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Katie dancing at ballet

Have I mentioned Katie doesn’t want to do ballet anymore? She wants to do gymnastics but I haven’t decided if we’re going to do that. We still have to finish out our pre-paid January dates and she still has a ball. I keep asking if she’s sure she wants to quit and she says she is. 

Back on schedule…off to ballet!

In a new outfit from Gramma Jean!

The kids put on a gymnastics show!

They were busy busy busy in the basement this afternoon and they finally told us they were putting on a gymnastics show. So we went down before dinner. This is what we saw…

At the top of the stairs:

Gymnastics show 6:00–6:30pm

Gymnastics show 6:00–6:30pm or 6:30–7:00

At the bottom of the stairs—see it?

Directional arrow!! :)

Another arrow!

The stage…

…and labeled audience seating area.

Afterwards we went to look at the label on the bounce house:

And then we noticed this afterwards (not sure how we missed it):

I :heart: these kids!

She may or may not be wearing her hand-me-down dance costume to school as well as ballet.


What the last few minutes of ballet class looks like.


My little gymnast

I forgot to post these a week ago. 



“Look what I learned today!”


Today’s ballerina.

It’s chilly today so we broke out the long-sleeved leotard and the leg warmers.


And more dancing with ribbons at the end of class!

Fun at the end of Katie’s ballet class

The lt get to dance freeform during the last few minutes of ballet class. 

Loving ballet!


Waiting patiently 

She has ballet on Tuesdays and I knew we were going somewhere with friends after so I had her pack her backpack. Of course, she thought this meant she was going RIGHT NOW so when I told her we still had an hour, she sat in the doorway waiting and watching the kids walk by to the bus stop. 


On her way to ballet!

We had to take a picture like me and Owen did as we were on our way to her first real ballet class. She’s taking ballet instead of gymnastics now.


Katie doing her rhythmic gymnastics routine.


Last day of princess ballet camp!


They had a little 10-minute show for us at pickup. They had the girls bring in princess dresses to change into. :)


Excited to have daddy home before princess camp


Princess camp pickup

This is what I walked into today. :)


The ballerina with her wand.

They do some type of project at camp every day and today was a wand.


Princess Camp, Take 2

Katie’s princess camp was cut short last week with the announcement of two cases of head lice. They gave us the option of taking the same class the following week, so we did. So, here she is, ready for camp again.


Olympics 2028?

Katie doing her floor program with Laurie Hernandez. :)

Katie performing with Olympians!

Live in our living room!! :)

Needless to say she had a blast watching the gymnasts and the floor routines were her favorite because she could dance along with them! She also liked the swimming, which is how the video below starts.