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Do your kids not put PJs on?

We tell him to get ready for bed which he knows includes putting PJs on…yet this is what often happens. Plus he doesn’t get under the covers. I know it’s not a huge deal but it still makes me crazy. :)


She actually sleeps in sometimes!


Sometimes I have to sneak a peek. 


She almost made it home…

This was about 20 minutes from home.  


“Get out of my bed, dad!”

It was another late night for the kids (they got a bath at 9:50 to clean their dirty feet) and Tom was tired from working on Gramma’s new computer all evening (where Owen sleeps) so Tom just jokingly collapsed on top of Owen and said he was just going to sleep there. Owen was adamant that Tom leave. :)


Sleeping Beauty


She tried to sleep here. 

She was cuddling with daddy when it was time to go to bed. She said “Okay!” then rolled over and did this. Nice try, little one.

He did this when he was a baby. Nothing has changed.

I had to get a set of sheets out for Tom to take on his trip and I knew it would be easiest from Owen’s room. This is what I saw when I went in. Nothing has changed since he was a baby.


Still with the B on his face!

Checking the status of his sleeping habits (over or under the covers), I see that old habits die hard. 


Owen and his bedtime issues

I was in Owen’s room this morning and commented that I was impressed that he had made his bed. Oh…no, he says, he sleeps on top of the covers! Why? Because 1) he’s warm and 2) he doesn’t want to deal with pulling the sheet up (because it’s always totally kicked down to the bottom of the bed and he apparently has a huge problem fixing it). So I went to check on him tonight…and yep, on top of the covers, NOT in PJs (another thing he does even though we ask him not to), ab FD sucking his thumb!!!


A sleeping bug is a quiet bug. 


Look what I almost stepped on when going upstairs to bed!! 

She hasn’t done this in forever. When we asked her about it in the morning she said she heard a noise and wanted Daddy…but obviously not badly enough to come downstairs. :)


A rare event: napping Katie

We knew the kids would be up late so we asked them to rest and/or take a nap. Both whined. Both slept. Ha! Owen only napped for maybe 30 minutes but Katie slept for about two hours!


Still loving her buff…


Hot mess hair solution

Katie’s hair is always a hot mess in the morning—a complete rat’s nest of snarls and knots. We’ve tried silk pillowcases and leave-in conditioner and neither worked. A few months ago I tried to get her to use a buff like I use (when I straighten my hair) and she hated it. But we tried it again since she really hates me brushing out her knots (I’m as gentle as I can be and I use detangler but it’s still awful). And now she loves it. And damn she’s cute. 


A tired trip home

After the early morning and walking to the museum and around the museum and back to the car and a little Pokémoning, this happened on the way home.

She was fighting it.

And then this happened.

Uncle Rob wasn’t fighting it. But look at my little happy and wide-awake photo bomber!! :D


We let the kids stay up for a bit after the excitement of the evening…

And then this happened. :)


The stinker actually took a nap!

Katie was being a bit of a stinker so I sent her to her room. I told her she didn’t have to take a nap and I’d check on her in a bit. I went up about 20 minutes later and found this—she had turned on her sound machine, her nightlight, and crawled into bed. :)


Our only napper. 


Four years ago: a sleepy Katie