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They both wanted hats.

They were clearance and I had coupons so I agreed.


Football PJ twins

When Katie and I were clothes shopping for her and Owen the other day, I saw these PJs for Owen and they also happened to have Katie’s size and she said she wanted them. I asked if she was sure she wanted FOOTBALL pajamas and she said yes, she wanted to match her brother. :) 

So tonight they went up to get their PJs on and we hear giggling as they’re coming down the stairs… And then we see this. 


These are not replacements for Samoas. 

Who doesn’t love a chewy chocolatey coconutty Girl Scout Samoa? But who wants to pay $4 a box? So when we saw these at Costco for $8 for three boxes, we were all over it. 


Yeaaaahhh. Not so much. :(

They were similar but definitely not replacement quality. So the kids get the cheap ones and we’ll easy the good ones. :)

I asked if we could have one and they said to ask after Easter. 


Do not buy lemon cookies at the dollar store. 

These? Suck. They’re horrible and not one of us liked them. They went straight into the trash.

These are what I hoped they were like—just a cheaper version. I was wrong.


Trying on a dress

I was going to get this dress for Katie at Kohls but she wanted to try it on…so off we went. She twirled in front of the mirror for MINUTES.

It’s a small world!

I knew a friend had moved to Florida but I couldn’t remember exactly where so I was planning to text and ask her. Well, Tom and I were out running errands when she texted me saying “Are you in Fort Walton Beach?” Why yes, I said (I had posted our whereabouts on Facebook). She lives two towns over. So we made plans for her to come pick up me and Katie for lunch!

We came home and I told Katie I had a surprise for her…she was going to get to see her friend Monti. It took her a moment to remember, but she did. This is her, excited, on the way down to meet them.

The two were fast friends in the back seat and jibber jabbered the whole way to the restaurant. They both ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes.

And then things went south when Monti decided she was done letting Katie share her sunglasses. I gave Katie my phone since it wasn’t her fault her friend was being a poop. But that caused even more upset because she thought she should get her mom’s phone and that was denied.

Katie did end up sharing the phone with her and there was happiness for a few minutes…and then Monti got upset about the equality of the sharing so the phone got taken away.

But we were still happy!! It was so great catching up with Melissa!

HOLY $H!TBALL$ this product is amazing!!

Ladies, listen up. I’ve discovered a game changer if you straighten your hair—you have GOT to check out the Dafni. I got mine on QVC because at the time it was cheaper than Amazon, but less than a week later Amazon now has it cheaper. This cut my straightening time from 45 minutes (including blow drying with a round brush and then ironing) to 10 minutes (15 tops). I can’t gush about this thing enough: DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush.

This result took me TEN minutes:

My review can be found here but here it is. (Sidenote: I learned you can’t say HOLY $H!TBALL$ in a review. LOL)

I have long naturally wavy hair that takes me, on average, 35-40 minutes to blow dry straight and then another 15 minutes or so to touch up with a steam iron (actually a Maxius Maxiglide MX-597 One Step Hair Straightening Iron with Steam Burst Technology). But I am always on the lookout for a revolutionary hair straightener and I’ve tried a bunch of them. I’ve actually been using the Maxiglide for 10+ years because it was so awesome–until now, I would have said it was revolutionary. But this? The Dafni? HOLY SMOKES. This might just be the best money I’ve EVER spent!

I went into the first use with some trepidation as products like these generally have big claims and then generally don’t come through. But what you see in my photos literally took 10 minutes. TEN MINUTES! I then spent another five going over some sections a few more times and trying to get the ends better, but still…15 minutes?! FIFTEEN MINUTES?! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Is it perfect? No. Obviously your hairdresser doing a salon blow-out will get it smoother and it will look better, but for an average person doing this at home? Yes. You can recreate your own efforts in a fraction of the time. My after photo with the Dafni is what my hair looks like after I blow it dry with a round brush for 40 minutes!

Also, my arms aren’t tired from holding a blow-drier and/or iron for 40 minutes and I’m not sweating from blowing hot air at my head for 40 minutes. I used to seriously plan ahead when I was going to dry/straighten my hair because it does take so long, but now? I can pretty much do it whenever I have a spare 15 minutes! The longest part of the process for me today was waiting for my hair to dry because I wanted to do it naturally but that’s no big deal because I do that some days anyway.

I am just completely blown away. My first thought once I finished in ten minutes was HOLY COW. This might be the best money I’ve ever spent on a hair product–kicking the Maxiglide to second place.

I get nothing for referrals—I just love this product!

Birthday shopping from Toys R Us

I belong to the birthday club for the kids so when mail came with Owen’s name on it, he was excited. It was a $3 coupon and a certificate for a crown and birthday balloon. When we turned it in, he also got a plush and a book!

He knew exactly what he wanted so it didn’t take long. He looked so grown up waiting in line…

Unfortunately we were one day early for the coupon (of course!) so daddy bought it for him and he lucks out with an extra birthday present. 

My shopping score of the week!

Only $3.49 for Børn lined boots at Ross! Even if she only wears them for the rest of this season, it’s still worth it!


Gander Mountain Escapades


A visit with Santa

We went to the craft show again this year…and had cookies and crafts with Santa. Friends of ours were there so they did candy cane crafts together (that’s Keegan next to Owen, his younger brother Garrett and younger sister Shiela on either side of Katie).

Owen was okay with seeing Santa and talking to him…but he did NOT want to sit on his lap.

Katie was fine with Santa.

They were taking pictures, too…but none turned out that great.


The only picture where Owen was looking our way.


Katie: Mom, Owen answered the bonus question!
Me: Bonus question? What was it?
Owen: Santa asked what daddy wanted for Christmas.
Me: What did you tell him?
Owen: For Michigan State to be better!

Out with mom


She had to buckle her mouse in Owen’s seat.

Her favorite: trying on shoes!

My Transformer name. 


Crazy Cart Katie with Daddy

Every time we go to the grocery store she asks to ride in the car cart. It’s a big ol’ pain in the ass because it’s so big and awkward so I always say no. But daddy was with us today and he’s a big ol’ pushover. So they played while I shopped. You could hear them halfway across the store, I swear, with as loud as the cart is and her screeching like crazy!

Tom taught Katie something new today. 

It was either this or have her completely in the way helping to push the cart. :) 


She loves Marshall’s, too…

Because she gets to try on shoes… 


She picked this dress out herself. 

When we were shopping yesterday, Target had a ton of clothes on clearance. She saw this dress and loved it—she called it a “zoom zoom dress.” Then I looked at the label and he brand is Tsum Tsum. :) She apparently watches these things on YouTube Kids. :)


This is how I like to shop at Marshall’s.

I needed a few new cardigan sweaters…and since I recently passed up a $70 Lularoe version, I figured it was okay to get FIVE for about the same price as one. Right? :)

Special lunch treat for Katie. 

She did such a good job shopping with me this morning that I treated her to lunch at Noodles. She doesn’t need to know I had a coupon that was expiring. :)