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Another year, another blue(ish) shirt.

Yep, school picture day!


Kindergarten Curriculum Night

We got to hear about the Katie’s day and talk to the teacher. Of course I also used the time to take pictures!


Woodland Spirit Week Day 5

Woodland Spirit Day 

Celebrating International Dot Day


Woodland Spirit Week Day 4

Owen’s school was hat day and Katie’s was stripes.



Woodland Spirit Week Day 3

I can’t believe I couldn’t get one with her eyes open! 


So I got one by herself!


Woodland Spirit Week Day 2 

Day 1 was PJ day for Owen and the color green for Katie. I didn’t get a pic before he left and she wanted to wear her pink hip hop outfit… Day 2 went a little better with sports day for Owen and the color white for Katie.

We don’t have many white clothes since they get dirty too easily, but this was the gym shirt I made for her before learning she didn’t need one. :)


Katie is pawsome!


And this was in the class’ weekly newsletter.


You’d never know they were two little drama queens. 


Our very first note from the nurse. 

Katie got bonked on the nose on the playground.  


Daddy at the bus stop!

Since he was home, he came to surprise Katie at the bus stop! She loved it, of course!


The school gang. 

They ride separate buses but arrive at about the same time so everyone is always at the stop together—or at least together in Stacey’s yard as we all head to our houses. 


The besties are home again!

Just as with Owen I have to physically get Katie off the bus. The bus driver called their names over the radio/intercom and then they have to tell her their name and I have to give her my name and she checks the list. I’m assuming this will get slightly less involved as time goes on and the bus driver learns who we are.

As soon as they got off the bus they crossed the street together (holding hands).

I didn’t get much info out of her about her first day before she was asking if she could go play at Sophia’s house (yes, after she got play clothes on) so I sent over this craft project:

She did say it was fun. I told her she would have to tell us more about it later.


Both kids are officially at school full time!! No tears…just excitement!

Katie’s first day of Kindergarten!

This is an idea I saw somewhere and decided to do for Katie…she will wear this shirt on the first day of school until she’s a senior in high school!


There are only three kids at the bus stop!

Katie is in the seat right above SCHOOL.

Our 3rd grader is home!

 He and Nate zoomed off the bus and pretty much immediately asked to go ride bikes! 


Katie’s kindergarten open house


Mrs. Valentine

The huge playground (one of three!).

Getting to check out a bus!

She went straight to the very back seat!

That’s a “bike path” on the right. The raised circular structure on the left is for a specific game (Owen’s school has a smaller one).

Back inside to check out the cafeteria (no pics) and the gym! She made a beeline to the rock wall!


Owen’s first day of 3rd grade!

I had to go in and wake him up at 7:30!! This year he gets on the bus at 8:25—that’s a half hour earlier than what we were used to in Virginia!

Katie holding Owen’s hand as he was waking up.

Owen and his bestie, Nate (2nd grade):

They are the only two at their bus stop!

Aquatic Center Fundraiser

Papa and Grannie took the kids to the local aquatic center for a school fundraiser while Tom and I went out for our anniversary. I sent them with our waterproof camera!

Third grade open house!

Papa went with us while Grannie stayed home with Katie. Owen’s classroom is on the second floor. They have a multitude of desk areas—they have standing desks, bean bags, lap desk, etc…so the kids can figure out where they work the best. They also sit in a different seat each day.

Mrs. Gradner—I love her already!

Wiley, the school mascot.

And a few random pics of his classroom.

Making gym shirts

The kids needed gym shirts this year with their name on them so I got a tiny bit crafty.