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Man this is an awesome adventure!

The kids were good on our errands and it was hot out so we surprised them and stopped at the water park by our house to play in the free splash pad. While they were playing Owen said “Man, this is an awesome adventure!!” :) Luckily I had old towels in the car. 

My view from the master bedroom. 

I love that we can just say “Go play outside!”


Water fun with neighbors!

Julie had promised the kids they could do water balloons and we were running out of time so tonight was finally the night! Of course it took longer to fill up the balloons then it did for the fight, but the kids had a blast.

They wanted to do more balloons but we convinced them that playing in the water wind be more fun!

Playing in the U-Haul

We always get a U-Haul to take up last-minute stuff, things the movers can’t pack, and stuff we need until we get our household goods delivered. And apparently it’s very enticing to little girls… :)

The last time at the pool

We were going a bit stir-crazy at the house, so I decided to take the kids to the pool. Little did I know at the time it would be out last day there… :(

Of course, Katie made fast friends with some little girl there and they played and played.

Happy 5th birthday, Katie!

The day started by opening a present from papa and Grannie (that has been in our closet for probably two years now)—doll bunk beds. She was over the moon!

Picture with the birthday girl!

Opening her birthday cards—the same card from two people and the zebras matched her outfit! What are the odds?!

The official picture.

One of my last driveway drinks here…


Who knew rain could be so fun?

It started raining harder and I wanted the kids out of the house for a bit, so I suggested they go play in the rain. Katie immediately thought that sounded good but Owen wasn’t convinced. And then I said they could put their suits on…and he got interested. They had a blast.

Playing and helping in the rain.

It was lightly raining and Katie asked if she could put on her rain boots and rain coat and go out and play. Sure thing.

My little LipSense helper (she LOVES running packages out to the mailbox).

Unfortunately she can’t always get the box open so big brother helps, too.

July 4th with the neighbors

Three happy kids tonight doing sparklers and watching the neighbor’s bigger (but still small) fireworks.

And some of the super cool pics I got with my waterproof camera on the Fireworks settings—these were just simple fireworks we did in the street. I was amazed at how cool they looked!

Our last July 4th cookout at the pool

We went to the pool just after it opened at 10am so it would be less crowded (I like less crowded) and it gave me a chance to get some good pictures of the kids.

Tom helped set up and then man the grill for two hours.

This is more what it looks like when it gets crazy…which is the time we leave. I cannot stand the pool to be that busy and loud. :)

Early 4th of July festivities

Our local fireworks were tonight, so we had our “F It Friday” group together for a “Suck It Saturday” instead! After some delicious drinks (and refills!) and dinner…

…the kids played in the water while we watched and tried to stay out of the spray zone. One dad (Eric) joined in the fray…

Then it was off on a caravan to the equestrian center (where we watched from last year, too). The kids ran around and played and did sparklers…and eventually watched some of the fireworks. I think Owen sat with me and Katie for about five minutes and then he was off with his friends.

Both kids had fun and were happy and I got to spend another night with our great friends…and that’s just about all I can ask for. (Well, if Tom would have been there it would have been even better!) :)

Another afternoon at the pool…

Getting sunscreen on…

When Owen gets the camera…

When mom gets the camera back…

And yes, I actually got in the pool. It was HUMID. And then the sun came out and I got HOT.

Our good friends…

Their toys had gotten sucked in but they were both to scared of the bugs in there to reach in. :)

Sitting out during the break (the last 10 minutes of every hour) plotting their next move in the water gun war with the opposing team.

A new hand-me-down suit from our neighbor Maddie.

Cuddling with Daddy

Duplo Ivysaur

We were at a friend’s house and this is what Owen came up with using the Duplo blocks.

A few moments of getting along. 


A neighbor’s dog…and a neighbor. 

A neighbor’s dog…

And a neighbor.


The first thing I saw downstairs this morning. 

I don’t love that they’re on devices but if it lets me sleep in and take a shower I’m all for it.


Last trip to Burke Lake

Probably our last trip to Burke Lake with friends…we visited our usual playground and we finally rode the train!

They did this all on their own… (That said, Katie says Jackson is her boyfriend. Jackson says AJ is his girlfriend.)


The kids loved it. LOVED IT. 

The kids went to a new pool!

Heather and Eric invited us over to their pool today, but I had a LipSense party scheduled and Tom really needed to work in the garage…so they offered to take the kids for us!! And they had A BLAST! The pool is much bigger than our AND has a real deep end with a diving board so Owen was THRILLED—he’d never been on a diving board before! Heather said he was so cute—he must have gone on it 30 times!

These are some of the friends we are REALLY going to miss…