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Bubbles before bedtime


Bubbles with Liam

It was a gorgeous day so we spent some time outside with our friends at their house.


Katie’s Pre-K end of year party!

The party was at Katie’s favorite park—the goose park. She was excited!

Watching the buses arrive with all the kids!

Happy girl!

Bubbles! (They had the same bubble machine we have!)

Walking to the lake with a classmate, Mason. They held hands the whole way. :)


With Katie’s teacher Miss Heather, Heather’s daughter (Lola), and Mason.

On the way back!

Katie’s pre-k teacher friend Miss Katie. :)

I had a good time as well—I spent the morning hanging out and talking/getting to know Mason’s mom, Carolina. We’re about the same age, we got along well, and we set up a future pool play date!

The only bad thing is that Katie didn’t have school that afternoon because of the party!! :)

New bubble machine!

After going through 3-4 of the kiddie bubble machines over the years, we finally just bought a professional one. We’ll see how it goes for the long haul. 

I love the bubbles in my face!


Her first pout of the day. Then bubbles. 

She wanted to do chalk. Fine, we went out to do chalk. Within two minutes she wanted to do bubbles. But not the bubble machine—she wanted to blow actual bubbles. Well, she just had a bath this morning and I really didn’t want to deal with the mess that is blowing bubbles so I said no. So she stomped off.

She got over it within a few minutes after I told her it was either go inside or do the bubble machine. She picked the bubble machine…and all was well with the world.

And some great action shots!


If I let them do what they wanted all the time…

…this is what it would look like 24/7.

But I make them do things like this (yes, make—they often give me grief until they’re out there and then they love it):

Bubble Shrieking


We found the bubble machine!


Bath Bubbles

The first time our master bath tub has been used!



She wanted to eat them.


A new bubble machine!

Gramma Jean got this for the kids to use when we were in Michigan but we never had time for it…so it came home with us. We finally got it out today (the kids were driving me crazy so we had to get out of the house)! And of course they loved it!



She loves climbing up in the chairs.


On the go again!


Loving driving through the bubbles!


A bubble morning!




Introducing Katie to the bubble machine!

We know Katie loves bubbles, so today we broke out the new bubble machine (the same one we had before but the old one died). She liked it, but wasn’t as enthralled as Owen was (but then, Owen was older when he first experienced it).












Mama! Bubbles!





Nanny Alice, Day 1

Our friend Alice (actually a professional nanny—though usually for much older kids!) is staying with the kids while we go to Florida. The kids met her about two weeks ago when she came for two nights to meet them and Owen was excited to have her back.

This was the first picture we got on the road—some pre-nap cuddles!


Maggie and the kids enjoying the nice weather, the bubbles Alice brought, and playing swords!






She spoiled the kids with a fun dinner: Owen got a caterpillar hot dog and Katie got hot dog palm trees. Both got strawberry flowers:



And she braved giving Katie yogurt:


My honest first thought was What is she doing to me? Now the kids are going to expect fun dinners all the time?! But my immediate next thought was Oh what a super special surprise that only Miss Alice does! :)

More bubble gun fun!

Bubble gun with Papa

Owen got a bubble gun for his birthday, so he was testing it out with Papa!

And this is how he apparently hides now:

Curled up in the bath.

As the water was draining, he decided to lay down like this to stick his face/head in the bubbles. Silly kid.

Look at all the bubbles!

It’s amazing the difference new batteries make!