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Tom was going in late so I got to take a walk with Owen!


Trail walk with my girls!

Lisa and Lori came down for the weekend since they hadn’t yet been here and we’re (obviously) moving soon! So, I did what I do and took them for a walk on our neighborhood trail!

Probably one of our last family trail walks…

At the halfway point, we detoured toward the new sidewalks along Lorton Road, which took us over a huge hill where the grasses were as tall as Owen!

Stopping to check out a reclaimed water pond.

Katie kept complaining that her hips hurt or her legs hurt… Until we suggested she run ahead to check out the trail and she was off like a shot!

And since we’ll likely never be right here at the sign again…

I can’t believe we have a measly five weeks left…

One of my favorite ways to start a morning…

We found a butterfly…

I picked it up…

Then Owen wanted to hold it… And it immediately peed on him (notice his disgust).


Nice day for a walk with the boy!


That’s what friends are for.

After a long crazy day I decided it was time for this:

I also happened to be missing a friend of mine in the neighborhood so I texted her and told her I was on my way to her house and I wanted her to come out for a brief Pokémon walk with me. She met me on the street, decided she wanted some margarita, too (yes, I had brought it with me), so we stopped back our house and got her a cup…and since it was cold and we needed to hold our phones for Pokémon, this was her life hack: wear your coat backwards so you can put your drink (with straw!) in the hood! BRILLIANT!

We ended up walking a bit farther than we’d planned…and my phone died because of the cold…but it was a good night (and this is what the end of it looked like). Good times.

Please tell me fall weather is here!

The weather was GORGEOUS this morning—a perfect 66°—so I told the kids we were going for a little walk. We hatched an egg, gathered some Poké balls, caught some Pokémon, and played at the playground.

They actually played well together today. :)

Pokémon at the playground!

The humidity and heat finally broke today so the weather was really nice so we headed to the library park/playground to enjoy it…while hatching an egg, repeatedly visiting a Pokestop, and catching Pokémon.


The things you do for your kids.

I don’t walk to hatch eggs (alone) but I will open the app to grab balls at a Pokestop…and grab a Pokémon if it’s convenient.

Owen was impressed. :)


Heading out to hatch a Pokémon egg!

It’s easier to get them to walk with me now that Pokémon is involved. (And the rule is it’s only used on my phone when we’re on the trail—if they ask about it any other time it gets deleted off my phone. This is daddy’s thing.)

And then of course there were more berries.


Six stops for blackberries!

The weather this morning was great for walking (72° with low humidity) so I made the kids go on a walk. Amazingly once I got them out of the house there was no complaining!

There are lots of blackberries on the trail so whenever we found a ripe bunch we’d stop and I’d pick them. And when I say bunch, I mean 3-4 edible ones. This was our fourth stop!

Our sixth stop!


Now the kids are somewhat excited to go back on the trail to see if there are any more blackberries!

We haven’t done this in awhile. 


Leaving the island…

The weather was great in the morning, and we could tell it was going to be a perfectly gorgeous day. Of course. GRRR. :p

And better pics from Sunset Rock.

But, since it was so nice, we decided to walk back to town instead of paying $15 for the shuttle.

Stopping to pick wild raspberries.

Stopping to rescue snails from the trail! They were all over!

Waiting for the boat off the island. :(

A walk in the woods.

Stopping for pull ups.

Can we take this birch tree home please?

How about this one?

The view from the top of the trail!

FYI the 2 mile trail…?

Really almost 3 miles…but a great walk. :)


I jokingly suggested a walk…and she agreed!

And this is how she was dressed for it. :)

We found a daisy!

Riding side saddle!


I love this trail for these views.


Daisies on the trail!

Katie wanted to go for a walk with me today and since it was GORGEOUS out, I agreed! There were no animals today, but lots of daisies! She picked a bunch and carried them all the way home (of course her grip kept getting tighter and tighter so it was a clump of daisy bodies by the time we got home). :)


Three deer and two bunnies!

The temps had cooled off nicely so I went for my walk after we got home from Owen’s game…and saw lots of nature! :)


Two turtles!

We saw not one but two turtles on our family walk this morning!


Today’s walk went MUCH better.

Apparently we needed the promise of the library park afterward (if she was a good girl)…AND letting her pick which direction to walk on the trail. It still took about an hour but it was much more fun!


That said, she blatantly told me that she liked walking with daddy (or all of us) but not just me. No real reason, that’s just how it is. Thanks, kid. :p BUT! I did get her to admit that she’d be okay doing the walk with Owen along. Which is what I really want—that’s my plan for getting my trail walks in this summer when they’re both home all day. So we’ll see what actually happens. 

But she was much more talkative today. She actually reminded me a lot of Owen babbling on and on like he does on our walks. I loved listening to it. Here’s a small sample.