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Kidisms 42

Tom was replacing a ceiling fan.
Katie: Dad is everything okay? Because I have my stool to help you.

I told Katie she could ride her bike in the side driveway but she had to stay out of the street.
Katie: But I want to ride in the street.
Me: Why?
Katie: Because that’s what butterflies do.


Bunny alert!

We have lots of bunnies around. Katie has taken to screeching “BUNNY ALERT!” when she sees them. Tonight was actually a three bunny alert—can you see them?

Here you go:


Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.

So Caitlin had taken the kids for the afternoon so they would be out of our hair and able to play with their friends. After the truck left she dropped them off and we said our goodbyes and we were hugging and crying. After she left Owen asked why I was crying and I said it was sad to have to leave friends. And Katie pipes right up “Like Miss Julie who she drinks with all the time.” 😂 Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.

She tried to sleep here. 

She was cuddling with daddy when it was time to go to bed. She said “Okay!” then rolled over and did this. Nice try, little one.

Kidisms 40

At baseball, Katie cane over to me with a sad face.
Me: What happened, bug?
Katie: Someone dropped a wood on my head.

After a baseball game:
Me: Owen doesn’t it feel good to shower and get clean after being hot and sweaty?
Owen: Yes! It feels like I just was born. But big.

Katie: Look at me walking on the fluff ground.
Tom: Fluff ground?
Katie [pointing to the carpet]: This!

Katie was playing hide and seek with her friends:
I’ll count all the hide and seeks and you do the hides.

Katie was telling us about how Charlie smacked Maggie this morning: I told Charlie No, ma’am but she didn’t care. She didn’t care about my no ma’am. 

Owen and Gramma Jean were playing a game and Gramma called Owen out on something he did.
Owen: It wasn’t what you said it was. You must have not seen it clearly.

I’m really really locked down.

That’s what Katie said when we asked her to get up but this was happening. This dog has become a major lap whore—she literally follows you around and waits until you sit in this chair. She sat next to me at the computer this morning until I got up and moved to my chair. 


Mama, look who I have?!

Charlie only lasted about two minutes being pulled around, but that was longer than I predicted!


Kidisms 39

Katie was trying something new for dinner. We always ask for a thumbs up, thumbs sideways, or thumbs down.
Katie: I wish I had three thumbs so I could put three thumbs up.

One of Katie’s chores is to feed the cats. I noticed this morning that their bowl was empty.
Me: Katie, the kitties need food.
Katie: Aww, I’m sorry little one.

Owen was telling us about the fun run [the boys were the spectators while the girls ran, and vice versa].
Katie: All the ladies had to get claps from the boys.

I told Katie she may have to take a nap to catch up on some of her sleep.
Katie: So I have to put ketchup on my eyes?

I asked Katie to fill the pets water bowl. She was excited.
Katie: Owen! Look what I get to do for the first time. Omigosh. I get to put in kitty cat water.

Heaven help me during her teenage years.

So Katie is pissed at me because I turned off the TV because she was being rude. Her response? Whining loudly: “You hate me. You don’t want me in the family anymore!”

Heaven help me during her teenage years if she’s already acting like this at 4.

Mama! Look who I have on my lap!

Homeschooling would kill us both.

Every once in awhile I try to teach Katie some basic language stuff like letter sounds or how to spell basic words. Today I was trying AT (since we just did it the other day at a friend’s house) so AT. BAT. CAT. She did AT but cannot (or most likely just won’t because she’s being stubborn) manage any other AT combinations. I quickly lose patience because she just squawks that she can’t do it but I know she can because she’s smart.

Me: At. A-T. Bat. B-A-T. Cat. C-A-T. Mat. How do you spell mat?
Katie: …W?
Me: Does W make the mmm sound?
Katie: Life is getting horrible for me.

She won’t even spell CAT immediately after I do.
Me: Cat. C-A-T.
Katie: C……Z?
Me: :|

And she gives up too easily:
Me: Katie, repeat after me. C-A-T.
Katie: C-A-T
Me: B-A-T
Katie: B-A-T
Me: Mat
Katie, whining: I can’t.

I posted to Facebook and there was a rousing set of comments, which basically consisted of “Yep, same here. That’s why I let the teachers deal with it” and “She’ll do it when she’s ready.”

Kidisms 38

We were going to a bowling birthday party.
Owen: I hope I get a strike. [pause] What’s a strike again?

The kids were playing go fish all on their own.
Owen: Do you have a 6?
Katie: No. Go to the fish area.

Me: Katie, when did you become a big kid?
Katie: Ugh. Mom. At grandma’s.
Me: At Gram—???

Katie: Mama, I love this kitty. 


Kidisms 37

Owen: Katie why are you reading my book?
Katie: I’M NOT! I’m just looking at it. I don’t know how to read yet.

