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Kidisms 40

At baseball, Katie cane over to me with a sad face.
Me: What happened, bug?
Katie: Someone dropped a wood on my head.

After a baseball game:
Me: Owen doesn’t it feel good to shower and get clean after being hot and sweaty?
Owen: Yes! It feels like I just was born. But big.

Katie: Look at me walking on the fluff ground.
Tom: Fluff ground?
Katie [pointing to the carpet]: This!

Katie was playing hide and seek with her friends:
I’ll count all the hide and seeks and you do the hides.

Katie was telling us about how Charlie smacked Maggie this morning: I told Charlie No, ma’am but she didn’t care. She didn’t care about my no ma’am. 

Owen and Gramma Jean were playing a game and Gramma called Owen out on something he did.
Owen: It wasn’t what you said it was. You must have not seen it clearly.

The best bug we’ve ever had!

So the girls were tracing each other like they like to do and Tom came down to have a drink with us, so Katie coerced him into tracing her. Well, he did something special, of course…

And this was the resulting conversation:

Me: This might be the best bug we ever had!
Owen: Nooo!! She’s the best bug we ever had!
Me: 8O :D :heart: :heart: :heart:

Spirit Day: Bow Ties or Ties

I happened to be shopping at Kohls earlier in the week and found a clip-on tie on clearance. Score! Owen asked if he had to wear it with a fancy shirt. I said no. Hence the tee.

Kidisms 38

We were going to a bowling birthday party.
Owen: I hope I get a strike. [pause] What’s a strike again?

The kids were playing go fish all on their own.
Owen: Do you have a 6?
Katie: No. Go to the fish area.

Me: Katie, when did you become a big kid?
Katie: Ugh. Mom. At grandma’s.
Me: At Gram—???

Katie: Mama, I love this kitty. 


Kidisms 37

Owen: Katie why are you reading my book?
Katie: I’M NOT! I’m just looking at it. I don’t know how to read yet.

Gramma was teaching Owen and Katie a new card game that involved matching suits and counting.
Katie: Let’s play plain. Without construction.

Gramma Jean was coloring with Owen and Katie. Owen was complimenting Katie.
Owen: Wow, Katie. You’re doing such a good job. You’re staying inside the lines. I’ve never seen a 4yo color so good.
Katie: I know, right?

At the airport, I told Katie that dad got her chicken fingers because that’s all they had.
Katie: Are you serious? I can’t handle chicken fingers.

Kidisms 36

Katie: I don’t feel good.
Tom: What’s wrong?
Katie: The boogers are in the way.

We bought Katie a carry-on for an upcoming plane trip. She has been rolling it around the house ever since, filling it up, emptying it out, and playing with it non-stop. When she goes to bed, Owen starts playing with it.
Me: Why do you guys like suitcases so much?
Owen: Let’s just say this. We like suitcases.

Katie got dressed on her own and came in to show us. 
Tom: You look like a thousand bucks.
Katie: I’m not for sale!

We were out running errands and Katie asked if I was just going to go in. Tom joked he would just toss me out of the car.
Katie: Noooo! She’ll break everything on her. She’ll break her bones.

He’s such a good sport.

He’s such a good sport v2. I asked if he remembered what he was doing in the picture, thinking he wouldn’t have a clue…and within like three seconds he said “Those are Lego hands from Indiana Jones [xbox game].”


One of my all-time favorite Owen pics. Seven years ago.

Me: Owen, come here, I need you to do something for me.
Owen, seeing me with the camera: UGGGGGGGHHH!

But he still did it. :)

Lego Mixel Max + Evil Minions

Owen’s Lego Mixel Max (a bigger monster Mixel built with all three packs of the set) with assorted evil minions he created from the remaining pieces.

“Okay, now take a smiling picture!”

A visit with Santa

We went to the craft show again this year…and had cookies and crafts with Santa. Friends of ours were there so they did candy cane crafts together (that’s Keegan next to Owen, his younger brother Garrett and younger sister Shiela on either side of Katie).

Owen was okay with seeing Santa and talking to him…but he did NOT want to sit on his lap.

Katie was fine with Santa.

They were taking pictures, too…but none turned out that great.


The only picture where Owen was looking our way.


Katie: Mom, Owen answered the bonus question!
Me: Bonus question? What was it?
Owen: Santa asked what daddy wanted for Christmas.
Me: What did you tell him?
Owen: For Michigan State to be better!

Texts from Santa

Santa is texting the kids this year and they think it’s super cool. Owen texted back…and Santa replied!! (I had to tell him that he couldn’t expect Santa to write him back every time he texted and he said he knew—he was very busy.)

Owen was very concerned when Santa asked if he’d been a good boy: That’s a tough question. How do I answer Santa? Was I good this year? Mom, I feel like Santa is important to me. 


He didn’t write back for probably a half hour and it was after we’d discussed if he was god or bad. :) I told him that all kids make bad decisions at times and might do some bad things, but overall he’s an amazing kid and I don’t think Santa would think he was ever a bad kid. 

Kidisms 35

So I was cooking in the kitchen and the kids are playing when I hear “Go tell my mom I’m dead.” 😂

Tom was playing with Katie and throwing her around. When he put her down, she screeched: Daddy! I just drooled on your pants!

