25 for my trouble so really you are getting it for $125. Well, she asks, can she just pick out a few things? No, not tonight since it’s so late (by now it’s like almost 6pm!), but if she’d like to come back again this week, sure. But the prices will be a bit higher since you’re taking up my time and only picking a few pieces. I wanted to add AND THIS IS NOT A F***ING STORE.

So I hand her back to her sister and then they converse in Spanish—which, man I wish I knew Spanish, because up until then the entire conversation was in English so you know it was something they didn’t want me to hear. So the girl tells me she will just take the swing…do I have change? Nope. “Not even your husband?” Nope, sorry, we don’t carry cash. Which we might have had cash but at that point I was done with her. So she’s counting and counting and then says “How much for the swing and chair?” $75. Well she doesn’t have that change, either, so it’s off to the nearest gas station (5 miles either way) and she’ll be back. She unloads the swing and takes off. I haul everything in and Tom is like “WTF? Why didn’t she take anything?” I tell him the story and we make bets if we see her again. About 30 minutes later she pulls in and hands me $75. I say “Oh, so you want the chair, too?” No, she says, just the swing. I should have just taken it, but I am honest, so I said it was just $50. So I get $50, she tells me she’s done doing deals for her sister and she has told her sister that if she wants to drive here she can do the deal herself.

Good riddance.


The most annoying guy in the world was sitting directly behind us on the ATL > FLL leg of our flight today. He did not shut up from the moment he sat down to the moment we deplaned. I felt so bad for the poor lady sitting next to him…

He seriously had diarrhea of the mouth and jumped from one topic to the next—sometimes with segues, sometimes without. And it was all bizarro. Had I had an Internet connection, I would seriously have live tweeted the range of topics because it was unbelievable. I did briefly think about typing them anyway…but he was so annoying to listen to that I couldn’t wait to put my headphones on to try and drown him out.

Some of the topics included:

  1. His Italian family and how they liked to cook.
  2. How his dad once worked for the NSA and made $700,000 a year.
  3. How a friend invited him over to hang out once and wanted him to do marijuana so he’s not friends with him anymore.
  4. How he was a wrestler in high school.
  5. How his friend who was accepted into Harvard Medical showed him a study about runners and how /something or other/ was wrong with their feet.
  6. The difference between anaerobic and aerobic exercise and which is better to build muscle mass.
  7. How he went fishing in this lake one time and there were red-spotted tilapia and black-spotted tilapia and yellow-spotted tilapia and green- spotted tilapia and he and his buddies caught a bunch but no one wanted to cook any so they threw them all away. And there was an alligator in that lake, too.
  8. AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. For two hours straight.

It. Was. Mind-numbing.

You thought that was a good idea?

While we were at Home Depot last week, we answered some questions about our water for a chance to win a gift certificate. Yeah, I knew they were likely going to call to get us to buy some sort of water service, but whatever, no biggie.

So they call to tell us HEY—YOU WON! Cool, the girl had said a $250 GC. So he goes on…”You win a free home water test and a $10 GC!” Oh, thanks. BIG WHOOP. We don’t care about the water test and a $10 GC isn’t really worth it to go through the hassle. But I say yes, because I am actually intrigued as to what’s in our water. We schedule for 8-9 on Friday, but say it really has to be at 8 before we start the kids bedtime routine and we go to bed. The guy says he’ll make that note. Friday comes and we have to reschedule because the guy who does the tests had been in a minor car accident. We reschedule for Monday at the same time, reiterating it really needs to be near 8. Fine.

Fast forward to tonight, Skyping with the grandparents, talking on the phone to other grandparents, putting Katie to bed, putting Owen to bed late at 8:45…when Tom says “Why is there someone in front of our house?” Oh yeah, the water guy—we had totally forgotten—but it was 8:50 and we were on our way to bed. So we turned off the lights and watched from the balcony in the dark. And after five minutes of watching (so, 8:55), he walked up our lawn and I was thinking he’d just leave a card or something. But NO. He rings the doorbell, which is VERY LOUD AND VERY LONG.

Tom goes down there and the guy says “Hi! I saw you turn off your lights so I figured it wasn’t a good time…” SO SINCE YOU FIGURED IT WASN’T A GOOD TIME YOU THOUGHT RINGING THE BELL WOULD BE A BETTER IDEA? :evil: Long story short, he will have them call to reschedule…at which point I will say thanks but no thanks, mail me my gift certificate (which I’m sure they won’t do).

