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Katie and Gramma Jean’s Big Birthday Adventure

I told Gramma that for Katie’s birthday, instead of giving her stuff, to take her on an adventure. So she did.

In Gramma’s words:

For Katie’s 5th birthday this year, we went on an adventure! (Yes, in Grayling.) We played at three parks, went wading in the river (along some of the racers practicing), went to the grocery store for picnic lunch supplies [where Katie could pick anything she wanted—she got a Lunchable, strawberry yogurt covered pretzels, strawberries, cashews, and chocolate milk], threw stones in the river for a half hour, went for a 3-mile bike ride (yes, I fell), and had an ice cream cone at Wimpy’s. We were gone 7 hours and mom and dad were starting to worry! What great fun we had! Happy birthday Katie Bug!



Gramma says Katie could have pedaled for hours!


Gramma says: I am so glad Katie didn’t fall. We were too close to each other and her back wheel caught my front wheel. 


AuSable River Festival Kids Day

We specifically came up to Grayling Monday night we we could take the kids to the kids fest day since they had so much fun last year! Unfortunately, this year they didn’t have the canoeing with the pro, which is what we had really hoped to do again. :( So this was as close as we got—and Owen refused to stick his head in so I did instead.

Family photo booth!


A sight I’m going to love…

This is the playground that’s just a few minutes from our house.


A neighbor’s dog…and a neighbor. 

A neighbor’s dog…

And a neighbor.


We ran into friends at the school playground!

This is the kind of stuff I’m really going to miss… We went to the school playground (like I promised Katie we would) and friends of ours were there!!

Owen pretending he was on a spaceship. :)

I’m going to miss running into friends at the playground!

We hadn’t been to the library playground in forever so we went today. We were the only ones there for quite some time and then two ladies showed up with two small kids. I didn’t pay much attention to them but Katie was playing with them and then I heard the boy call her Katie. In a tone like he knew her. And it turns out he did! It was the kids of an old neighbor (who is also a first grade teacher) who were there with their sitter (their aunt) and a friend. 

This is the stuff I am really going to miss.

They wanted to run so off they went!

Katie was ahead the whole time but then stopped for some reason so he passed her and “won.” :)


Katie’s reward for good behavior

We stopped at a tiny playground after my dentist appointment…


Swinging for two


She finally went across after two months!

We have been trying to coach her over the top for two months now… She will get to the top and just stay there, then claim she’s too scared. Today she finally did it!! And then did it again and again like it was nothing!

She figured this out on her own. 

Our friends bring this little car to the playground and mostly it goes unused. But today Katie realized they could do this. :)

This is what she does on the swings now. 


Surprise playground and dirty knees!

When there’s a playground around the corner from a Facebook yard sale pickup that you didn’t know about, you have to stop.

Of course, Katie is dressed in brand new light-colored clothes for school later. It took under two minutes for her to fall and get both knees dirty (like seriously 30 seconds after this photo).


What Katie won’t and will do. 

She won’t go over the top of this: 


But she’ll do this:

He’s getting more adventurous. 

He’s been climbing higher on the playset recently and today he climbed up here. It may not seem like a big deal but for a kid who isn’t a climber and who doesn’t do things like this…it is a big deal. I’m proud of him. 


Enjoying the sunshine at the playground

I may have catnapped for a few minutes while Katie played. 


Belly Swingers

Swinging with one of her best friends (our neighbor), Kayleigh.

Wait. What? Tom took selfies of us unprompted?

We took the kids to a somewhat local playground since the weather was so nice. We sat on a blanket while they played…

Owen is getting slightly more adventurous. 

That’s his friend Jackson on the roof. Before this year there was no way Owen would have climbed up there.  


Friends off to the playground. 

The cuteness. It burns.

We spent the morning with friends at one of the Burke Lake Park playgrounds. Liam will be three and Katie will be five…yet they get along like gangbusters.