Katie and the Christmas Tree

We were getting the house ready for our Len Christmas in July and got out this ceramic tree. It’s old—my mom made it for my Grandma Katie (Len) in the ’70s and I’ve always loved it. Katie was enthralled with it, too…and one of the first things she said was “There’s no star!” My mom said that Grandma Len had said the very same thing and even attached a fake star to it. I don’t think I ever really noticed that it didn’t have a star—or I did, but didn’t think it was any big deal. Amazing how the original Katie AND her namesake both had the same thought. :)




She stopped my heart.

I went upstairs to get Katie up from her nap because it was almost time to go get Owen. I asked Tom (who was home early but in the bedroom reading) if he had heard her and he said no. So I went to her room and quietly opened the door and peered into the bed—where there was nothing. SHE WAS GONE. I think my heart momentarily stopped as I thought WHERE THE HELL COULD SHE BE? HAD TOM BEEN FOOLING ME AND HE REALLY HAD GOTTEN HER UP? My eyes quickly scanned the room and I wondered if she wasn’t hiding in the closet…? Then I saw this…


…and then saw this and heard a tiny giggle.


That little shit! She heard me coming and hid under her B. :) Of course then we had to go run and see daddy, where she proceeded to hop up into bed and be cute. :)


Katie has two daddys.

So while I was at my friend’s house today, her husband happened to have the day off. She heard their daughter call him daddy, so she started calling him daddy, too. It was SO cute. For awhile we thought maybe she really thought he was her daddy—tall, dark hair, short hair—but no, she told him her daddy was at work. But she knew enough to call him daddy to get his attention!


And being cute in a hat while picking up toys:


Katie is too smart

I was unloading and loading the dishwasher and she opened the under-sink cupboard and pointed to the detergent pods and said “Mama!”

Then, I went into the garage for a minute to get something out of the freezer and when I came back in…she had actually gotten out a detergent pod! Which means she had to lift the lid of the container (which is weighted down with two spray bottles). BUT…she also managed to pull out an automatic soap dispenser AND UNLOCKED IT and had soft soap all over her and the floor. :|

Then, she was being a poop about other things, so I told her no TV. She asked for the iPad and was playing a game…and after I left the room and came back, she was watching a movie.

And I’m sure it’s only going to get worse.

Katie vs. The Cheez Ball

I had set one out on my knee and she wanted it badly but refused to come back inside the gate.

I wondered what would win: Being captured but having a cheez ball…or being free with no snack.

She stood hovering over the gate threshold for a minute then took off toward the playroom. Aha! Freedom won. Except a minute later she came zooming in to grab the cheez ball and get out quick…but I caught her. So snacks won out over freedom—though she did whine a bit when her plan was foiled!

I think she was hungry.

We were playing in the play room when she disappeared and came back with a bib I had left out for the garage sale pile.

So I put it on her.

Then she went to the open diaper bag and pulled out a squeeze fruit.

So I gave it to her.


Them she went back to the bag and brought yogurt puffs.

So I gave them to her.


Then she disappeared into the kitchen…and came back with gummy fruits and a granola bar. I opened them but she was pretty much done by then.

Smart girl, part 7.

She amazes me. Lately she’s been helping Owen pick up toys when I ask him to do it. Or she’ll start picking up the pillows (part of his end-of-night chores) on her own. This is what happened tonight.

When I first ask her to put away toys, I’m guessing she takes the bin and sets it next to Owen because he has toys out and she knows they go in the bin. Then later she sees the brush…and puts it back exactly where I keep it.