Happy 5th birthday, Katie!

The day started by opening a present from papa and Grannie (that has been in our closet for probably two years now)—doll bunk beds. She was over the moon!

Picture with the birthday girl!

Opening her birthday cards—the same card from two people and the zebras matched her outfit! What are the odds?!

The official picture.

Katie’s birthday presents, take 2.

Present #2 she picked, which was opened after dinner! Are you sensing a theme here? :)









And the shot that makes it all worth it! :)


(If you can’t tell, it’s a reversible Anna/Elsa doll. You flip the skirt over and the other doll is underneath. Her friend had one at T-ball and Katie co-opted it and carried it around forever. So I got her one off ebay probably two months ago and it’s just been waiting!)

Game 7: Raptors vs Scrappers


One of Owen’s teammates (surprisingly, there’s not too much of this with his team):

Katie’s same friend was there with her purse—and an Elsa/Anna doll—again today which kitty quickly co-opted as her own. The mom had no problem with it because she was just happy her daughter was sharing. :)

Katie off playing with her:

Our little catcher!

Owen’s two at-bats: