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It’s been awhile since we went Pokemoning!


Pre-party family


Lunch and Pokemon in Occoquan with friends!

Trying out each other’s lipsticks before heading out to lunch! Neither of us liked the colors on us but liked the colors on the other!

In Occoquan! Nancy and Eddy gave us grief over the name and called it something different every time they said it which was hilarious. I think Khakakan was our favorite.

Our lunch that took forever and a day. Excellent food, awful timing.

Uncle Eddy showing off the awesome portrait camera setting on the iPhone 7+ (blurred background). I want it badly but the phone is just TOO big.


Family dinner outside!


Love being able to meet up with old friends!

The Mitchells were going to be in Virginia visiting Amanda (getting the nursery ready!) so they had planned to come visit us…but since we were going to be close to them after flying, we met for lunch!

The only good thing at Chuck E. Cheese. 

Birthday party fun—spending a token on my favorite “game.”


Saturday Night Dinner!

Pre-dinner selfie.

Pre-dinner family selfie.


We loved that the three of them all crammed together on one side even though they didn’t need to. The boys were at the other table. :)


And I forgot to take a pic of the food (Slow Cooker Bacon Cheeseburger Sloppy Joes, Tangy and Creamy Macaroni Salad, and KFC’s Cole Slaw) and our group!

Owen’s second Good Character Award this year!

From his teacher’s email:

I wanted to let you know that Owen is going to receive the good character award again this week at morning program. The character trait of the month is honesty and trustworthiness and Owen is one of the most honest and trustworthy kids I know!

Little sister looking all sassy in her outfit while we wait for the program to start:

She wrote the J on her own and then I suggested she do an E—which she also did on her own but needs a tiny bit of practice—and then I helped with the N. And then she did the K all by herself—which I was very proud of because she normally messes up the top diagonal line. :)

Can you find Owen? He is literally a half a head taller than all the kids in his grade.

He had no idea that he was going to get the award.

The noise the kids made when Owen’s name was called was the most enthusiastic. It’s customary to repeat the recipient’s name after it’s announced, but Owen’s was the loudest of the bunch. When we told him that later he was embarrassed and said no it wasn’t. We have the video to prove it was pretty loud (below). :)

Celebrating Owen’s awesome report card!!

He got mostly 4s (the top grade) with 3s in art and music. This was his best report card yet! So we treated him to Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt).

Can you guess whose was whose?


Top: Katie (gummies, M&Ms, and Nerds) & Tom (nuts, pound cake, coconut)

Jen (Heath bar, Oreos, peanut butter, marshmallow, and chocolate sauces) & Owen (mini chocolate chips, cherries, marshmallow fluff)

Now that’s a big chair.

After Fudpuckers, the grandparents took us to Baytowne Wharf to walk around.

We made it!

We were a tiny bit late due to a lavatory issue that had to be fixed before takeoff (which meant we left a half hour late) but all ended well! Gramma and Grandpa were waiting for us!!

Our Florida adventure begins!!

Tom parked at one of the Pentagon lots near the metro (but not at the metro) so the three of us walked to the metro station while he walked over to meet us. This is walking through the Pentagon bus depot.

On the metro!

Katie: “This is fuuuun!”

Since we had two hours to kill at the airport, I dropped a Lure. :)

This may look like a lot of stuff, but we normally drive and take four times as much stuff! This time? We each have a carry on and personal bag.

They’re more than ready!!

First plane ride selfies!

Our route! I liked this plane—it was newer so had touch screens, movies or TV to watch (free), and multiple USB charging outlets per seat!

Owen was amazed by the outside temperature (-74°F if you can’t see it).

Owen read all the way so he could do less homework at the condo (he finished two books!). :)

After snacks it was time for drawing!

Then we switched planes (and kids!) in Atlanta…so I got Katie.

Gum for takeoff. She was super excited as she rarely gets gum. :)

Katie, looking out the window as the plane was climbing: “I can see the world.” :)

Tom, to Katie: I’m glad you like flying. 
Katie: Totally awesome.

I ❤ Timehop and Then & Now pics.


