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Happy 45th Tom!

Tom got a half day off work so we celebrated his birthday in style at our first local Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurant: The Shanty. I started with Pineapple Sangria…

Then we tried one of the dishes they showcased on the show: Whiskey Shrimp. It was delish.


And another dish they profiled in DD&D: Blackened Conch Filet. Super yummy.


And a free birthday dessert!


Then we went to check out the Costco in Wisconsin—just a few miles away! 

I finally found the perfect leggings for us!


New city, same Lego build!

We were very excited to learn there was a Lego store here which meant we could continue the Lego builds!

A few minutes at the mall playground. 

The kids had to run an errand with me and the mall playground happened to be right outside the store I was at…so I let Katie play for a few minutes. (If it looks somewhat familiar, it’s because it’s the same parent company as the mall by us in Virginia.)


We are now Wildcats!

Today was the Proof of Residency/packet pickup for school. It was quite the process overall as we were there for about an hour, though most of that was time doing other stuff like signing up for library cards, talking to people about school programs, shopping for spirit wear, etc. Of course they only had Katie’s packet (?!) so it was a bit more involved to get Owen’s info (they were able to print some but I’ll have to pick up the rest at his school in a few days). 


It pays to know the owner. 

Shopping before the store opens…the benefits of being related to the owner. We brought home 18 packs of brats!!


This is one way we get her to stop begging to ride in a car cart.

That’s one way to ride in the cart. 


Don’t judge, part 2.

Of course we had to check out the Sam’s Club. 


Don’t judge.

Jami was showing me a local grocery store so we each picked out a wine for the hotel room… Plus I grabbed a candy kebob for the kids and she picked up green Sriracha on my recommendation (we happened to be walking by).


Presents for us for our new huge back yard!!

Super soaker water guns!


Katie on Mario at Target


It was all I could do to not buy it all. 

I missed this last year so when I saw it today at Target I had to buy some, even though the last thing I need to be doing before we move is buying more stuff.


Wrapped around her finger. 

I never take Katie in this cart because it’s huge and a pain. But she has daddy wrapped around her finger.


I hit the Nerf motherlode at a thrift store yesterday. 

All three for $13. No bullets but they don’t really care. 


They both wanted hats.

They were clearance and I had coupons so I agreed.


Football PJ twins

When Katie and I were clothes shopping for her and Owen the other day, I saw these PJs for Owen and they also happened to have Katie’s size and she said she wanted them. I asked if she was sure she wanted FOOTBALL pajamas and she said yes, she wanted to match her brother. :) 

So tonight they went up to get their PJs on and we hear giggling as they’re coming down the stairs… And then we see this. 


These are not replacements for Samoas. 

Who doesn’t love a chewy chocolatey coconutty Girl Scout Samoa? But who wants to pay $4 a box? So when we saw these at Costco for $8 for three boxes, we were all over it. 


Yeaaaahhh. Not so much. :(

They were similar but definitely not replacement quality. So the kids get the cheap ones and we’ll easy the good ones. :)

I asked if we could have one and they said to ask after Easter. 


Do not buy lemon cookies at the dollar store. 

These? Suck. They’re horrible and not one of us liked them. They went straight into the trash.

These are what I hoped they were like—just a cheaper version. I was wrong.