An Amazon package arrived and I took a peek. It was something for me from Santa.
Katie: I want to see.
Me: Sorry, you can’t.
Katie: I want to see what’s in the box.
Me: Maybe it’s a Christmas present for you.
Katie: I won’t look. Open the box.
Me: No. Stop asking. I’m not opening it.
Katie: PLEASE?!
Me: No.
Katie: I promise I won’t look!
Me: I am not opening the box.
Katie: I want to see it.
Katie: I promise I’ll be good.
Me: Being good doesn’t matter. I’m not opening the box.
Katie: Please I want to see it.
Me: NO!
Katie: Mom please?!
Me: No. If you ask me one more time you get a time out for not listening.
Katie: I want to see in the box.
And even that wasn’t the end of it. It ended with much more asking, whining, and her being sent to her room.
Happy holidays?!

Katie was playing and she came over and said: Mom, I’m moving into a new place. I packed all my toys and dolls.And all my winter stuff. My Christmas stuff. And my stuffed animals and my costumes. And my phone to play Pokemon. We’re going to live with Grandma Jean. And my kids and my dogs.

Katie: I know what toenails are. They’re at the end of your feet.

Kidisms 34

It was a chilly day so I had Katie put leg warmers on for ballet. We got to her class and her teacher commented on them.
Katie: Yep, I’ve got my warm leggers on.

A single deer ran across the road. Owen wondered aloud if he was alone because he didn’t have a family.
Katie: Maybe if we were deer we could be his family.

We’re listening to Christmas music.
Owen: Katie, do you like Christmas?
Katie: I do. And I like bagels, too.

Shopping at Costco:
Katie: Mama, when we’re done checking out I want to sit on that tractor.

Kids at play after ballet. 

Since it was really nice out, we went to the train playground after ballet.

“Look! I’m carrying her like a princess!”


Family Costume Party!

Friends (the Brownes) invited us to a costume party and we hadn’t been to one in ages—and I’ve never been this thin—so I eagerly bought myself an awesome costume! I mean, I figured why not?!

So, you saw the sneak peek:

And Tom had a few costume options from previous years…but I had seen a friend do Cousin Eddie (from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) and thought it was brilliant…so I picked up the pieces for that. And of course we had the two Pokémon kidlets.

On our way…

Ta da! Thankfully we had an unseasonably warm day and we were actually comfortable in these.

Who wore it better?! :) The consensus was Tom, though Randy showed more nipple. :D

I loved all our costumes but I really want to have a theme one year. We briefly tossed around being Team Rocket or Ash and Misty from Pókemon but the costumes were too expensive for what they were and I didn’t feel like creating them myself. Maybe next year will be the themed year.

Our themed hosts:

Even Squirtles need to eat.

And Pikachus need to potty. :)

I really lit up well in the black light…but I don’t think it even looks like me.

The kids had a blast—we barely saw them the whole time. They were playing in the yard and going on a treasure hunt with 20 other kids.

Black light paint!

The funny thing was that we were all thinking it was like 9-9:30 (it was dark and we were tired) and we looked at the time…and it was only like 6:45! Are we old or what? :)

Once the sun went down it quickly got chilly so they started a fire and we hung out there for a bit but then we called it a night and were home by 7:30. ARE WE OLD OR WHAT?! :)

A visit to Owen’s classroom.

Since I had to take Katie in for her field trip in the morning, I also took Owen. Since we still had some time before school started (and kids can’t be in the classrooms without a teacher or parent), I stayed in his room with him. I took the time to look around and take some more room pictures.



Owen wanted me to see if I could pick out his drawing without looking for his name.


I guessed it on my second try! My first guess was the bottom row, second picture (white) and his response was “Mom, it’s missing arms. I never forget the arms.” :) It’s him helping Katie (notice the yellow pony tails?).


Two panoramics of his classroom.



The weekly reading chart. It’s so complex it needs a key!


This is the original chart.



Just a few glue sticks. :)


These signs are in the hallways and stairwells.


Kidisms 33

Katie: Mom! Look! This is like Owen!

(I’m surprised she remembered that picture—it was months ago.)

Katie: And Uncle Rob has earrings. And pirates have earrings.
Me: Is Uncle Rob a pirate?
Katie: Yes! And he probably has a pirate costume, too.

Tom: You’ll always be Katie’s big brother.
Owen: Of course.

Kidisms 32

Tom was out Pokémoning with the kids and Katie had the phone. They were headed away from where she needed to be to catch some balls when he heard from the backseat:
I do not know where I’m going.

Katie has been wearing her tap shoes all day (she LOVES them). The kids were going to put their Halloween costumes on to show uncle Rob on their weekly Skype call. As she was walking to get her costume, I heard her mutter:
Katie: Pikachu is not going to have any tap shoes on.

Katie: Crumbs grow in my eyes when I go to sleep at night.

Owen completed a dribbling drill during soccer practice and I heard him ask the coach: Did you see my moves?

We went out to eat after soccer practice. Katie called my Pomegranate Margarita “a big bowl of drink.” 

They picked their Halloween costumes!

Pokémon all around! Katie is Pikachu and Owen is a Squirtle.

Owen: I love my little Pikachu!


Kidisms 31

While I was getting ready in the bathroom after showering:
Katie: Mooom! Come try to find me! I’m under the covers! On your side!

Tom scared Katie when he walked in the door and was telling us about it when Katie interjected: And he scared my life!

This is what we saw after Katie’s bath: Mama! Just look at them!