Merry Christmas from the Hudsons!

We were dressed for a friends’ Christmas party so we took some family pictures!

A cool time at ICE!

I’ve been wanting to do this…so since this is our last winter here it was now or never! ICE!® featuring Christmas Around the World — We told Katie we were going to see an ice castle so she was totally on board. :)

Experience the magic of more than TWO MILLION pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures and slide down two-story ice slides. All kept at a chilly 9 degrees! Delight in the celebration of cultures through holiday scenes and travel to the North Pole to see Santa and his elves.

They give you parkas to wear OVER your own coats.

Now, I grew up in Michigan. I know 9° weather. I’ve lived in 9° weather. And let me just say my body no longer likes 9° weather. EGADS was that cold. I’m very glad they gave us the extra parkas…

Waiting for the ice slide!

The ice slide!

And this is where my phone died from being too cold. It had only been out 12 minutes! Thankfully Tom’s had been under all his coats so he got his out and his worked better in the cold.

The kids liked it but it was really quite cold. I have to be honest and say I rushed through a bit faster than I’d planned because I was FROZEN. OF course after you exit, the outside 34° felt like a sauna! Then it was back inside the resort where they had lots of things set up to siphon away your money like photos, hot chocolate, mini carnival rides, Build-A-Bear, cookies with Mrs. Claus, etc… Katie really wanted to ride the tea cups and since I’m all about either of them learning to like rides, we spent the $5. She enjoyed it.

Then since it was lunch time and we were close to a yummy restaurant…we went to Succotash (it’s where we ate lunch before the USMC ball). The kids had a bit of hat head. :)

And then after we left we drove around National Harbor Pokemoning for about a half hour!!

Overall I’m glad we went…but it was a big chunk of money for what it was.

Family beanbag cuddle time!

We brought up the big beanbag today…so of course we had to have a family cuddle!

Our first brunch with Santa…and friends!

Our friends invited us to the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club for Brunch with Santa! It was a bit of a disorganized hot mess in my opinion, but the kids got to see Santa and the food was pretty good. The best part was the company!

We finally made it to the National Zoo!


The panda watch center. Amazing.






























Lunch after we left the zoo…


And of course we were Pokemoning the whole day…and these are the two gyms we overtook!

Pokemon gyms

Family Costume Party!

Friends (the Brownes) invited us to a costume party and we hadn’t been to one in ages—and I’ve never been this thin—so I eagerly bought myself an awesome costume! I mean, I figured why not?!

So, you saw the sneak peek:

And Tom had a few costume options from previous years…but I had seen a friend do Cousin Eddie (from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) and thought it was brilliant…so I picked up the pieces for that. And of course we had the two Pokémon kidlets.

On our way…

Ta da! Thankfully we had an unseasonably warm day and we were actually comfortable in these.

Who wore it better?! :) The consensus was Tom, though Randy showed more nipple. :D

I loved all our costumes but I really want to have a theme one year. We briefly tossed around being Team Rocket or Ash and Misty from Pókemon but the costumes were too expensive for what they were and I didn’t feel like creating them myself. Maybe next year will be the themed year.

Our themed hosts:

Even Squirtles need to eat.

And Pikachus need to potty. :)

I really lit up well in the black light…but I don’t think it even looks like me.

The kids had a blast—we barely saw them the whole time. They were playing in the yard and going on a treasure hunt with 20 other kids.

Black light paint!

The funny thing was that we were all thinking it was like 9-9:30 (it was dark and we were tired) and we looked at the time…and it was only like 6:45! Are we old or what? :)

Once the sun went down it quickly got chilly so they started a fire and we hung out there for a bit but then we called it a night and were home by 7:30. ARE WE OLD OR WHAT?! :)

My first trip to DC with the family!

The deal was they were Pokémoning and I was taking pictures!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington Monument


World War II Memorial

Back at MLK.

Walking to the Jefferson Memorial.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Eleanor Roosevelt at the FDR Memorial

A long line of ducks.

At Katie’s castle, otherwise known as the Jefferson Memorial!

We stopped to take over a gym!