Throwback Thursday—In Owen’s jogging suit

This is a 2T outfit—he was in it under 2 and she’s in it over 3! I’ve been meaning to put her in it for quite some time now and finally did it today; the pants are slightly too short but the jacket is almost too big.




Edited to add: Whoops! Those aren’t the right pants! Now I remember why I haven’t put her in that outfit before now… I couldn’t find the pants that go with that outfit!

Katie’s 2-year well-visit

She remembered the office and immediately went to the toys.


Exploring in the room:


Enough exploring—time for tech:


The doctor said she seems perfectly healthy. She did notice a VERY SLIGHT heart murmur that she wants to get checked out eventually (she wants to get the ankle figured out first) but it’s nothing critical and she’s sure it will likely disappear.

Weight: 30 lbs. 7 oz. (was 26 lbs 7 oz.)—86th percentile (was 78th)
Height: 36″ (was 33-1/2″)—88th percentile (was 90th)
Head: 19.6″ (was 19″)—93rd percentile (was 90th)

And for the sibling comparison, at 24 months, Owen was:
Weight: 38# (greater than the 97th percentile)
Height: 39″ (greater than the 97th percentile)

She only had to get one shot and Owen was VERY concerned that he didn’t want to watch. I told him he didn’t have to, but he should to see that it’s not a big deal. (He is still freaked out about shots, even though the last time he got them he realized they weren’t a big deal.) So I held Katie on my lap and the nurse did it in three seconds and Katie squawked just a bit and then she was more enamored with the blue band-aid than anything…and Owen was saying “See Katie? It wasn’t bad at all!” :)

Our new temporary pool!

The kids love water so much that we broke down and got a cheapie $10 pool to use until we move. I had to help Katie in the first time, but she quickly figured it out for herself and she was in and out, in and out, in and out. :)

I asked Owen why he was sitting like this and he said “Because that’s how the kid on the box is sitting!” He even put the box up on the deck box so he could see it. :)


Jumping in! Normally he lands on his knees—I don’t know how he doesn’t get hurt.


Washing off her feet…but then liking standing in the bucket.



Just like big brother did in the big pool! :)



She took the chair into the pool and this is what happened when I told her no.


One last cute picture before I took the chair away!


Katie’s 18m well-visit

Finding stuff to get into while waiting for the doctor.

2014-01-15 08.42.20

She got a wipe and was blowing her nose!

2014-01-15 08.42.43

Weight: 26lbs. 7oz. (was 23lbs. 15oz.)—78th percentile (was 66th)
Height: 33-1/2″ (was 32-1/2″)—still 90th percentile
Head: 19″ (was 18-3/4″)—90th percentile (was 88th)

And for the sibling comparison, at 18 months, Owen was:
Weight: 32.5# (96th percentile)
Height: 35″ (97th percentile)

I didn’t have any concerns, so I was surprised when the doctor told me that she was on the edge with her language skills—that she’s on the later side of language development. Hoo boy. So was Owen.

Interestingly, I hadn’t read Owen’s same-month appointment blog entry, so when I was reviewing it to write this post, I was amazed at what I read:

We told her we were a bit concerned about his speech (or lack thereof) and she asked us some questions and from everything we told her (him knowing some letters, numbers, etc.) she said she wasn’t REALLY worried (yet) but that she agreed it wouldn’t hurt to get him evaluated.

Wow. So at 18m we had been concerned with Owen’s lack of speech development and he already knew some letters and numbers! Katie doesn’t know any letters or numbers.

She should be copying (imitating) two-word phrases like “Mama eat,” “Owen play,” and “What’s this?” AND saying “two or three words that represent different ideas together” like “See dog,” “Mommy come home,” or “Kitty gone.” But the doctor didn’t seem very worried—she just told me to spend more time reading with her and always talk to her. I guess it could be worse…but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.