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Katie’s new chair

We picked up this chair today from a yard sale and Katie immediately used it for her homework. 


With an assist from big brother…


Valentine’s Day Cutie


Owen’s Special Letter

The second day of Owen’s “Me Museum” week was a sealed letter written by someone else about his special qualities. This is the letter I wrote.

Owen has many special qualities and continues to amaze us with his abilities.

Owen didn’t really start talking until age 3, but once he did, he never stopped! We were worried about him learning how to read, when one day he came home from Pre-K and just picked up a book and started reading it to me! He still impresses me with all the words he knows!

He got his first Lego mini-figure at age 3 and has never looked back. He can follow directions on sets above his age level and then tears them apart and builds his own super cool creations. He is our own Master Builder.

Owen has always been super nice and polite and makes friends very easily. Friends, family, teachers, and even strangers comment on how sweet and polite he is.

He is the best big brother to his little sister—he plays with her, gives her piggy-back rides, reads her books, helps get her breakfast, and makes her laugh.

He is very loving with all of our pets. He takes good care of our dog and gives cuddles to the cats.

Owen is good at swimming, baseball, and soccer. He is a Shark 2—the highest level of swimming (and I know he could beat me in a race). He always gives 100% at every lesson, practice, or game. During his first soccer season, his coach gave him the “most improved player” award.

Owen is a great kid and we couldn’t be prouder to have him as our son.


2nd Grade Scientists

I just saw these on Twitter from last Friday (1/28/17).

Owen’s “Me Museum” Poster

As with the past two years, each kid gets a week to share things about themselves with the class and we picked his birthday week again. I tried to keep my hands off his poster while still managing to give some gentle guidance. He did pretty good.

Click to see larger (readable) version.


A visit to Owen’s classroom.

Since I had to take Katie in for her field trip in the morning, I also took Owen. Since we still had some time before school started (and kids can’t be in the classrooms without a teacher or parent), I stayed in his room with him. I took the time to look around and take some more room pictures.



Owen wanted me to see if I could pick out his drawing without looking for his name.


I guessed it on my second try! My first guess was the bottom row, second picture (white) and his response was “Mom, it’s missing arms. I never forget the arms.” :) It’s him helping Katie (notice the yellow pony tails?).


Two panoramics of his classroom.



The weekly reading chart. It’s so complex it needs a key!


This is the original chart.



Just a few glue sticks. :)


These signs are in the hallways and stairwells.


Owen’s teacher says he’s all-around awesome.

This morning was the first P/T conference of the year. We were a bit early so I took advantage and got some pics.




Overall, Owen is doing awesome. She said he’s advanced in reading, ahead in math, and is probably the most respectful kid in class! She also has no concerns with his spelling—he got 95/100 on sight words (the ones he missed were words like WHERE and WHICH [forgot the h] which are very common)—and he behaves in class. What blew me away is his writing assignment—it was done over a few days, but the handwriting was excellent and the story was involved (it was about one of his xbox games)…and he wrote SIX PAGES! It doesn’t all make perfect sense, of course, and there are some errors but WOW. JUST…WOW.







And then a few pics from around the classroom:








And as I was taking pictures I was telling the teacher why (because I make a Shutterfly book each year) so she told me to hang on and she’d stage the Class Jobs list for me (it needed to be done before class anyway). :)


And then I took Katie to the playground for a few minutes since she always begs to go there but we’re usually there during school hours. She says “Mama? You remember the last time we were here and Gramma Jean was swinging with me?:)


Owen was poetry helper this week.

Heading back to class…on the second floor!!


Katie doing homework

Homework twins

Owen was doing homework so Katie had to get her “homework” book out, too!


Summer Slide Worksheet? CHECK!

He finished his Summer Slide stuff a few days early (280 second grade workbook pages, ~700 pages of reading, and 70 pages of handwriting practice!) so guess who’s starting his Lego reward right now?


Overall it was more of a fight than I thought it would be—he’s a typical kid who never wanted to spend the 20-30 measly minutes a day to do what he needed to do, so when it compounded and he’d have to work for 2-3 hours to catch up he became a hot whiny mess. And this was even after I put the Lego reward on display! The only time he got really excited about “doing homework” was this week when he saw how close he was to the end.

But, he now knows how to do 3-digit addition and subtraction (along with lots of other stuff) and his handwriting is MILES ahead of where it was. We still need to work on reading comprehension and composing sentences, but overall, he did a great job! YAY OWEN!

Catching up on his summer reading.

Owen isn’t great about keeping up with his Summer Slide reading, so we’ve had to have some days where we read 40-60 pages to try and catch up. (It’s not as bad as it sounds—it’s not like he’s reading full chapter book pages. Some of them are, but some are also books for Katie with one sentence per page. So it averages out.) Notice he had a buddy today, as well.



Owen’s pinch pot octopus

I forgot to post this when it first came home. I love it. I wasn’t quite sure what it was until I flipped it over and counted the legs. :)

Katie’s doing workbooks!

I cleaned out the coloring books and whatnot and found Owen’s old pre-K and kindergarten workbooks…and she was somewhat interested! Yay!

Katie’s first art folder!

Her folder was made from the artwork she did a few months ago.


It came home Friday but I didn’t get around to taking pictures of everything until today. :)















Owen’s life timeline 

This is so simple but I just love it. 


He just had to do his weekend news!

Owen’s class does Weekend News for classwork and I absolutely love reading them when they eventually come home. But today he told me he really wanted to do his weekend news so I had to find a template for him! Off he went and came back about 10 minutes later with this.

Translation: last week on Xbox 360 on castle crashers me and my dad beated the whole game with indigo guy and desert guy to earn a fencer and sand thug [thug is on the back].

And just look at his writing!! He did sooo well on his letters and spacing!! I told him I was super proud and he was beaming—grinning from ear to ear and just beaming. I was so proud of him! I emailed it to his teacher and she was proud of him, too!

And then I was trying to get a picture of him beaming and of course he was a silly goose and gave me this face instead.

Showing Gramma Jean her classroom!


Happy Mother’s Day from Owen 

You can tell we just had chicken pot pie at home because his answers are VERY chicken-pot-pie related. :)

My mom’s name is Jennifer.
She is 42 years old.
Mom and I like to play xbox 360/to help me on my Lego to get me red bricks.
Mom likes to say “I love you/respond.”
My Mom really loves playing with me.
She likes to eat chicken pot pie.
She likes to drink energy drink. [Our Naturally Slim H2OJ.]
My Mom’s job is taking care of me.
If she had time, she would like to watch Ellen DeGeneres.
Mom is really good at making pizza.
If I could go anywhere in the world with her, we’d go to Florida.
I love my Mom because she is nice.

A Mothers Day surprise!

Katie kept telling me the present was for her, even though it had my name on it! She didn’t want me to wait to open it (she’s definitely my daughter!).