Papa + the iPad, matching outfits, a ball, and Star Wars

Owen showing Papa ABCMouse on the iPad.


The boys in matching outfits courtesy of Grannie Lin. :)


Kicking the ball around.



Showing Papa his Lego Star Wars book. Owen saw me with the camera and immediately gave me a good smile. I love that he’s somewhat trained. :)


Then we had to have Papa look up for a good picture, too!

Pool and playset time at the hotel!l!

Papa and Grannie are staying at the Ramada so we took the kids over to play today!









And then it was time for the playset! She has NO fear—she climbed right up! She was a little wobbly and didn’t make it all the way to the top before daddy rushed in. :)





And someone was NOT tired and did NOT want to take a rest. We MADE him lay down…and this happened.


Baseball Day 8: The End of the Season

After raining all night, the field was pretty much underwater so the game was held indoors at the rec center gymnasium.


They wanted the kids to sign eight baseballs as gifts… Owen did one and was done. :)



We had a special guest in attendance today —Reggie Sanders of the World Series Champions Arizona Diamondbacks (2001). (Of course not being a sports person, I had absolutely zero idea who he was, but everyone seemed excited and I know it was a big deal.) He started the Reggie Sanders Foundation in 1992; his younger brother was diagnosed with autism.

He would help some of the really little kids bat and handed Owen his bat.



Getting his gold medal, autograph, and signed baseball:


2013-11-02 Reggie Sanders autographed photo of Owen at baseball




Then enjoying pizza and cake!


There was also press there from the local paper. I know they took a picture of Katie and they asked for her name (and our information) so who knows if her picture will be included or not.

I was amazed at how fast the eight weeks went by. At the start, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do it and eight weeks seemed like FOREVER…but before we knew it it was over. The best part, of course, is how much Owen enjoyed it!!

Baseball Day 7

FYI: Day 6 (last week) was cancelled due to rain.

It was quite a difference weather-wise this morning. A few weeks ago it was 85° and humid by 9am…this week we’ve had a cold snap so there was frost and it was maybe 42° by the time we hit the field.



In the outfield playing third base. Well, playing catch AT third base. :)



I didn’t edit anything out of the videos so you can see all that goes on. The boy in the red coat with Owen? Just running along for the heck of it (one inning they had to remove him from the field no less than eight times). And I have no idea why he pulled him down.

Running free while brother is in the outfield.










While Owen was in the outfield, he actually took it upon himself to retrieve most of the balls and threw them back to the pitcher. He was much more involved today! Of course, there’s only one week left!

I’m having second thoughts about Special Needs Baseball

Okay, so I’m REALLY having second thoughts about this Special Needs Baseball thing. It starts tomorrow.

Every one I’ve told about it is like “…Uh…why??? Owen isn’t special needs…” Which, well, technically he is (the autism diagnosis) but realistically, he’s probably not in regards to this baseball thing.

I still think it has the potential of being good for him—there are supposed to be three different levels of play (from needs LOTS of help to needs little help) and it’s good for him to be around other kids—but part of me thinks he may do just as well with “normal” baseball as this might just confuse him since there really are no rules and it’s all just for fun. And, if I’m being honest, part of me just doesn’t want to do it because I’m lazy and it’s a lot of prep work and energy to take two kids places. Of course, I also learned from the website that it’s religious-based, with “fellowship and food” after. Uh, thanks, but that’s not really my scene. So we’ll see about that.

Owen is somewhat excited—which is good—but he honestly doesn’t even really know what baseball is. He’s never watched it or played any version of it (I’m not even sure how he knows what it is—it must have been via osmosis or it’s just a boy thing). I’ve told him if we really don’t like it, we don’t have to do it (which is completely against my usual mantra of you wanted to do this, you’re going to do this)…but if he likes it, we can definitely go again.

It shall be interesting.