Behind the scenes at photo day!

Katie’s teachers asked if she wanted to come in for the class picture as it was on her off day. Of course she wanted to so I took her in. We had a few minutes to wait in her classroom so she showed me around a bit.

“This is the little library of ours.”

After she hung up her coat she told me who everyone was as she pointed to their pictures. When she was done she said “There, now you know who everyone is!” (She’s constantly frustrated by me because I don’t know who the kids are when she talks about them.)

I asked her which hands were hers. She said none—she did the clouds…and they were supposed to be white.

Showing me how she brushes teeth.

Lining up on their colored squares. The teacher told me Katie had really wanted pink or purple but those were already taken. :)

Off we go!

Trying to get all these kids to look at once was futile…except Katie was a trained rock star. :)

Waiting their turns for individual pics. 

Our rock star!

The setup is quite different than back in the day.