I had an ultrasound today, just to check measurements of the baby. I thought the doc had said she thought I was “measuring a little big” but the ultrasound tech said that the baby was actually in the 50th percentile.

He weighs approximately 5.7# and is on his way to being about 8.5# at birth! She also said he was going to be long—his legs were quite long (and really all cramped up together).

I asked what part of him was at my exact midsection (the part that is always the hardest/most taut) and she said it was his butt. ;)

So, without further ado…

His profile:

His face (tilt your head to the right):

And I asked her to make sure it was a boy. He is. I just didn’t scan that one. :>>

Oh, and the thing that frightened me the most? The 11cm head. >:XX

Two OB Appointments

I just got back from my first OB appointment of the day and it was pretty useless. The doc didn’t have any of my test results—because they were at another doc’s office (the specialist I am going to see this afternoon). And the doc didn’t have much else to say other than my blood pressure is normal (so maybe when it was high those few times, it was just a spike for whatever reason) and everything looks good. We did get to hear the heartbeat again (which is always cool) but I had hoped for…more. I am sure I will get more this afternoon, with the specialist.

The appointment with the specialist was, as expected, much better. I had another full ultrasound (all on DVD, if we can ever figure out how to convert it to something we can upload here) and…we found out the sex!

To be totally honest, Tom and I were both momentarily disappointed, only because we both REALLY wanted a girl—and I was SURE I was having a girl. But a little Owen is just fine with both of us… I teased Tom that he could now be a coach for his son and he was like “Our daughter could be in sports, too.” And I just looked at him like “Please? Not if my daughter takes after me!” :)

Anyway, the doc said the baby is perfect—about 7oz (which seems to be a bit larger than the averages WebMD and Baby Gaga estimate)—and I am doing fine as well. He said of the three main issues that sent me to him in the first place—high blood pressure, past thyroid issues, and my “advanced age”—two seem to be reconciling themselves (blood pressure and thyroid) and don’t seem to be anything to worry about (although we will still keep checking them).

My next appointment with the base doc is in three weeks, mainly so they can start the process of transferring my records and possibly recommending a doctor in Michigan. My next appointment with the specialist is in six weeks—right about the time we should be moving—so I hope I can keep the appointment (I really really like that doctor).

When I called my mom to tell her, one of the first things she said was something along the lines of “Katie needs a big brother!” so it looks like grandma is already expecting kid #2. ;)

Edited 11/18/2009 to finally add the ultrasound video (the quality isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to upload a 100MB file):

The Official Announcement

Something I (we) have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for has FINALLY happened…Unfortunately, I haven’t quit my job and am still working at the same place…but I will have a “new job” of sorts come February 19th or so!

I had the 10-week ultrasound this morning and there is NOTHING in that picture that is even faintly recognizable to me, but the tech said the head is on the left and the feet (butt?) is on the right. But we did get to hear the little blob’s heartbeat so we do believe it!

I have been dying to say something the past month, to explain why I have felt like crap and why I have been so tired and why I have been offline a lot, but we promised we wouldn’t say anything until the 3-month/12-week cutoff—but then I decided I couldn’t wait, and the 10-week ultrasound would have to suffice! (We were just paranoid about saying anything too soon, since the last pregnancy didn’t end up as we’d hoped. We also didn’t want to get too excited ourselves, since we got overly excited the last time, and then got depressed when it didn’t happen.)

So far, the pregnancy has been MOSTLY awful. XX(

The first four weeks (when I had no clue I was pregnant) were great, LOL. I took the test on Father’s Day and after that, I started to get tired. Very tired. Exhausted, even.

About a week later, I started feeling horrible. JUST HORRIBLE. The strangest sensations I couldn’t even put into words – but definitely horrible. Not morning sickness per se (I never threw up once) but I had nausea, upset stomach, headaches, I could eat a tiny portion but then felt like I ate an entire buffet…every day. I was sleeping a minimum of 10 hours a night and was STRUGGLING to make it through the work day, trying to appear like nothing was wrong (because I didn’t want to tell the bosses). So, work (which is normally hell for me) was 100 times worse because I felt like death. Each weekend was spent between the bed and couch, pretty much sleeping all day. I cursed the day I asked to be knocked up! ;)

But knock on wood, I think it’s over…and none too soon because a month of that was making me insane. The past few days I have felt better (not great, but approaching good) and I hope I only feel better from here on out.