Gramma was teaching Owen and Katie a new card game that involved matching suits and counting.
Katie: Let’s play plain. Without construction.

Gramma Jean was coloring with Owen and Katie. Owen was complimenting Katie.
Owen: Wow, Katie. You’re doing such a good job. You’re staying inside the lines. I’ve never seen a 4yo color so good.
Katie: I know, right?

At the airport, I told Katie that dad got her chicken fingers because that’s all they had.
Katie: Are you serious? I can’t handle chicken fingers.

Our Florida adventure begins!!

Tom parked at one of the Pentagon lots near the metro (but not at the metro) so the three of us walked to the metro station while he walked over to meet us. This is walking through the Pentagon bus depot.

On the metro!

Katie: “This is fuuuun!”

Since we had two hours to kill at the airport, I dropped a Lure. :)

This may look like a lot of stuff, but we normally drive and take four times as much stuff! This time? We each have a carry on and personal bag.

They’re more than ready!!

First plane ride selfies!

Our route! I liked this plane—it was newer so had touch screens, movies or TV to watch (free), and multiple USB charging outlets per seat!

Owen was amazed by the outside temperature (-74°F if you can’t see it).

Owen read all the way so he could do less homework at the condo (he finished two books!). :)

After snacks it was time for drawing!

Then we switched planes (and kids!) in Atlanta…so I got Katie.

Gum for takeoff. She was super excited as she rarely gets gum. :)

Katie, looking out the window as the plane was climbing: “I can see the world.” :)

Tom, to Katie: I’m glad you like flying. 
Katie: Totally awesome.

Kidisms 36

Katie: I don’t feel good.
Tom: What’s wrong?
Katie: The boogers are in the way.

We bought Katie a carry-on for an upcoming plane trip. She has been rolling it around the house ever since, filling it up, emptying it out, and playing with it non-stop. When she goes to bed, Owen starts playing with it.
Me: Why do you guys like suitcases so much?
Owen: Let’s just say this. We like suitcases.

Katie got dressed on her own and came in to show us. 
Tom: You look like a thousand bucks.
Katie: I’m not for sale!

We were out running errands and Katie asked if I was just going to go in. Tom joked he would just toss me out of the car.
Katie: Noooo! She’ll break everything on her. She’ll break her bones.

A visit with Santa

We went to the craft show again this year…and had cookies and crafts with Santa. Friends of ours were there so they did candy cane crafts together (that’s Keegan next to Owen, his younger brother Garrett and younger sister Shiela on either side of Katie).

Owen was okay with seeing Santa and talking to him…but he did NOT want to sit on his lap.

Katie was fine with Santa.

They were taking pictures, too…but none turned out that great.


The only picture where Owen was looking our way.


Katie: Mom, Owen answered the bonus question!
Me: Bonus question? What was it?
Owen: Santa asked what daddy wanted for Christmas.
Me: What did you tell him?
Owen: For Michigan State to be better!

Kidisms 35

So I was cooking in the kitchen and the kids are playing when I hear “Go tell my mom I’m dead.” 😂

Tom was playing with Katie and throwing her around. When he put her down, she screeched: Daddy! I just drooled on your pants!

An Amazon package arrived and I took a peek. It was something for me from Santa.
Katie: I want to see.
Me: Sorry, you can’t.
Katie: I want to see what’s in the box.
Me: Maybe it’s a Christmas present for you.
Katie: I won’t look. Open the box.
Me: No. Stop asking. I’m not opening it.
Katie: PLEASE?!
Me: No.
Katie: I promise I won’t look!
Me: I am not opening the box.
Katie: I want to see it.
Katie: I promise I’ll be good.
Me: Being good doesn’t matter. I’m not opening the box.
Katie: Please I want to see it.
Me: NO!
Katie: Mom please?!
Me: No. If you ask me one more time you get a time out for not listening.
Katie: I want to see in the box.
And even that wasn’t the end of it. It ended with much more asking, whining, and her being sent to her room.
Happy holidays?!

Katie was playing and she came over and said: Mom, I’m moving into a new place. I packed all my toys and dolls.And all my winter stuff. My Christmas stuff. And my stuffed animals and my costumes. And my phone to play Pokemon. We’re going to live with Grandma Jean. And my kids and my dogs.

Katie: I know what toenails are. They’re at the end of your feet.

Crazy Cart Katie with Daddy

Every time we go to the grocery store she asks to ride in the car cart. It’s a big ol’ pain in the ass because it’s so big and awkward so I always say no. But daddy was with us today and he’s a big ol’ pushover. So they played while I shopped. You could hear them halfway across the store, I swear, with as loud as the cart is and her screeching like crazy!

Of course Charlie was in the game box…

So then this happened:

Katie: Mom, can I roll the dice on Charlie?
Me: Sure.


Owee! Give me a hug goodbye!