10# of lobster

As a thank you to the grandparents for watching the kids, we bought four lobster—two insanely huge ones (probably 3.5# each) and two regular-sized ones.


We don’t have official lobster implements…but these worked fine.


Katie’s attempts at getting a picture of our huge lobster tails. 

The lobsters were so huge that one claw was the size of a regular lobster’s tail! Neither of us could finish the whole thing.

Throwback to 2003: 



Tonight’s pizza!

I’ve been experimenting with pizza dough in the stand mixer so we’ve been having lots of pizza and breadsticks. For pizzas, we often just use whatever leftovers we have…and the kids get cheese or pepperoni. However, tonight we both got leftovers: mac and cheese for the kids (hope they like it) and chimichurri, steak, and pickled onions for us. Of course topped with cheese.


The verdict? Owen loved it, Katie tolerated it. Ours sounded better than it tasted but it wasn’t bad. But unfortunately the crust was overdone (not sure why—I did everything the same as previous times when it turned out).


All the pics from my day at once.

She always wants to comb my hair but I only let her on days that I wash and condition it.

He said it was costume day so we did this (he can’t get in/out of his costumes by himself).

ABCs while shopping.

This is what she was busy doing while I wasn’t watching. And this is her pout when I tell her she needs to pick them all up. 

She tried a ham and cheese (no condiment) sandwich—and actually ate most of it!

I decided to make my all-time favorite garlic toast today because the bread was on sale B1G1 at the store.

“Mama, I want to put the water in please.” Except 98% of it didn’t make it in.


Outdoor lap selfie!

The little stink beat me!!


The last straw. 

Owen pushed my very last food button tonight. From now on he eats what we eat for dinner. And I predict he’ll go hungry for a few days.

That’s what I posted on Facebook after an extremely frustrating dinner. What happened? Well…as you all know, we’ve had issues with Owen and food since just about the time he started eating real food, but really about the last three years. We’ve tried SO many variations of feeding and mealtimes over the years that I’m honestly just at my limit.


As per our current normal dinner rules, all Owen has to do is eat a tiny piece of what we’re eating (there’s a promise we won’t give him something we know he hates or won’t like (like pasta salad or sushi)).

So tonight was grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and garlic bread. I know he doesn’t love chicken but will eat it. I know he doesn’t really like broccoli but he has eaten his one piece before without too much issue. And I know he loves the bread. His “extra” favorite foods were his yogurt and fruit.

Of course he saves the broccoli until last so it’s cold. And then when we remind him he needs to take his bite, he whines and takes the minutest nibble ever (I think I saw a tiny green speck on his tongue). We remind him he needs to eat the whole bite (it’s only like a 1/2″ piece). We go through the same spiel about how it might not be his favorite food—or even one he kinda likes—but he needs to take his one bite because that’s our current deal. Then he whines that he doesn’t have any yogurt left to dip it in—and we tell him that’s why he should eat it first. He then proceeds to play with it to avoid eating it and drops it in his water.

Well, I’m condensing the story a bit, so by this time Tom and I are at our limit so we fish it out and and say he still needs to eat it. He throws a fit so we take away his video game privileges for a day. He keeps on and then loses video games for the rest of the week. He loves his weekend video game time with daddy, so that causes a tantrum and he says he’ll eat it. I say it’s too late—he had plenty of time to eat it before now.

Now, I normally never reverse a decision, but after some quick back-and-forth we said if he ate it, he’d just lose his game time tomorrow. He said okay, so we were nice and gave him a fresh, non-water-soaked piece. And you’d have thought we were asking him to eat dog crap for all the gagging and whining he was doing. There was more drama about the stupid piece of broccoli…and that was the final straw.

We had already had this talk (months ago) that he had to do the one-bite thing or else we were switching to the eat-what-we-eat plan. That he was getting older and mommy was tired of making multiple meals at each meal time and he was old enough now to eat what we were eating. So he had been warned it would come eventually…so it just happened a bit sooner than planned.

We told him there can be foods he absolutely hates and doesn’t want to eat—and we won’t make him eat those—but they’ll be limited to a small list. If he doesn’t eat what we’re eating, he’ll be hungry. Plain and simple.

Oh, and Katie will be following the same plan, too. I’ve been thinking about it, and I just can’t go through three more years of this with her. And since Owen is doing it, it makes perfect sense.

Tom and I still need to discuss the exact terms, but we can decide specifics as we go. All I know is it is not going to be fun.