How I spent my first true alone hours. 

So this morning was actually my first day fully alone since the kids both started school—Papa and Grannie were here on the first day of school and I did get out of the house to go shopping… But today. Today I was ALONE. A-L-O-N-E. So I sat my happy ass on the couch with the dog on my lap and watched about five hours of TV. And it was glorious.   


Movie night with friends

Friends of ours have a standing Friday Family Movie Night that Katie always wants to go go…so instead of crashing their Friday night, we had our own on Sunday night. We went over to play, watch a movie, eat pizza, and make popcorn… Which I think they only lasted through about 45 minutes of the movie before they lost interest and started playing.

Movie & Popcorn

I can’t remember what movie they watched but they both wanted popcorn for dinner—Grauntie Marge had given Katie an ENTIRE BOX of stovetop popcorn so they were super excited about that. So we let them eat popcorn for dinner. What a treat! Katie also enjoyed her new mermaid tail blanket from Gramma Jean!

The live Facebook Q&A with Naturally Slim!

So the Live Facebook event was actually going to take place at the combined offices of Holmes Murphy and ACAP Health, both new partners of Naturally Slim. I was VERY anxious about the event, but Marcia assured me I would do just fine. I was put a little more at ease when she told me it would only be about 20 minutes long—I had thought it would be an hour or something! Phew!

We got there early and Marcia showed me around the offices and introduced to many, many people…most of whom were all like “Oh, wow! I know you! You’re Jennifer Hudson! I recognize you!” It was VERY surreal. They were just as excited to meet me as I was to meet them! The offices were super fun and trendy, with named meeting rooms like the Vineyard (with a wall of bookcases and wine racks) and the Bead Room, which is where we ended up filming—yes, a “room” in the middle of the office space with floor-to-ceiling hanging beads encircling four chairs and a table!

Getting ready to start!

Our view during the event:

And then we were off and running…

Live Q&A with Marcia Upson, President of Naturally Slim
[iOS users, if Safari isn’t showing the Facebook video below, try Chrome]

And suddenly it was over! What?! Already?! Wow that went fast! I had a lot of fun and the time just flew by—I probably could have answered questions for an hour! Of course watching the video later I noticed things I didn’t like (like my roll of belly fat and a few strange looks I made) but overall I think I did pretty well!

And then on the way out, I got to meet Todd (Todd Whitthorne, President, ACAP Health—he’s in quite a few of the program videos)!! And just like Marcia, he was just the same as in the videos, too. And boy was he tall (I’m 5’9″ and you see how he towers over me)! :)


What a memorable way to spend my 43rd birthday!!

The magic of Harry Potter

So apparently I’m not as big of a Harry Potter fan as I thought I was because I didn’t know/realize/remember that September 1 is the day Hogwarts students go back to school. Until Katie had already picked that movie to watch and I was reading Facebook and saw a post about how today was the day…AND how “25 Years ago today Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger met for the first time on Hogwarts Express.”

First, 25 years? Egads. 

Second, why did Katie pick that movie out of all the movies we have? I commented as much on Facebook and a friend said “Magic is mysterious like that.” :)

Third? That poor cat.

Fourth? Truth be told, I never get tired of watching Harry Potter