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We’ll miss Micah!

The kids’ swim instructor is moving so today was his last day. We will miss him lots—he was really good with both kids and really pushed Owen. 


Two little fishes getting ready to swim!


A future Olympian?!


Kids making faces on each other in the pool 


Fun at swim lessons 


Owen might be on a swim team!

Before Owen’s lesson, his instructor came and told us he was going to be testing Owen to see how he’d do on a swim team. He’s trying to get a local team together and he thought Owen was ready. As far as Owen knew, he was just practicing. :)

After, the instructor told us he thought he was definitely ready…so he’ll let us know if and when he gets a team together. (They have a team right now but it’s 30-45 minutes away from home so we’re not about to do that.)

We told Owen the news on the way home and his was his reaction:


No, she’s not trying to drown him. Or vice versa.

It’s just them playing before their swim lessons!

Owen is a Shark 2!

This is the first thing I saw when I turned my phone on after my plane landed!! Owen graduated to Shark 2!! He’s been a Shark for just over a year and he tested last week and didn’t quite make it, so of course the week I’m out of town is when he does it! Stinker!


Waiting for lessons


They didn’t mind swim lessons being postponed 30 minutes.

They ALWAYS ask to play these video games at the rec center when we go for swim lessons, but we never have time. Today, the pool chemicals were off and they postponed lessons for 30 minutes…so the kids finally had time to play!

Katie’s twirling pool jumps

She loves jumping! Today she started doing twirl jumps!


Pouting and being silly at the pool


Katie started swim lessons at British Swim School one year ago today!

I’m amazed at how much she loves the water and how comfortable she is in the pool! She jumps in regularly (with and without goggles), does cannonballs (complete with holding her knees), and just taught herself to retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool. She turns four in a few days. #proudmama

These are all rehashed photos, but it’s what I posted on Facebook. :)


Usually both are back there but Owen didn’t want to today.

Katie’s jumps and mermaid tail. 

They didn’t want to get out of the pool!


Swim Lessons

Papa and Grannie have been going to swim lessons and Papa brought his camera today!







Modeling her new swim goggles

A new suit for Katie 

Grannie brought Katie two new suits—of course she had to wear one to swimming tonight!


Our new Turtle 2!


The instructors are amazed that she’s only three. :)