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 Gramma brought a puzzle!



Pirate puzzle gift: complete!


I didn’t help her once. 


Someone doesn’t appreciate Charlie’s puzzle help.


Today’s new puzzle. 


Today’s awesome puzzle


Someone interrupted the puzzles. 


Puzzles with a friend 

I watched a friend’s kids this morning for a bit and the girls did puzzles!

While Hami chewed on some plastic cookies. :)


Princess ballet camp!

This is what I walked into to pick her up:

And this is her craft (the crown) and treat (fairy godmother finger puppet).


Puzzling together. 

This went pretty well. She doesn’t really ever  want any help but Owen really wanted to do some (he generally doesn’t like puzzles so I hate to tell him no when he’s interested). There was one small screaming match but otherwise they worked well together. 


I might have gotten suckered into buying puzzles last night at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.


She did this in eight minutes. 

She also did a new 48pc Olaf puzzle (for ages 6+!) in a short amount of time. Of course, I just got rid of a bunch of puzzles at the garage sale…now it’s off to find more!

Owen’s personalized puzzle

I had him draw on the back side of one of his puzzles. He thought that was awesome. 


Katie can do this puzzle all on her own now…


And this is what generally happens seconds afterwards.

All three of us worked on this puzzle today. 

It was fairly difficult with lots of the same color pieces but we managed to do it over three different sessions. We wanted Katie to be in the picture, too, but she was being a poop for some reason I can’t remember and she was off pouting to the side.


Katie’s mermaid puzzle 

We picked this out at Homegoods today. It’s for ages 6+ but with a little guidance, Katie did it!


Grauntie Marge brought puzzles!


Katie’s afternoon challenge

She’s done a handful of letters at a time but never the whole set…but she’s very good at it so I dumped them all out and left her to it.

She did quite well until a little more than halfway through when she started whining that it was useless and she couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to help her too much, but I arranged them a bit and tried to put wrong letters in wrong pieces which got her interested again (to tell me I was wrong).


Putting them away!