Makeup Galore

I had some old eyeshadows I was going to toss but decided to let Katie have them instead. And boy did she have fun. Owen even got into the game…

As you can see there is no such thing as moderation. Six layers later: “Mom, I’m part Anna and part cat!”

And then Sophia came down and got involved.

And daddy even for roped in.



Kidisms 43

Katie was telling me about her day:
My friend Cameron brought food jello to school. Not hair jello, food jello.

I asked Katie to bring a book down to read before bed:
That sounds be a waste of my time because I’m playing.

Katie: EWWW. It stinks in here. Like fartness.
Owen: That was me.

Owen was standing in the middle of the living room pounding him stomach/chest rhythmically.
Me: Owen what are you doing?
Owen, instantly: BOY STUFF.

Katie: Do you want to draw?
Owen: I don’t have any paper.
Katie: I have two writing books!

The kids picked “mystery flavor” Dum Dums. We asked Katie what flavor hers was:
Hard decision.


Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.

So Caitlin had taken the kids for the afternoon so they would be out of our hair and able to play with their friends. After the truck left she dropped them off and we said our goodbyes and we were hugging and crying. After she left Owen asked why I was crying and I said it was sad to have to leave friends. And Katie pipes right up “Like Miss Julie who she drinks with all the time.” 😂 Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.