Katie’s Barbie reward

After our initial potty-training experience went well, we’d been having a rough few weeks with Katie having wet underwear A LOT. So we decided a bribe was in order.

She found a Barbie she wanted at Walmart and she had to be dry for seven days to get it. We put up a chart and she put her daily stickers on…and damned if she didn’t do it the first try!



I’m a monster, I know.

I wanted to throttle both kids by 6:45am. 

Owen went downstairs to play on the iPad—which he knows he’s not supposed to do. And then got mad at me when he got in trouble for it. (I’m a monster, I know.)

Katie had wandered around this morning and gone downstairs to find Owen and consequently couldn’t make it to the potty in time (when it was actually time) so peed all over the stool and the rug and her PJs…and screamed when I took her PJs off because she still wanted to wear them. (I’m a monster, I know.)

Owen had tried to clean up the pee—with toilet paper, so it was a sopping mess (but at least he tried!)—but after I dumped the TP I tried to clean the stool off in the tub but Owen had left the shower knob on so I got a head and shoulders full of water instead (which normally wouldn’t have been too awful but my hair is currently straightened so that messes that up).

Needless to say I lost my shit just a little bit. Dealing with that crap is never fun, but even less so before 7am. 


Potty training update!

It’s been mostly good… She’s always dry in the morning and pees first thing (she even takes off her own diaper to do so). She very good about getting to the potty at home or asking when we’re out (though we haven’t been out that much). She did have a few issues with poop—it seems if we’re at home it’s better than if we’re out (which means we’ve had poopy undies twice). And today she pooped in the potty all by herself (without me prompting her) so this was her reward:


And then justlikethat she peed on the leather chair! After she had just sat down (so it’s not like she was engrossed in anything). What?! So that was her first pee accident since the first day. Frustrating. 

But overall she’s doing very well. 


Potty Training, Day 3

Katie woke up dry again this morning! And again she didn’t want to use the big potty—well, she actually said she didn’t have to go. But I sat her on the toilet and whaddya know? She peed. :) She got a bath then put on a pretty dress!

She wanted to go to the bus stop with Owen but I simply said we weren’t going today. About 10 minutes later she says “I peed in the potty! Now can we go to the bus stop?” Yes, yes we can you little smarty pants. :)

The rest of the day was her peeing mostly on her own in the big potty (“I can do it by myself!”) because I promised her two stars on her chart for every time she used the big potty vs. one star for using the little potty. She was still SO excited to put her stickers on the chart…but she didn’t seem overly concerned with actually collecting a prize when a row was completed. 

We went out for dinner and a few errands tonight and she peed before we left—and we took her potty chair with us just in case. We never needed it, though we had two false alarms (one in Marshalls and one in Costco) and one successful potty at Noodles & Company. 

So now we just keep on keeping on. She’s supposed to go commando for a month, at which point she should (hopefully) be pretty good at pottying and not having accidents—and then she can graduate to wearing all her cute undies she’s excited about (Frozen, minions, princesses, Doc McStuffins). 



Potty Training, Day 2

Tom got Katie up this morning and her diaper was dry! He said she really didn’t want to pee in the big potty, but once she sat down she peed and peed! Yay!

8:35 I told Katie she had to pee if she wanted to go to the bus stop with Owen. And she did! She had to take her lunchbox. :)

When we got home, she wanted to play outside and do chalk.

She ran in a few times to pee but they were all false alarms. She wanted to ride her bike, so I told her she could after she peed again. So she came in about 20 minutes later saying she had to pee, didn’t pee, but tells me she peed in the grass. Yay…but no. I didn’t see it so no sticker…and no bike ride.

11:40 She’s very good about sitting on the potty without any direction. This trip earned her a new book!

1:00 Katie just peed in the potty and I said I was proud of her. She looked at me, did a curtsy, and said a drawn out thank you. Where do they get this stuff?

She continued to pee in the potty all afternoon—assuming each time she’d get to ride her bike. She finally gave up on asking for her bike but still kept peeing in the potty! She even earned another book!

I had treats set up for every five pees…and she filled the sheet and just kept sticking them on.

And then when we were outside eating dinner, she had to go in and pee. She even emptied it into the toilet herself. :) Then she said she had to pee again and went inside. Owen happened to be inside at the same time and came out singing “Katie’s pooping in the potty!”

Wait. What?

I’d been reminding/asking randomly all day and she just kept saying she didn’t have to go yet. I believed her, but I also kind of thought she’d try to hide. But now she just went on her own? I raced inside and…yep! She pooped in her potty!! WOOHOO!

So daddy took her to get a special treat (a milkshake from Burger King).

Day two is in the books and she did amazing! Let’s hope it continues!


Potty Training, Day 1

Tom was going into work late so he was up first with the kids. He took Katie around and they threw away all her diapers and put her diaper changing pads in the garage! She was already eating breakfast naked when I came downstairs. :)

Then I got her salty snack stash ready for the day…anything and everything to make her thirsty!

Checking it out…

Super giddy to see all the treats she can eat…all. day. long. Complete with a magically replenishing juice box. Three days only! :)

Settling in for a movie…on a waterproof pad, of course!

8:00 And whaddya know? She peed on the little potty all by herself! Surprised the heck out of us…but she just said “I have to go potty!” and went right to the potty chair and peed like she’s been doing it her whole life. I had a brief moment where I thought “It can’t possibly be this easy, can it?”


11:00 Fast forward through three hours of me saying I was proud of her for being a big girl and using the potty and reminding her to use the potty…and she went to get another juice box from the fridge—so she was out of my sight for about eight seconds—and she came right back and told me she peed on the floor.


This is the maddening part. She obviously knows when she has to go since she did it perfectly this morning. So why not this time? Interestingly, even though I wasn’t mad at all and just had her help me clean it up, she asked if I was mad at her. I assured her I wasn’t.

So then she wanted to paint so we did that…for all of two minutes. Then I was watching her closely because I suspected she had to poop, and I was just about to comment when she said I HAVE TO GO POOP and went right to the potty and pooped a huge poop! And she was TERRIBLY excited to go dump it in the potty! WOOHOO!

Of course, knowing what happened with the peeing this morning…I honestly don’t anticipate a duplicate recurrence…though I will keep my fingers crossed.

1:15 She peed a tiny dribble in the potty without any reminder. We went upstairs to tell daddy the good news (he’s home early but studying) and then…

1:20 She peed again—this time a full amount! I was walking down the stairs (she had run ahead of me) and she was already carrying the potty insert to the bathroom! She dumped it out the was off to put another sticker on the chart!

2:30 We Skyped with Gramma Jean so we could tell her how awesome Katie has been doing…and she peed in the potty while we were skyping! She took Gramma to put her sticker on!

3:40 She got tired of snacky stuff and asked for fruit. :)

4:45 She peed in her potty while I was getting dinner ready. That was #5 for the day so she for her reward—her choice between two new books! She picked There’s A Mouse About the House.

Daddy read it to them:

We ate dinner outside and she left the table once for a false alarm and once to pee for real! Then she peed again once we got back inside! YAY KATIE!

For bedtime we put her in a nighttime diaper—explaining that nighttime and naps are the ONLY times she gets to wear a diaper because her body is asleep a LOOOONG time and doesn’t yet know how to wake up to pee. And the diaper comes off first thing in the morning.

So overall it went MUCH better than I anticipated…and I hope that tomorrow goes just as well.