They were spoiled at the dentist today. 

They got their cleanings done in the procedure room because it wasn’t being used…so they got a TV on the ceiling!

Katie is still a much better patient than Owen. He freaks out at the smallest thing—he said the hygienist’s rotating toothbrush hurt and then he was throwing a mini fit because he doesn’t like the taste/feel of the flouride treatment—he was whining a little and needed four glasses of water and looked like he was going to be sick; Katie just goes on like nothing even happened. :)

Tooth #3…finally!

As you saw earlier today, Owen’s tooth has been dangling precariously—and it has been for days. We’ve bribed him with cash and treats to pull it out—and he’s refused. 

But just now, a few minutes after Tom had put him to bed, we heard footsteps running down the hall and Tom guessed he’d finally got the tooth out. Yep! He excitedly showed us it came out! 

He told us he wanted to keep it; we said he could but he wouldn’t get any money from the tooth fairy. He said he’d give it to her tomorrow night. We said that was fine and sent him back to bed. A few minutes later he was back again to tell us he had lots of money and wanted to keep his tooth. What an awesome kid. :)

Silly kids and a loose tooth!

Owen’s front tooth is SOOOO loose that we keep telling him to just pull it out. At dinner we talked about how the Tooth Fairy doesn’t pay for teeth that fall out and can’t be found (like if he accidentally swallowed it). I told him I would match what the Tooth Fairy gave him last time if he pulled it out tonight. Uncle Rob promised him FIVE dollars if it came out tonight. Owen REALLY wanted the $5, but as it turns out, he didn’t want it bad enough to pull put his tooth.

Someone’s first tooth came out!

We’ve been waiting and waiting and wanting to pull it out because it was SO loose but he wouldn’t let us get near it. It was so loose we were afraid he was going to swallow it. But this morning eating a donut I saw him stop chewing, stop and think for a second, then reach in his mouth.




And not a great picture but you can see the hole better. :)


Checking it out in the mirror.


Today was a Facebook day.

Nothing really blog-worthy happened today…but I did post a few things on Facebook that I thought I’d share here:

Up today? Toy Story. Both are fully entranced. Unfortunately, we only got to see about 10 minutes of the movie before our network decided to flake out…and an hour of messing with it did nothing. Which leads to…

I am so sick of our worthless wireless network that there just might be 500 yards of ethernet cable running through the house when Tom gets home.

On the best of days, I don’t have the energy for two sick kids (with one super snotty girl). On a day like today when I am feeling exhausted and headachy, I REALLY don’t have the energy to be up and wiping noses every two minutes. But when you can see the snot fly through the air during a sneeze…you can’t really ignore it. At least Owen can (mostly) do his own and can kind of help with Katie…but I still need to intervene a lot.

Aww crap. I just realized Katie is likely teething. It’s about the age and would explain the extra chewing and slobber. Yeah, you’d think I would have thought of that before now…but no.

I’m so glad Owen didn’t want to take a nap today so that he could fall asleep on the couch at 4:45. :|


And I just had to be a mean mom and wake Owen up from a nap. I just couldn’t let him take a long nap at this time of day when his bedtime is 7:30…because I am NOT giving up my nightly alone/me time if I can help it. Especially since I want to go to bed early since I’m not feeling the best.

How can one tiny girl produce SO much snot?!

Of course the best time to find out the humidifier in your kid’s room is dead is at bedtime. GRRR. Unfortunately, this means a trip to town—since it’s the weekend, Amazon wouldn’t get here until Wednesday…and with a coupon at BB&B I can get $10 off. Blurg.

Bad news, good news, bad news, good news, bad news.

The bad news? Katie threw up all over the couch.

The good news? At least it wasn’t at Sam’s Club or in the car (we had just got home).

The bad news? It was the one morning I wasn’t sitting out there with them and Mr. Tattletale—who normally gives me a play-by-play of everything—didn’t feel the need to tell me. :|

The good news? We have a leather couch.

The bad news? It has A LOT of button holes and stitching.

Ugh. Teething sucks. (Especially when she’s never acted like this before.) Poor kid.

That’s a lot of teeth!

I think Katie will have a full mouth of teeth in a few months. Here’s where she was on June 28:

2013-06-28katie-teething- chart

Here’s what’s going on now—FOUR new teeth in the process of coming in:


Holy wah. Thankfully she hasn’t really been a terror (just like Owen—YAY!)—we didn’t have any idea they were coming in until we were changing a diaper and were able to see down her mouth and saw lots of new white points. :)

Unexpected Molar!

So we knew that Katie was getting some new teeth (see last teething post from a few days ago: Katie’s Teeth) but imagine my complete shock and surprise when I happened to take this picture…


…and looked at it later, blown up:


HOLY CRAP! That’s a molar coming in! That’s ahead of schedule…and no wonder she wasn’t eating and was fussier than normal! Poor kid! So these are the two new teeth breaking through on vacation:

2013-06-28katie-teething- chart