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End of year secret books!

I’ve had them for awhile now but haven’t read them. Until today. 

Why?! Why did I do that? Because I’m an overly emotional sap anyway and add an imminent move to that? No hope. /Bawl

I know this is supposed to be a surprise but I really want to share them with him now. I’m hoping he will remember these teachers enough so that what they wrote still has meaning when he’s graduating high school. It’s only 10 short years away…

We ran into friends at the school playground!

This is the kind of stuff I’m really going to miss… We went to the school playground (like I promised Katie we would) and friends of ours were there!!

Owen pretending he was on a spaceship. :)

Last day of school: Field Day surprise!

After Owen gave me the yes/no business about his end-of-year grade party, I decided to surprise him and just show up at the whole-school field day event. (I had asked if he wanted me to go and he said no again.) He was happy to see me and eagerly let me take pictures of him with his friends. :)

The school as I approached.

Mohammed, the kid Owen ran around with the whole time.

Every kid wore one of these. They got a sticker each time they completed an event/game/activity.

I get kind of choked up when I see this. I don’t want to leave.

Racing off to the next thing.

I was surprised when Owen wanted to do cup stacking—I wondered how he knew how to do it because he’d never mentioned it.

And then I watched him do it—ahhhh, he has NO idea how to do it. (I later showed it to him on YouTube and of course he loved it.) You can watch it in the video compilation at the bottom of this post.

We saw our friend Gavin and he wanted to give Katie a hug but she started to be shy.

Miss Christina, Katie’s teacher.

Showing me he can now climb to the top. When we were there for back to school night, he refused because he was scared. We told him he’d be able to do it by the end of the year.

He mastered the rock wall, too!

This is about as high as Katie gets. They don’t play on this playground in her class—the pre-k kids have their own smaller playground.

Waiting for face (or arm) painting.

Finally getting over her shyness with Gavin.

Katie wanted to get her face painted but the lines were pretty long and I wanted to be able to follow Owen around, so I told her not unless the lines went down. I turned around to talk to someone for a minute and when I turned back, she was getting her face painted by Miss Anne (our friend and Katie’s teaching assistant). I asked Mrs. Stuhlman (Owen’s kindergarten assistant who I had been talking to) how that happened and she said she just took her over and sat her down—the privilege of being a teacher! So Katie got to cut ahead of like five kids!! Mrs. Stuhlman asked if she might get Katie in her class next year…and I had to give her the bad news that we were moving. :(

Owen getting an alien on his arm.

I let Katie do some of the games that didn’t have big lines. She was waiting to throw baskets (video below).

Katie with AJ, a neighbor girl who is in first grade. She’s a tiny thing.

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten my face painted (that wasn’t a thing back in the day) so when the grades were switching areas and there wasn’t a line, I sat down to get a quick flower to match Katie’s. Gorgeous work as usual by Anne and her daughter!

Lining up getting ready to switch to the fields for flag games and kickball.

I may have to redo this photo, but you can see three tiny black dots in the sky. They were dragonflies! The field was swarming with hundreds of them! It was the strangest thing!!

After flag games were done, Katie and I left. It was HOT and we hadn’t planned for it (I was in jeans and a black tee shirt and we hadn’t brought water—and we hadn’t thought it was going to be so hot and humid). Thankfully our neighbors stayed and got a few pics and videos (see below).

Owen waiting for kickball.

Having a BLAST in the water!

Me and Katie back at home…

I am SO glad I went and was able to take lots of pictures. We are going to miss this school so very much…

Owen’s last day of second grade!

A mom and Owen trifecta:

Headed off to the bus:

And first and last day comparison:

Owen’s second grade party

So, Owen’s second grade party was today and I had asked if he wanted me to go and at first he said yes—which I was excited about because he never wants us to come to anything (when did he turn 14 by the way?)—but then the night before he changed his mind and said no. :( I should have just showed up anyway because I really wanted to get some pictures, but I thought I would do as he wanted. But, I saw some friends walking in as I was walking out (I was there picking up Owen’s end-of-year book signed by his teacher) and asked them to take pics if they could. These are what she sent:

Owen & Maddie: Bus stop buddies for three years!


Last photo with Miss VanDerhoff


Beginning and end of year:


Songs from Pre-K

Beach Day!

Fridays are sprit days at school. We don’t dress up for them unless it’s easy…and beach was super easy. :)


Surprise! Today was Katie’s last day of Pre-K!

Yes, I said surprise. I had NO idea whatsoever—I just assumed they finished next week along with the rest of the school.

