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The waterfall at Occoquan

I took Katie to Occoquan to do some Pokemoning and since it was so nice, we went for a walk across the bridge to the waterfall she loves. 


I’m going to miss running into friends at the playground!

We hadn’t been to the library playground in forever so we went today. We were the only ones there for quite some time and then two ladies showed up with two small kids. I didn’t pay much attention to them but Katie was playing with them and then I heard the boy call her Katie. In a tone like he knew her. And it turns out he did! It was the kids of an old neighbor (who is also a first grade teacher) who were there with their sitter (their aunt) and a friend. 

This is the stuff I am really going to miss.

They wanted to run so off they went!

Katie was ahead the whole time but then stopped for some reason so he passed her and “won.” :)


This pretty much sums me up. 


Owen and his bedtime issues

I was in Owen’s room this morning and commented that I was impressed that he had made his bed. Oh…no, he says, he sleeps on top of the covers! Why? Because 1) he’s warm and 2) he doesn’t want to deal with pulling the sheet up (because it’s always totally kicked down to the bottom of the bed and he apparently has a huge problem fixing it). So I went to check on him tonight…and yep, on top of the covers, NOT in PJs (another thing he does even though we ask him not to), ab FD sucking his thumb!!!


I may have just fried a piece of chicken skin that came out of the freezer. 

And shall I add that it was cooked in bacon grease?!



Can your lipstick survive the dentist?

Mine can! Here’s a Before & After teeth cleaning. The color looks exactly the same—I’m just missing a bit of gloss! I’m telling you LipSense is amazing. 


Katie’s reward for good behavior

We stopped at a tiny playground after my dentist appointment…


Katie keeping busy at my dentist appointment


Last photo with Miss VanDerhoff


Beginning and end of year:


Happy Father’s Day


I gave Katie one of her birthday presents early!

A matching dress to my leggings! She LOVED it!! 


I will miss a lot but I will not miss this. 

We went to Occoquan to do some Pokemoning… It was like this the whole way there. What would normally be a 5-minute drive was 15. 


She loves her pillows. 


Dual Birthday Pool Party

After watching the forecasts and worrying about the weather all week (the forecast varied from thunderstorms to 60% chance of rain to light rain all day)…we decided to go ahead with the party and it ended up absolutely perfect!! It was overcast at the start and gradually got sunnier and warmer throughout the party—enough so that I had Tom grab my suit when he went back to get the cake!

We had 60 guests (kids and adults!!) and the pool was probably the busiest it will be all season (aside from the days they have cookouts with free food or night swims with free ice cream). But it all went smoothly, everyone had a blast, and there was plenty of pizza and cake for multiple helpings (once I started cutting the serves 48 cake and realized my small pieces were still not small enough to get me close to 60 pieces, I started halving those…and then ended up having half the cake left so kids got seconds and thirds).

The gaggle of dads. They didn’t move from this spot the whole time. 😂


The kids were fairly patient about opening gifts once we got home…and they LOVED everything. They got Bop It (thank heavens I found the volume control!) and Owen picked up on it right away, Katie dug right into the glitter glue and construction paper, Owen picked out his favorite baseball cards from a new pack, Katie put together her Disney Lego, we’ve been shot multiple times by Owen’s new nerf gun, and both kids were OVER THE MOON about all the gift cards and getting to go shopping once we move! They both said it was a great birthday!

I can never truly be alone.

I came up to the bedroom for a few minutes of alone time before the craziness of today’s party starts and this is what happened.


Two hot messes!


Swinging for two


Beach Day!

Fridays are sprit days at school. We don’t dress up for them unless it’s easy…and beach was super easy. :)




Note from a friend

Owen brought home this note from one of his classmates:


I like red.
I like pizza.
I like to go to the pool.
I like toy guns.
This is me.