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Little Miss Fashion Plate


Owen’s second Good Character Award this year!

From his teacher’s email:

I wanted to let you know that Owen is going to receive the good character award again this week at morning program. The character trait of the month is honesty and trustworthiness and Owen is one of the most honest and trustworthy kids I know!

Little sister looking all sassy in her outfit while we wait for the program to start:

She wrote the J on her own and then I suggested she do an E—which she also did on her own but needs a tiny bit of practice—and then I helped with the N. And then she did the K all by herself—which I was very proud of because she normally messes up the top diagonal line. :)

Can you find Owen? He is literally a half a head taller than all the kids in his grade.

He had no idea that he was going to get the award.

The noise the kids made when Owen’s name was called was the most enthusiastic. It’s customary to repeat the recipient’s name after it’s announced, but Owen’s was the loudest of the bunch. When we told him that later he was embarrassed and said no it wasn’t. We have the video to prove it was pretty loud (below). :)

Warm weather = summer dress

This was her third outfit of the day but the most appropriate for school (I stepped in to facilitate). :)


I just can’t.



Miss Sassy Pants…or Skirt 

We are SO in trouble…


Back on schedule…off to ballet!

In a new outfit from Gramma Jean!

She may or may not be wearing her hand-me-down dance costume to school as well as ballet.


Hand-me-down Christmas outfit


Purple dress and purple boots!


Katie wore this today so I decided we should match.

Well, technically she just had on the shirt and leggings. I added the boots and cardigan which I knew she also had. :)


I almost forgot we had this shirt!


Costumed Katie

We went to visit friends down the street and Katie had to wear one of her generic princess costumes.


And then her friend had new costumes, so of course she had to try them on!



The boots again. 

This time to go to gymnastics. :)


Hedgehogs & Ladybugs

OMG I cannot stand the cuteness. I bought this dress from a friend and I just love it—and I didn’t realize until JUST now that it also has LADYBUGS on it!! And the ladybug is riding the hedgehog. It kills me. 


Katie is 3 years 10 months old today!

Complete with braids (and a few curls!) by Gramma!





Gymnastics outfit today!


Shoe shopping!

I decided to keep the Le Tote pants! And I wanted to find shoes to go with them so I wore them again today to go shoe shopping!

I had asked my friends for assistance in picking the style shoe, so was consequently on the hunt for ballet flats. I was unsure because I didn’t think any of them had any support—and I need the support for my back!—and I’m at the age where comfort outranks fashion. But fortunately I found six pair to decide between—then narrowed it down to four:

Then two ($60 Born and $40 Life Stride on clearance):

I really wanted the Born because they were buttery soft and very comfy (and came highly recommended)…but the others were almost as comfy and a slightly truer black. And $20 cheaper. :)

Katie loves trying on shoes so she was helping! (In a new dress from Grannie Lin!)

And the final selection!

So my trip was a double success—I found the style shoes I set out to find AND I came home with only that one pair!

Glitter. The things we do for our kids. 

She loves her outfit, Gramma Jean. Now we just have gold glitter from one end of the house to the other.


She was just too cute for errands. 

I’m so glad she loves wearing hats. Mittens are sometimes a harder sell but she apparently likes her new fuzzy mittens.

And a closeup in case I forgot to take the official monthly shot later.


One wear only + dust catching

I was packing up clothes to go back to the Beson cousins and realized she hadn’t worn this dress! So, we changed outfits so I could snap a few pictures. Of course, she had no issues putting on a dress!

Uncle Rob was behind me, hence the funny face.

Catching dust!