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2017 Opening Ceremonies

It was chilly and rainy again so Katie and I stayed home while Tom and Owen went to the ceremony. I felt guilty because I should have been taking pictures… But you’ve seen one opening ceremony you’ve seen them all…right?!

And another parent sent this pic so I’m happy. 


Owen is an Angel this season!

Watching games is a lot more fun now that the kids really kind of know what they’re doing. They’re pretty consistent with hitting the ball (Owen hit all three at-bats) and there are even close plays on bases!

Showing GJ his new bunting skills


Wrapping up Owen’s baseball camp!

He’s been going to baseball camp every day from 9a – 2p and loving it! They play games while learning and practicing baseball skills. (He learned to bunt this week!) Today was the last day and they had a little wrap-up session where they handed out [dollar store] bases and trading cards to everyone.




Owen’s last Marlins game!

It was crazy hot and sunny for the last game today. Thankfully friends had brought a huge canopy so we all got to sit (or lay!) in the shade!


Owen did super amazing awesome today…unfortunately, I had unexpected phone storage issues (even after I deleted a ton of stuff) so I ended up missing recording a few hits and runs—and a few videos got cut short. GRRR!

And he asked to be catcher today!! He did have some balance issues (see next photo—he kept his feet together instead of using a wide stance so he kept falling over) but he worked through them and did a great job! And looked damn cute!



The coaches actually called the game a half hour early because it was so hot. They had a quick award ceremony afterward.



I had to transcribe what the coach said because it was super awesome and is very hard to hear on the video—the Closed Captions should be turned on so you can read along but here it is just in case:

Due to my phone issues, I missed the first thing he said: I like to call him The Big O!

Come on up! I’ve really seen Owen’s catching progress. Behind the plate as well as catching the ball in the field. Alright, you are certainly catching it like the guys at the next level and very impressive. You’ve had some great hits as well. Alright. I love seeing your enthusiasm out here. Good job, buddy.

Team picture by another mom (since my phone was still acting up):

2016-06-14 00.45.13

Then the pizza party!!!


And showing off his award! He had to run and get this T-ball award from last year, too—he was so excited to have two! He said he will put them both on a shelf together! :)




More Marlins baseball!

Marlins pictures are in!

Katie is LOVING taking her scooter to baseball. This is what she discovered she could do tonight.

Owen did great as the “pitcher” tonight! Normally I wouldn’t record this stuff (because you, in essence, have to record the entire game) but I wanted to try and get some video since Tom wasn’t able to be there. :)



Owen’s at-bats!

Baseball night!

Daddy was tired and took a little cat nap.

Katie enjoyed her scooter.

And posed for some pictures.

And Owen finally played catcher!


Owen had a double play!

Unfortunately, daddy wasn’t there to see it as the garage door broke as we were pulling out of the driveway…so he had to stay and wait for the landlord.

Two of his at-bats (he struck out on his last attempt) and bringing a run in:

And I missed Owen’s best play because it was when he was playing third base and I never record in the outfield… But he caught a pop fly and then tagged a runner out on third! DOUBLE PLAY! The crowd went wild! He was SO excited and so happy!!

Katie was having fun on her scooter—she had never really used it before today and was very tents on it but got progressively better. She’s great about wearing her helmet and puts it on every time!

Baseball without rain for once!

As a friend commented, What is this shiny bright ball of light in the sky? It’s blinding! Seriously. It’s been raining just about every day for almost a month. So this was a perfect evening for a game!

Pay attention for a Katie surprise in the middle of this video. :)

Marlins team pictures

Of course, the first gorgeous day we’ve had in forever and we didn’t have a game scheduled—just team pictures! It was like herding cats trying to keep 12 boys somewhat under control while they waited their turns.

Amazingly, Owen isn’t the tallest on his team! He’s actually third tallest! (Though I’m not sure what grade/how old the other two are.)

Two hits today!

They won, too! :)

Marlins…in the rain.

It started off overcast and cool… We kept our fingers crossed but eventually it was raining. Not fun. But the kids were all doing great!

Katie had fun playing catch with daddy beforehand.

Montage of Owen’s at-bats and runs:

They did end up calling the game a little over an hour in because it was really coming down. So it was home for warm showers/baths and comfy clothes!

Go Marlins!

Technically not what I’d consider a new outfit…but the tee is new for this season. :)

Marlins vs. Royals

Watching Owen at bat!

Owen as catcher!

Papa and Gannie took the kids to baseball tonight and Owen had his first attempt as catcher (he’s wanted to but he needed a cup…so we finally bought one!). He said he loved it!! (Thanks to Grannie Lin for the pics!)


Practicing hitting with Papa


Owen’s first Marlins game!

This year is definitely a bit different than t-ball…instead of three innings where everyone in the roster bats for each inning and most of the kids are watching the sky or picking grass…they keep track of balls/strikes/outs so kids might only get to bat once or twice but these kids can actually bat, catch, throw, and field!! And some are really good!

Owen’s first (and only) at-bat:

He got the first pitch!

And best of all, Grannie and Papa got to see all of it!!

Baseball Opening Day!

Our new Marlin ready to head out!

Unfortunately it was cold and rainy—yuck!


Not super exiting (LOL) but the Marlins’ introduction and walk out onto the field!