And this is why I usually never give my number for anything…and why I will go back to NOT doing so again.

The one night I don’t turn my phone off…

So last night I didn’t mute my phone like I’ve done pretty much every night ever…figuring I really don’t need to because I have DND (Do Not Disturb) on, which silences incoming phone calls unless someone A) is in your favorites or B) calls three times.

So what happens? Some unknown asshole texts me twice at 12:45am asking “who is this?” and then—since I obviously didn’t answer—calls me twice at 1-EFFING-am. Seriously? Who does that? And at 1am? And DND let it through because apparently 2 texts + 2 phone calls = 3 phone calls…??

I’m not mad at DND (though I am surprised) but I am so pissed I was woken up by some inconsiderate douchebag. I was tempted to call them back at 6a and hopefully wake them up. So after having just finally fallen asleep around 12:30, I was wide awake again. :evil:

Oh, and I have ZERO idea who it is. It’s a North Carolina cell number I’ve never called or texted. And though their number was blocked when they called…it came through on the texts, so Tom called at 7:30 and got some chick’s voicemail, saying something to the effect of “If you’re Tim or someone I don’t know, forget about me calling back.” So obviously she’s having issues with a guy named Tim. And I’m sure she thought I was involved.

So since Tom refused to keep calling back, this is the texting conversation we had:

There should be something more painful you can do to stupid people like this.

This is why I shop at Amazon.

Ugh, I hate stupid people. I checked a hair product website and it said the JCP salon carried the line so I called to ask. She had no idea what I was talking about. I explained the website said they carried that line and did they have the specific product. She says “Well we don’t carry the whole line…” to which I said “Which is why I’m calling to check.” To which she still seemed utterly clueless and pretty much said “I have no idea.”


Our last ever garage sale!

Today we officially had our last ever garage sale. Seriously.

The neighborhood we live in has a “community garage sale” every year. We figured it out the second year we were here, and our neighbor let us know which weekend it was, so we could be prepared for the third year—which worked out perfectly date-wise since we are moving in a month.

Now, from past experience, I hate garage sales. Yeah, I like the money, but they’re a lot of work and I hate haggling. Our stuff isn’t CRAP (like tchotchkes from the 70s or broken stuff)—a lot of the stuff was new (still in boxes or plastic), next to new, or in really good condition. So I priced it fairly—with some of the things marked a bit higher that I would be willing to haggle on. But long story short, we hadn’t had a garage sale in almost five years, so I was kinda ready…or at least had a positive attitude.

So we busted ass and cleaned out a ton of stuff—finally making the decision to just GET RID OF STUFF (some of which has been making the move with us since we got married). I had even posted on Craigslist that our community was having a garage sale, and listed what would be at ours. We had an entire driveway full by the time all was said and done, and we fully expected to make about $500-600 (thinking about past garage sales and how much stuff we had and what we made at those).




First of all, the “sale” was technically Friday and Saturday—which we didn’t realize until Thursday night when talking to our neighbor again. A garage sale on Friday? REALLY? :??: I had never experienced that in my entire life of having garage sales…so needless to say we totally weren’t ready. :down: But we figured that Saturday would be the big day anyway so weren’t really worried about it.

Second, the community association was supposed to advertise the sale with signs out front a week prior—except that the day before, there were no signs (they finally went up late Thursday night). :down:

Third, I saw NO listing for the garage sale on Craigslist—so I put one on there advertising OUR moving sale. I mean, in this day and age, you post on Craigslist, and it’s free and easy, so there’s NO reason to NOT advertise there. Stupid community association. :down: I also put up my OWN garage sale sign.

So Saturday morning rolls around and we’re up at 6 getting everything set up in the driveway (well, we were up at 4:30 but didn’t start working until 6). I had such visions of it being a gangbuster sale that I was bringing out anything that I thought might sell. The more stuff we got rid of, the better, right? And more money, right?

Well, in our Craigslist moving sale post, I said that although the community sale technically started at 8, we’d be out getting set up at 7, so early birds were welcome at 7:30. Well, someone showed up at 7:15 which was fine, but they didn’t take anything. Okay, no biggie, it was still early. But then no one else came until like 7:45. Really? Where were all the people beating down our doors at 6am or lining up on the street…or doing drive-bys the night before like we had in North Carolina?

