Katie’s little love notes take a strange turn.

So Katie is still getting little love notes from Thomas on the bus. This one came yesterday with her saying he wanted a playdate. Fine, right? Look at the text. Do you see what I see?

❤️ Hey baby how do you make Katie get back together with me

😂 but also 😳, right?

Even though it’s coming from a Kindergartener it seems somewhat concerning. I emailed both teachers (he’s not in her class) just to sort of give them an FYI/heads up and to see if they’ve noticed anything weird. Katie’s teacher responded that they’d talk to them (I haven’t heard back yet if it’s happened).

Oh the teen years are going to be a joy…

Katie’s long-awaited conference

I finally made it in for Katie’s rescheduled-from-Thanksgiving P/T conference. Why did it take so long, you ask? Good question. Buckle up.

So, remember we missed P/T conferences due to a death in our family? Well, I didn’t think it would be a big deal to reschedule…because why would it be?! And Owen’s (third grade) was fine, but for Katie (kindergarten) it seemed to be a huge deal and it could. not. be. done. But no one ever gave a reason—just that it couldn’t be done.

To her credit the teacher tried to have me come in over lunch on a day I was going to volunteer, but a week later I got an email saying “I’ve been advised by my team to not schedule a conference outside of conference week.” What?! What the hell difference does it make? She said we can do it over the phone but I really really hated that idea. I just could not fathom any reasonable explanation for this.

Not trying to be annoying or make a mountain out of a molehill—but obviously wanting an answer—I emailed the principal (and CCd the teacher) explaining funeral, other kid’s rescheduling, past school’s experience, and simply asked for clarification.

FIVE DAYS LATER (!) I got an email from the teacher saying she’d talked with the principal about my email and although it was against district policy, it was decided that she can meet with me (“since your son’s teacher did”) but I never actually received any response from the principal regarding the policy in general but the teacher says it’s strictly a district-wide rule so it doesn’t start an avalanche. She said technically Owen’s teacher shouldn’t have done it. (And she didn’t care–she was just following the rules.) I told her we can always meet outside of school over a bottle of wine.

But I digress. :)

Katie is doing very well—she’s on par for pretty much every thing. The teacher’s only real comment was that she’s “a little chatty.” :)

On the way out I saw this wall so had to stop and look for Katie’s.

Pumpkin Day

I volunteered to help with Pumpkin Day in Katie’s classroom. I had no idea what would be involved but then I got the email saying we’d be carving pumpkins so bring a knife and bowl if we could. Hoo boy—I hadn’t carved a pumpkin in years…

The classroom was a bit insane (I don’t know how she does it without an assistant—we were spoiled with Owen’s class having one) but overall it went well. There were four moms total so we each had a group of six. We had to measure the pumpkin with blocks and chain lengths, write what the pumpkin felt and smelled like, weigh the pumpkin, see if it sank or floated…and then design and carve the pumpkin. In an hour.

As you can imagine it was pretty much like herding cats. It started with the teacher switching Katie’s seat with someone so we could be at the same table…and the kid completely lost his shit and was a crying hot mess because “he wanted his seat.” Really, kid? You lose it over moving seats for an hour? And then some kids couldn’t pay attention for more than three seconds. One had no idea how to draw an H (“we haven’t done that letter yet”). A few wrote their numbers backwards (71 for 17) but fixed it after I told them—except one kid who literally kept writing it 71 no matter how many times I told him it was 1-7 not 7-1. One kid wrote all his letters on top of one another. You get the idea. I’m not bragging when I say that Katie seemed among the most advanced in her group (able to pay attention, answer questions, write her letters and numbers correctly, and follow instructions).

This is a snapshot of mass chaos before we even started.


I didn’t take many pictures because I was very involved in every step of the way—plus I didn’t have pockets, remember. 


Katie was the badge collector.


And then it was time to go home so Katie got to ride home with me. She had a good time and was happy I came. 


There’s nothing like a call from the school on Thursday afternoon telling you Katie is missing FOUR shots and absolutely cannnot come to school on Monday unless she has them.


We knew about the deadline but we just had her 5-year well-visit before we left and they said she didn’t need anything so we weren’t worried about the deadline!!! GRRR. 

After a few moments of being completely stressed out and pissed off, I started making calls and thankfully the base has a walk-in immunization clinic so she will be there at 7:30am tomorrow with Tom.

Our first successful Roar Run!

The Roar Run is a PTA-Sponsored fundraising event in its sixth year. We are hoping it’s on a weekend next year—it’s a bit difficult getting there to enjoy the other events when the kids don’t get home until 4.

Katie is becoming a master hula hooper!

Stretching before the race!

We were watching the relay races and Katie wanted to try the wheelbarrow.


Nine minutes until race time!

The group of neighbor kids running together! (Tom was taking the pic down at the fun run starting line.)

Katie came in a minute or so behind Sophia—but we had seen her on daddy’s shoulders for a bit!!

And the same pic close up as she crossed the finish line!

More neighbors!

Love a family photo!

Stacey and Lorenzo, Sophia and Enzo

And I had to try a selfie. It’s a bit more difficult with six people!

We had the results as they were happening and these were the finals (Katie missed a medal by one place—Sophia came in #3):