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He’s getting more adventurous. 

He’s been climbing higher on the playset recently and today he climbed up here. It may not seem like a big deal but for a kid who isn’t a climber and who doesn’t do things like this…it is a big deal. I’m proud of him. 


Enjoying the sunshine at the playground

I may have catnapped for a few minutes while Katie played. 


Belly Swingers

Swinging with one of her best friends (our neighbor), Kayleigh.

Wait. What? Tom took selfies of us unprompted?

We took the kids to a somewhat local playground since the weather was so nice. We sat on a blanket while they played…

Owen is getting slightly more adventurous. 

That’s his friend Jackson on the roof. Before this year there was no way Owen would have climbed up there.  


Friends off to the playground. 

The cuteness. It burns.

We spent the morning with friends at one of the Burke Lake Park playgrounds. Liam will be three and Katie will be five…yet they get along like gangbusters.

Katie’s new trick 

This has come about over the last few days. She gets braver each time. 

The usual view: Katie swinging and Kayleigh being pushed.


A quick stop at a playground

We all went to see the Lego Batman movie and since it was nice and sunny, we stopped at a park on the way home. Unfortunately it was windy and getting chilly so we didn’t stay long and I only took one picture! :)

Riding home from the playground

Since we live just around the corner she is allowed to sit in the passenger seat. :)

Kids at play after ballet. 

Since it was really nice out, we went to the train playground after ballet.

“Look! I’m carrying her like a princess!”


Katie finally got to the train playground.

This is a tiny playground by her ballet class but we just never got there before.


I lifted her up to the bars a few times because it was too high for her to jump…and then she figured out she could lean over and reach them!

Fun hair and fence climbing 


Letting the littles run wild.

Back to real life…taking Katie to the park with friends.

She loves to spin!


A new playground with friends

We dragged them to morning program and they dragged us to a new park!

Our little daredevil


She then wanted to jump off the play structure that’s 6′ off the ground (that level behind her head). I told her it was too high and she might get hurt.

“No. I’ll just brush off my hands like this.” 😳

So I compromised and held her hand as she jumped. She still fell on her butt, bumped her knee, and was covered in wood chips…but she did it!

She was just too cute this morning in her new shorts. 


I may or may not have fought (and won!) my first ever Póke Gym.

I may or may not have fought (and won!) my first ever Póke Gym, thanks to the gentle prodding of a new friend Caitlin who was also fighting at the time. :) It didn’t last long but I did it. Twice, even! Owen will be so proud. And yes, I may be getting slightly more hooked on this silly game. :)



Of course, this wasn’t planned—we just went to the “goose park” (as Katie likes to call it) to play at the playground. There happened to be a Póke Stop right there so that was convenient to grab balls and potions and such while the kids played. Then we walked down to the marina (the geese!) and there was a gym there… After Caitlin assured me I couldn’t possibly hurt anything in Owen’s account or kill his characters, I agreed to fight the gym. I didn’t know what I was doing, but she said she didn’t, either, and nothing bad would happen. Okay, then… And she was right. We had enough potions to heal everything and it was kinda fun. But I did have to laugh knowing that Owen would totally know which Pókemon to use to fight the best and I was just pointing and poking without any knowledge whatsoever. Good times.


Please tell me fall weather is here!

The weather was GORGEOUS this morning—a perfect 66°—so I told the kids we were going for a little walk. We hatched an egg, gathered some Poké balls, caught some Pokémon, and played at the playground.

They actually played well together today. :)