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Homework time!


Then I was helping Owen with his homework and Katie took our picture. 


F-It Friday #4

It was our turn to host tonight and we had a small group as two families couldn’t make it… But we made up for it in craziness.  

The group selfie…

And then we had Katie take a picture!

And then one of the kids mentioned Pie Face and we had whipped cream for the dessert, so… There was lots of this. 



A sunny morning outside with Maggie. 

It was a bit chilly but the sun felt nice. 


To the pool for the first time!

Christmas Trio—Then & Now


Still trying to fit in the box. 


Here, this is more comfy. :)


My new dress from Marcia!

This is one of the things Marcia bought for me. It was a “clapper”—on clearance with a coupon so it was like $15! And it’s a size 8! What?!

And then this happened. :)


Katie’s found photos

We rarely look at the kids’ phones to see what pictures they’ve taken. But I did check Katie’s today. Here are some of my favorites dating back to last October.


Katie wanted to take some pictures…

It kinda looks like I’m strangling Maggie but I promise I wasn’t. :)


Me and Owen can be twins, too.


Sunday Swim Lessons

Playing before her lesson:


She has reverted back a little from that one day of awesome jumps and floating…she still does well enough, though, and has fun.

Normally she plays after her lesson (while Owen does his lesson) but today she wanted to get dressed. We didn’t bring anything for her to do (since she normally plays in the pool the whole time) so we gave her the camera to take pictures—which she LOVED. These were the best two. :)