So, I dropped her off and a short while after I got home, I got a text from the class assistant (our friend) saying Whoops, they must have dropped the ball and forgot to send home the sheet about today being water day and could I bring a suit and towel for her. So I ran back to the school and dropped the stuff off and put her sunscreen on (they are not allowed to do it). Water day should have been my big clue since we also did it last year, but my brain is going in so many different directions that it didn’t even occur to me that water day was the last day of school. So I went to pick her up and saw her walking out with her art folder AND IT STILL DIDN’T HIT ME until the teacher said something about it being the last day and they enjoyed having Katie… Huh? What? Ahhhh, then it all became clear. Of course I was thinking WHAT THE HELL?!?! How could I not have known that today was the last day? Well, it wasn’t on the school calendar (and I live by my calendar). So I was bummed I didn’t have teacher gifts ready…so I will take them in Monday when I drop off some educational stuff for the classroom (donations as we purge).



A quick visit to Owen’s classroom. 

I needed to surreptitiously give his teacher his end-of-year book to sign so I made an excuse to pick him up. He was excited because they’ve been studying monarch butterflies and they are hatching some in class and he wanted to show me.

Other stuff from his classroom:

I want to be a better writer and good reader.

Owen’s group was responsible for showing the math concept of Regrouping columns.

Artwork projects in the hallway. I asked him what pieces he drew.

The corn, apples, and pumpkin section:

The horse (which Katie said did not look like a horse):

And this—which I’m not sure what it is, but he was upset that someone scribble-scrabbled on it.

He did the red ladybug on the far right.


Owen’s final 2nd grade field trip

A friend chaperoned and posted a few pics on Facebook. Can you find Owen?

He’s not in this last one. :)


Look at the size of this school!

This is Owen’s school. It’s so big that they divide the kids into East and West depending on whether your address is odd or even. I think it was something like 1500 students and it’s only grades 1-3. 

Our last bingo night—and we won two baskets!

Headed off to our last PTO Bingo Night! :(

We actually donated a big snack basket this year (I’ve been wanting to donate one for awhile now) and I debated buying raffle tickets because we don’t need anything… But it was to benefit the school so why not?! I bought 20 and gave each of the kids five tickets to put in whatever they wanted. Katie put all hers in the Emoji Basket and Owen put his in an Art Basket. I spread the rest out between some Chocolate Baskets and the Art Basket.

Owen wanted to sit with his friends…

So the first bingo game starts and Katie literally had every single number called and we were sure she was going to win…but she didn’t. But imagine our surprise when they brought up the first basket—one of the chocolate baskets—and we won!! Woohoo!!

Soon the Emoji Basket came up and I happened to record it just in case…

All night Katie kept saying “I can’t believe we won TWO baskets!” :) This makes up for three years of winning nothing!

This was the kindergarten chocolate basket. We really really lucked out—everything from M&Ms to s’more fixins to brownie mix to sandwich cookies to truffles to camel milk chocolates!!!

And enough emoji stuff to choke a horse!!

A boy and his umbrella. 

I usually take Owen down to the bus stop when it’s raining so he doesn’t have to deal with an umbrella on the bus and at school. But today he wanted to go himself so I let him. 


They both wore their hats to school.

Our tree from Halley!

The second graders all brought home trees for Project Plant It. We planted it in a temporary container so we can take it with us when we move this summer!

Another reason why I say I hate people. 

It just pisses me off that people only think about themselves.

Pre-k drop-off has changed to the front of the building. There is a parking lot (off to the right in the photo) but for the literally two minutes it takes to drop her off (where the buses are in the photo), it’s nice (and much closer) to park in the fire lane. Other people do it, too, but these two asshats always take up the entire lane (where there is room for four cars) with their two cars. I technically fit at the end but it ends up to be pretty close to the driveway (still safe but encroaching just a bit). If only they would pull up to the beginning of the lane instead of just stopping in the middle this would be a non-issue.

Why can’t we all just be decent scofflaws together?! :lol:

Behind the scenes at photo day!

Katie’s teachers asked if she wanted to come in for the class picture as it was on her off day. Of course she wanted to so I took her in. We had a few minutes to wait in her classroom so she showed me around a bit.

“This is the little library of ours.”

After she hung up her coat she told me who everyone was as she pointed to their pictures. When she was done she said “There, now you know who everyone is!” (She’s constantly frustrated by me because I don’t know who the kids are when she talks about them.)

I asked her which hands were hers. She said none—she did the clouds…and they were supposed to be white.

Showing me how she brushes teeth.

Lining up on their colored squares. The teacher told me Katie had really wanted pink or purple but those were already taken. :)

Off we go!

Trying to get all these kids to look at once was futile…except Katie was a trained rock star. :)

Waiting their turns for individual pics. 

Our rock star!

The setup is quite different than back in the day.