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Today’s walk went MUCH better.

Apparently we needed the promise of the library park afterward (if she was a good girl)…AND letting her pick which direction to walk on the trail. It still took about an hour but it was much more fun!


That said, she blatantly told me that she liked walking with daddy (or all of us) but not just me. No real reason, that’s just how it is. Thanks, kid. :p BUT! I did get her to admit that she’d be okay doing the walk with Owen along. Which is what I really want—that’s my plan for getting my trail walks in this summer when they’re both home all day. So we’ll see what actually happens. 

But she was much more talkative today. She actually reminded me a lot of Owen babbling on and on like he does on our walks. I loved listening to it. Here’s a small sample.


Katie words v3

I should have posted this a long time ago…so the list goes back at least a month or more.

Previous words:

Balloon (bayoon)
Banana (nanna)
Bite (when she wants another bite of banana)
Elmo (alno)
Owen (o-wee)
Please (peese)
Thank you (tay-kyoo)

New words:

Boppy (character from Doc McStuffins)
Doc (character from Doc McStuffins)
Grape (Gape)
Minnie [Mouse]
Night night
Thank you
Where’s [daddy, milk]?
You’re welcome

She’s also good at repeating when she wants to—today she repeated “I see you!” But she still refuses to say “Mama, ____ please!” She’ll repeat each word separately but not as a sentence.

She always has to show you her belly.

Charlie’s getting more relaxed.

She stayed there about 30 seconds!

Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

Katie has learned how to say Charlie…and it’s adorable.

Katie’s Dinner Chat

She’s quite good at copying sounds…and being cute. :)

Katie Noises


All. Day. Long.

Wow. She really likes to test her voice by screeching and shrieking. It’s cute to a point, but it literally gives me a headache. Here’s a slight example.

So, by the end of the day, I’m really completely over the “cuteness” of the screeching. And Tom—just getting home—gets annoyed with me for getting annoyed with it. I tell him it’s not as cute after you’ve had to listen to it for 11 hours off and on. :| He sees everything as no big deal. Which I guess it isn’t WHEN YOU’RE ONLY AROUND TWO HOURS OF IT A DAY. :)

Screeching Katie

She did this for at least an hour straight this morning. It’s not as cute after the first 10 minutes. :)

Miss Katie says hello

Or maybe just coos and smiles a little. :)

Owen’s running commentary

I go in to get him out of bed, and all I say is “Good morning” and he’s off and running:

Bucky fell in the water. Captain America fell in the water.

Charlie’s bumping! She’s bumping me! Look at her butt—that’s poop.

I need my B! You’re on my B!

I neeeed yourrrr help. I need to find all the coins…and gold treasure…and gold heads. I need to play my game.

The sun isn’t out yet. Is it raining?

The big green monster was way up high. (I say “The Incredible Hulk?”) NO! The big green monster!

Where’s daddy? Daddy’s at work.

What’s that noise? Do you hear that? It’s a plane.

My foot hurts. Look at my foot.

Turn the lights on.

Can I watch TV, mom?

I love listening to him…

Katie’s discovering her voice!

She’s been doing this ALL morning.

Hello Miss Katie

Someone is getting more talkative!

Like brother, like sister. (Owen has taken to putting his fingers in his mouth like this…but he started before she was born so she’s not the bad influence!)

A quick Katie coo.

Cooing Katie

Bath time! 3-2-1-go!

Reading “My Daddy and Me”

Singing along with Handy Manny’s tools

Owen goes through stages of what he wants to watch. Mostly it’s “pigs” (which is the Nick Jr cartoon Olivia) with some Backyardigans and Little Einsteins. However, today he was on a Handy Manny kick (and has been on a few other days recently) so imagine my surprise when he started singing along! Well, not exactly, but as good as a 3yo can do when you can’t really even understand the words to start with! It’s SO cute and he gets so excited!

C’mon Charlie, let’s play!

Wanting and waiting for Charlie to come into his room post-nap or post-sleep is the newest fun ritual…he gets SO giddy about it. of course, Charlie doesn’t realize she’s playing—she’s just waiting to get scritched or get a treat. But she’s actually quite tolerant of him, which is good.

Sleeping in the sleeping bag!

He really loves this thing! (And you can hear one of his new favorite words—yep!)