Then people just started driving by. One car after another. Huh? We had about eight cars slow down and look—but not stop. Now, I fully realize that some might be looking for one particular item that could be seen from the road…but EVERYONE?? REALLY?? What are they expecting to find?

At the end of two hours, we had a whopping FOUR customers, two of which were neighbors…and we had made $68 ($60 of which was a fish tank). And had maybe 15 drive-bys.


Then we’d get one person. Fifteen minutes later another. Then a drive-by. At the busiest time, I think we had three people there. Ugh. And of course 95% of them wanted to haggle. Now, I can handle haggling on stuff that’s $5 or $10, but seriously, if I’ve marked it $1, it’s $1. Don’t ask if I’ll take 50¢. And then pick out nickels and pennies when I agree. Seriously. (One lady had 49¢ and Tom just stood there with his hand out, waiting. I mean really, people.) Alternatively, if I have something marked $25, don’t offer me $10. I kept reminding myself that the point was to get rid of stuff, but honestly I would rather donate things for free than take $5 for a $20 item. My blood pressure certainly spiked through the roof at least a handful of times due to hagglers.

So come 4pm we started cleaning up—and it really didn’t even look like we sold anything. Every table was still out and full (when normally about two hours in, we’re consolidating stuff and getting rid of tables). The free thing we had sitting out didn’t even get taken!

So, in the end, we made about $300 for about 18-20 hours of work (prep, sale, clean up) which just sooooo doesn’t seem worth it. I mean, it’s better than working that long for nothing…but had we sold another $200 worth I’d be more amenable to having another garage sale sometime during my lifetime. To put it in better perspective how much work it was and how few people we had and how little stuff we actually sold…almost TWO-THIRDS (!!!) of our take came from just three big ticket items (a $100 table saw that Tom sold to a co-worker before the sale even started, a $60 fish tank we sold at 8am to a neighbor, and $30 for a new-in-box Lego set [that was actually worth $90, but I digress]).

The whole thing was just bad and frustrating—I have never experienced such a lackluster garage sale EVER. I don’t know whether it was due to the lack of advertising, people just not being into garage sales, or what… but what it did was certify that I will never again have a garage sale and I will just donate stuff.

Speaking of which—the Vietnam Veterans of America will be here Tuesday to pick up three bags of clothes and shoes, and about six huge boxes of stuff. :up:

I hate lazy, stupid people.

So I was just at Target and pulling in, a woman coming towards me stopped and put her blinker on. I notice the empty spot she was eyeing, and motioned her in (I needed a spot near the corral so I could snag a cart to put the boy in—but I wouldn’t have taken the spot anyway. But that’s neither here nor there).

So I go to a space about 10 slots down, go grab a cart, unload the boy, get the cart and his diaper bag situated, and start towards the store. The woman, who so desperately wanted that space, was STILL pulling in. Apparently, there were a bunch of carts in that spot, and she took the time to stop pulling in, move them ALL into the roadway, then pull her car in—AND LEFT ALL THE CARTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE >:XX >:XX LANE.

So I get in the store and am printing out a bridal registry, when she comes in and stops at customer service—of course jumping ahead of others waiting to tell the clerk that someone needs to go out and get some carts that are in the middle of the road.

What a >:XX asshat.

It’s 65 out today. And sunny. And gorgeous. And she was maybe 35 and looked to be in good health. Yet she needed that closer spot and then felt the need to be annoying and push all the carts into the middle of the lane so that others would be inconvenienced, and then cut in line no less to tell someone to go take care of it.

I hate people like her.


I really hate it when I get pissed off on the way in to work—it’s just not the best way to start the day.

This morning, some idiot pulled out (basically) in front of me. Since I was on a 55mph road, he really should have waited, but god forbid someone wait for a proper break in traffic. So, I pretty much had to slow from 55 to 25 in three seconds. Then, about 1/4 mile up the road, he slams on his brakes—which means I have to slam on my brakes, engaging the ABS and sending all the stuff in my car flying to the floor. Asshat wasn’t paying attention and missed some activity on the side of the road that he had to avoid at the last second.

Oh, and did I mention this idiot was on the phone? GRRRRRRR. >:XX I don’t mind people talking and driving if they can handle it, but some people obviously can’t.