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It’s been awhile since we went Pokemoning!


Katie’s new chair

We picked up this chair today from a yard sale and Katie immediately used it for her homework. 


With an assist from big brother…


One of the truest pictures I’ve ever taken.


I hit the Nerf motherlode at a thrift store yesterday. 

All three for $13. No bullets but they don’t really care. 


They both wore their hats to school.

They both wanted hats.

They were clearance and I had coupons so I agreed.


Football PJ twins

When Katie and I were clothes shopping for her and Owen the other day, I saw these PJs for Owen and they also happened to have Katie’s size and she said she wanted them. I asked if she was sure she wanted FOOTBALL pajamas and she said yes, she wanted to match her brother. :) 

So tonight they went up to get their PJs on and we hear giggling as they’re coming down the stairs… And then we see this. 


Unexpected 2-hour delay!

There was no snow and we didn’t think there was any ice…but for whatever reason, the kids had another 2-hour delay today. So I just decided to take a sibling pic for the heck of it.

And now a 2-hour delay!

It was still a little icy so we had a 2-hour delay. I love that they sit together!


Our first snow day!

And really, it was more of an ice day as we only got 1-2″ of slushy snow (and it was called last night with just the threat of snow and ice).  But, Tom had a 3-hour delay which he turned into a telecommute day so everyone was home!

Friends invited us over to play in their yard and go sledding on the hill behind their house.

On our way!

This is what sledding looks like when you can still see grass. :)

Cool icicles off the top of the fence!

Owen loses Liam on a bump!

The kids were having a blast, even though the snow wasn’t great.

I wish I’d been recording when Owen slammed into the signpost so he could see just how close he was and why we tell them to be careful. We’d warned them all to try and steer clear of the trees and sign and to ditch the sled (roll off) if they came close…but of course that didn’t happen. I held my breath as I realized Owen was going to hit the post and there was nothing I could do to stop it… In the span of about three seconds, he hit the sign and slid forward, his knees stopping short of the sign by inches—and then he toppled over himself with his head and shoulders missing the post by inches. He immediately gave a thumbs up and then I could breathe again. As I’m sure you can imagine, the sled was quite damaged…

Our reenactment of the sled carnage (though he was actually 180° from what is pictured).

Time for a group picture!


Afterwards we came inside to warm up and play. Even though Owenlooks somewhat annoyed in this pic, he was having fun and is such a good sport.


PJ day and a new shirt

Owen’s class earned pajama day for Boosterthon pledges…and Katie has a new shirt.


Dress like a character from your favorite book day!

We slacked and didn’t plan ahead so we went with an old standby!! Katie was bummed she didn’t get blue hair but I haven’t done a test on her super blonde hair and didn’t want to potentially dye her hair.

Two little fishes getting ready to swim!


National Museum of American History

One museum down, 43 to go. :lol:

Original Cookie Monster and Elmo!

It called to me.

Julia Child’s wall-o-cookware.

A model of the cruise ship we first cruised on—the Holland America Zuiderdam.

Three attempts at a family photo in front of the presidential hall.

Our little DJ.

Three hours and done!*

* I’m just not a huge museum fan (or history in general, which is why being in the DC area is pretty pointless for me). This was probably my first choice of all the museums and while I think some of the stuff is cool I just don’t care enough to read about all of it. I probably could have spent a bit more time in the First Lady and Presidential halls but most of the rest was easily done with a quick walk-through. I also very much dislike hoardes of people and being crowded and not able to see things easily so that’s a huge issue here. It wasn’t too bad when we were some of the first 500-1000 people in when they opened but after a few hours when the entrants have doubled? No thank you. The kids also weren’t very interested so they would have really been bored to tears if we took any longer.

Also, Uncle Rob was supposed to have been with us, but he wasn’t thinking and had a pocketknife with him…and since these are federal buildings everyone has to go through security and he could not bring it in with him. He tried to go back and put it in the car, but he would have had to go back through security to get to the car…so unless he wanted to toss it or hide it, he was out of luck (we entered through the parking garage so the car got a cursory check but we didn’t get personally checked and we didn’t have to exit through security so it passed—but to re-enter the building to get to the parking lot, you had to pass security). So he wandered the area seeing the sights and taking pictures.

Lego Mixel Max + Evil Minions

Owen’s Lego Mixel Max (a bigger monster Mixel built with all three packs of the set) with assorted evil minions he created from the remaining pieces.

“Okay, now take a smiling picture!”

And the annual matching PJ and Santa hat picture.

Opening their one gift the night before (they both happened to pick a book).

And then some silliness trying to get a picture of them with Santa’s cookies.

Taking a break from going 100mph.


Attempting the annual Santa Hat photo

Comparing 2012…and now.

A visit with Santa

We went to the craft show again this year…and had cookies and crafts with Santa. Friends of ours were there so they did candy cane crafts together (that’s Keegan next to Owen, his younger brother Garrett and younger sister Shiela on either side of Katie).

Owen was okay with seeing Santa and talking to him…but he did NOT want to sit on his lap.

Katie was fine with Santa.

They were taking pictures, too…but none turned out that great.


The only picture where Owen was looking our way.


Katie: Mom, Owen answered the bonus question!
Me: Bonus question? What was it?
Owen: Santa asked what daddy wanted for Christmas.
Me: What did you tell him?
Owen: For Michigan State to be better!

Two cuties before a craft fair.