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2017 Fall School Pictures


Katie’s school timeline…

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Owen’s school timeline…

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He still won’t get a mohawk. 

He was excited because he got a premium package upgrade for it being his first appointment—which means he got a wash and shoulder massage!


Jelly Belly Factory Tour

We surprised the kids with a mini road trip to the Jelly Belly factory which is right up the road…And also surprised them with who was also there!

Getting ready for a train ride around the factory floor. It’s really just a warehouse.

Since it is a working factory we had to wear hats—they are very cheap plus I have a big head so it didn’t last long…but I had to keep it on. :lol:


We were able to try whatever flavors we wanted. I tried margarita and pancakes and maple syrup. They were both tasty. 

We spent about $50 on stupid jelly beans but we had fun. And I can honestly say I don’t need to buy Jelly Belly fudge again (it’s in the freezer so others can try it). :)

Messy sleeper

Their first official eye exam!

Illinois is weird and requires kids to have full dental and vision exams… Both kids checked out fine with 20/20 eyesight though each had a tiny bit of astigmatism that wasn’t worrying. 


They got free Ninjago masks at the Lego build.


Owen climbs a wall!

They have a rock climbing wall at the rec center and Owen wanted to try it during Katie’s hip hop class. Of course he says he hated it (because he wasn’t perfect the very first time he tried) but he did GREAT for his first time. 


A rare Owen cuddle. 


A brief playground stop. 

We did a four-mile family bike ride today!

We went to a really popular local park today and took a great bike ride around a lake. Katie did great!!


And then the playground afterward. :)


This is inside a faux stump—they get to it in a cave!


The kids wanted to go out for a birthday lunch!


The restaurant didn’t do anything for birthdays so we went to Culvers. Owen let me play with his hair as a birthday treat.


Owen’s last archery session of his beginner class!

Papa and Grannie really wanted to see Owen shoot, so we were happy they were here for his last class. (They are so proud of him that they actually paid for his next level class!) We all got to soot, as well! Papa was the best of the three of us and we got to hear all about his very dangerous bow and arrow escapades when he was a kid! :)

Our first successful Roar Run!

The Roar Run is a PTA-Sponsored fundraising event in its sixth year. We are hoping it’s on a weekend next year—it’s a bit difficult getting there to enjoy the other events when the kids don’t get home until 4.

Katie is becoming a master hula hooper!

Stretching before the race!

We were watching the relay races and Katie wanted to try the wheelbarrow.


Nine minutes until race time!

The group of neighbor kids running together! (Tom was taking the pic down at the fun run starting line.)

Katie came in a minute or so behind Sophia—but we had seen her on daddy’s shoulders for a bit!!

And the same pic close up as she crossed the finish line!

More neighbors!

Love a family photo!

Stacey and Lorenzo, Sophia and Enzo

And I had to try a selfie. It’s a bit more difficult with six people!

We had the results as they were happening and these were the finals (Katie missed a medal by one place—Sophia came in #3):

Papa had the camera at the bus stop today!

Helping Grannie in the kitchen


Surprise at the bus stop!


When the AC is out, it’s water time. 


Six Flags here we come!

We bought 2018 season passes and they came with passes for the remainder of this year so we decided to take a few hours to check it out and see if the kids might like it. Of course it happened to be unseasonably hot—low 90s and humid—but we powered through.

Looking fresh-faced as we were leaving… (The decision was kind of spur of the moment. We had planned on going Sunday.)

Just minutes from home!

They loved the blood pond. Or whatever it was called. The park is set up for Fright Night after 6pm.

We rode the carousel first. As usual, Owen wanted nothing to do with sitting on a horse so we sat together on a bench.

We ran into kiddie rides first. Owen was able to ride these (height-wise) but he didn’t want to. He’s not a huge fan of rides. Not even these little ones… On the other hand, Katie didn’t want to leave.

Then we passed the Viper:

And the sign said it was a 5-minute wait so I had to go. Of course no one else was going to go so they went to wait for me. I left my phone with Tom, but this was me after, totally excited about my first roller coaster ride in 20 years because I can now fit in the seats!!

We had forgotten a family selfie up until now so…

Katie looks like she does because 1) she had wanted to go on more of her rides and we had said no and 2) she had wanted ice cream for lunch and we said no. It was also a million degrees.

So then we stopped for lunch—and the food was actually pretty good. (We also bought the lunch package so we get free lunch every time we go.) And we put the kids in jail.

Then we found more kiddie rides…and again Owen didn’t want any part of it. Katie didn’t know this one went in the air but wasn’t scared and loved it!



Do you see Tom and Owen down there?

And then Tom said he’d go on the Fiddler’s Fling. I was surprised because he doesn’t like rides.

But Katie wanted to go. And Owen wasn’t sure but eventually said yes. I double-checked that Tom really wanted to and he said yes, so…here we are!

Katie liked it once I assured her she wasn’t going to fall out. Owen didn’t love it but he was okay. But poor Tom… He was nauseous and could barely walk off. He said the ride was way worse than it looked. (Later he said maybe some of the issue was due to an ear thing he had. We’re not sure.)

We were almost done with the park anyway so headed toward the front.

And then we saw the small “family” coaster and both kids wanted to try it and the wait was only 15 minutes so us three went while Tom tried to recuperate.

Tom made it to the exit by the time we got up there so he could take pics!

As we were coming back to the platform… Katie really liked it, Owen said he liked it, but Katie was the only one who said she’d do it again… But I think we’ll be able to convince Owen.

So the kids had a great time and want to come back for sure. So hopefully we’ll get our money out of them. :)

Gramma and Grandpa are leaving!

A few quick pics before school…


Another year, another blue(ish) shirt.

Yep, school picture day!