Busy back yard morning!

The playset was coming down as the waterslide was going up! I couldn’t watch too much of the playset teardown because I was really very sad about it. I worried how Owen would handle it…but he literally looked out the window and said “Awww, I’m going to miss the playset…BUT THE WATERSLIDE WILL BE SO FUN!” And we didn’t hear another word about it.



How Owen helps Katie down the slide

Katie wanted to get off the playset so I kept telling her to go through the tube and down the slide. She wanted me to get her down. No, Katie, through the tube and down the slide. She eventually made it to the slide then just sat there like this, pouting. :)


Then Owen “helped” her. Which is basically flinging her down the slide under the guise of holding her hand. And she doesn’t care one bit. :)

Siblings having a swinging good time

At an impasse…

Katie was swinging and Owen asked if he could, too. (Of course he doesn’t need to ask but he does.) This wasn’t quite what I expected:

Then he was all about pushing Katie. He’s never really wanted to before…so…YAY!

First, a hug. :)

Then a few pushes.

Then he decided to twist her—and OH the fun both of them had!!

More twisting!

Pushing…and getting kicked…and loving it!

Swinging together! He’d get her moving then hop on his own swing!

Finally, Owen twisting himself!

I’m glad they’re enjoying the swings…but why did Owen have to start liking them NOW? A year after we got the playset and a month before we have to sell it? See? The guilt. :)

After school outside fun times

I lowered the bar so Katie could reach it to swing.


Then it was off to dig in the new grass. I redirected her to the stone pile. :)


Then I looked away for a minute and she was over just laying in the grass, looking at grass or bugs or dirt or something.


Then Owen was telling me stories.


And being cute!


And this video has Owen telling a story, interrupted with me trying to get a good picture (I can take pics while I’m recording) so you can see a little of what it takes to get a good picture of both kids (in reality I think I took about 10).

This was the lucky picture:


More swinging!

Seat stealer!


Super cute boy.